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What is Kitchen Paint?

Why do I need a paint for Kitchens? And what even is Kitchen paint? There are a few good reasons why it's a good idea to choose a specific Kitchen paint for your cooking space.

Do I need to use kitchen paint?

Kitchens are messy areas, with the usual food spatters, steam, and running water. Standard emulsion wall paint doesn't always stand up to the kind of moisture and oily marks you'd get around the cooking and sink areas, so it's often sensible to choose a specific Kitchen paint.

Kitchen paint has a Soft Sheen finish, which makes it slightly shiny and more durable. Check out COAT's Soft Sheen range for Kitchens and Bathrooms. It resists moisture from water and steam, and you can clean it super easily too.

Soft Sheen Kitchen paint is great for the main areas like walls and ceilings, but other areas of the kitchen with different surfaces could need a different kind of paint. Here's Kitchen Paint 101, for choosing the right sort:

Best Paint for Kitchen Walls

Kitchens, hey. Like we said, they put up with a lot. If it’s not messy dinners, it’s messy times with wine. So when it comes to wall paint, it needs to be tough. Who wants to have fun in a kitchen with grimy looking walls? Obviously, colour is a factor, but it needs to wipe clean. Smoke, grease and moisture can seriously become embedded in paint. The finish also needs to stand up a whole host of situations, some madder than others. So what is the best paint for kitchen walls?

If you've got a tight kitchen, always go for a Soft Sheen Kitchen paint for the best durability. If you've got a bigger kitchen, think about a Soft Sheen finish around sinks, cookers and prep areas - but you should be fine with a normal Flat Matt paint in more open areas. Any of the COAT Paints Soft Sheen collection are a good shout. 


The Drink doing its thing in this beautiful kitchen 🤌

Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets go through more than you might think. Constant slams, knocks and greasy finger prints all round. Normal emulsion paint just won't cut it. The best paint for kitchen cabinets is our Eggshell COAT paint for the best durability and a nice matt finish. Eggshell paint is designed especially for wood, so the application is nice and smooth and the end result looks amazing whilst also being super easy to clean. But how to paint kitchen cabinets? Give old wooden cabinets a quick sand first, and if the kitchen cabinets are MDF you should probably apply a decent primer first to help the Eggshell paint stick.

When a kitchen reno is an absolute no, painting instead is a great way to give your cabinets some love. If you’re also happy with the layout, what’s the point anyways? It’s just cost after cost for no reason. Our collection of designer cabinet paints will sort you right out. Do it yourself, and you’ll even have some brass left for new handles. In need of some help? Check out this blog post which explains the best way to paint kitchen cabinets.

Shop COAT Eggshell paint for kitchen cabinets.


The Record Store painted cabinets working beautifully with the Good Intentions walls. Credits: @danlovattdesign

Not sure about what colour to go for? Chat with our Colour Consultant and get that vibe nailed 🙌

Best Paint for Kitchen Doors

Wooden doors should always use an Eggshell paint. Just like kitchen cabinets, doors (and especially kitchen doors) get exposed to relentless knocks, slams and dirty hands - so choosing a hardy paint like an Eggshell is smart. Shop COAT Paints Eggshell range for doors.

Good Intentions and The Record Store Cabinets, chefs kiss.

Best Paint for Kitchen Tiles

Painting old tiles can be a surprisingly effective way to level-up a tired kitchen. Tiles need a specialist paint though, so pick one labelled as Tile Paint or All-Surface Paint. This type of paint will stick properly to the tile, and give tiles a protective coating to stand the test of time and look great for ages.

If you’re keen to start another project, painting old tiles can be done in just a matter of hours. It’ll also help you nail a specific tile look if you’re obsessed with a trend but aren’t up for replacing them completely. Take encaustic tiles (those lovely patterned designs); they’re easily created with a stencil and a bit of paint. But how to paint kitchen tiles? What exactly’s entailed? Have a read of this post to find out.

Try Peel & Stick Colour Swatches made using real paint ✌️ 

Best Paint for Kitchen Worktops

Most people don't think of painting kitchen worktops, although it can be done. Normal paint like Flat Matt or Eggshell emulsion won't work here - they won't bond with existing worktops or be hardy enough. If you do choose to paint worktops, use a multipurpose paint designed for melamine, MDF and wood - or ideally a specialist one labelled as Worktop Paint. All in all, it might be easier and cost a similar amount to re-cover laminate worktops, sand and re-oil wooden ones, or just change them out all together.

Best Paint for Kitchens - The Verdict

Choosing the right paint for Kitchen surfaces isn't hard. Use a Soft Sheen paint for the walls, and an Eggshell paint on kitchen cabinets and doors. You'll give all surfaces the best level of protection from damp and dirt, whilst making sure your new hardy finish stays perfect for years to come. 

How to choose paint colours for your kitchen

A fresh COAT of paint is all that you need to change things up in the kitchen. No messy construction and no renovation. Not even a painter if you’re gonna do it yourself. All you need is your chosen kitchen paint colours, a paintbrush and a few ready meals. Cookings off until it fully dries. But what is a good colour to paint a kitchen? Well, it depends on your taste, lifestyle, family and more. If the kitchen is where you create super nourishing meals for your family and friends, pretty much any colour of paint will go. Remember, however, this is the hub of the home, so whichever shade you go for, it’ll set the tone for throughout.

If you’re a greige kind of human, this is pretty foolproof. And it can be easily matched with other shades. Lighter tones can also make a small kitchen feel large and darker, a large one cosy. Perfect for a bottle of rosé between you and the crew. Some other small kitchen paint colours include a grubby green or neutral. The Trail is literally meant for this kind of space. Wanna make a super modern statement? Go on, live your best life. Sit your ass down on The Posh Seats.

Feeling inspired? Grab a swatch of your fave shade and see how you can transform your kitchen space ✌️

How to prep your kitchen for painting

Unless you’ve replastered your walls, it’s essential to prep. You want to make sure the new paint is gonna adhere. Start by de-cluttering the kitchen worktop of things and removing furniture like stools. You’ll also want to remove kitchen handles if you’re painting these too. Next, dust the whole room, and we mean the whole room. Even areas you don’t intend on painting. This will reduce the risk of dust catching in paint and even cobwebs. Literally, how crap would that be?

Once you’ve had a good clean, wipe the worktops and cupboards with a suitable cleaner. Your walls will also need washing using warm, soapy water. You’d be shocked at how much grease can build up in here. Make sure to also pay attention to areas such as around the oven and hob, and where you prep food. We’re all guilty of being sloppy chefs. Once dry, repair any cracks or holes in the wall using a suitable filler and sand until the surface is smooth.

Did you know, we do our own primer? AND prep kit! So grab everything you need and skip the DIY store 👌

Spotted any patches of mould? Treat these quickly. Or have a word with your landlord if it's serious. Once you’re happy walls and cupboards are clean, have a good sand to make sure what you’re painting is smooth. Next, grab your paintbrush or roller and apply the primer. This is critical to conceal imperfections and even block stains. Wait for the primer to dry before you apply your first COAT. See, it’s not that hard after all, is it?

More ideas for updating your kitchen

If your kitchen needs more than new paint, take it easy. Don’t go smashing down your walls just yet. Just because it needs a little refresh doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. There are many other things you can do. We’re talking maximum impact but low fuss. Like, upgrading your lighting for a designer pendant. Even replacing old curtains and blinds will make a massive difference, and it also won’t break the bank too.

If you have the scope to go a little bigger, why not replace the worktop? And inject other personality with brightly coloured crockery. Or you could go the whole hog and get an island installed. Too much? A new brass tap will look just as hot. Replacing the flooring is also another good way to update an old space as is changing the handles on your cabinet doors. If you’re gonna stick with a COAT of new paint, however, you’ll still get a premium look. Oh, as long as you don’t mind wielding a paintbrush around and that.



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