What is Kitchen Paint?

Why do I need a paint for Kitchens? And what even is Kitchen paint? There are a few good reasons why it's a good idea to choose a specific Kitchen paint for your cooking space.

Kitchens are messy areas, with the usual food spatters, steam, and running water. Standard emulsion wall paint doesn't always stand up to the kind of moisture and oily marks you'd get around the cooking and sink areas, so it's often sensible to choose a specific Kitchen paint.

Kitchen paint has a Soft Sheen finish, which makes it slightly shiny and more durable. Check out COAT's Soft Sheen range for Kitchens and Bathrooms. It resists moisture from water and steam, and you can clean it super easily too.

Soft Sheen Kitchen paint is great for the main areas like walls and ceilings, but other areas of the kitchen with different surfaces could need a different kind of paint. Here's Kitchen Paint 101, for choosing the right sort:

Best Paint for Kitchen Walls

If you've got a tight kitchen, always go for a Soft Sheen Kitchen paint for the best durability. If you've got a bigger kitchen, think about a Soft Sheen finish around sinks, cookers and prep areas - but you should be fine with a normal Flat Matt paint in more open areas. Any of the COAT Paints Soft Sheen collection are a good shout. 

Kitchen Paint

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Kitchen Paint

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Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets go through more than you might think. Constant slams, knocks and greasy finger prints all round. Normal emulsion paint just won't cut it. Choose an Eggshell paint for kitchen cabinets for the best durability and a nice matt finish. Eggshell paint is designed especially for wood, so the application is nice and smooth and the end result looks amazing whilst also being super easy to clean. Give old wooden cabinets a quick sand first, and if the kitchen cabinets are MDF you should probably apply a decent primer first to help the Eggshell paint stick.

Shop COAT Eggshell paint for kitchen cabinets.

 Kitchen Cupboards Paint

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Kitchen Cabinet Paint

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Best Paint for Kitchen Doors

Wooden doors should always use an Eggshell paint. Just like kitchen cabinets, doors (and especially kitchen doors) get exposed to relentless knocks, slams and dirty hands - so choosing a hardy paint like an Eggshell is smart. Shop COAT Paints Eggshell range for doors.

Best Paint for Kitchen Tiles

Painting old tiles can be a surprisingly effective way to level-up a tired kitchen. Tiles need a specialist paint though, so pick one labelled as Tile Paint or All-Surface Paint. This type of paint will stick properly to the tile, and give tiles a protective coating to stand the test of time and look great for ages.

Best Paint for Kitchen Worktops

Most people don't think of painting kitchen worktops, although it can be done. Normal paint like Flat Matt or Eggshell emulsion won't work here - they won't bond with existing worktops or be hardy enough. If you do choose to paint worktops, use a multipurpose paint designed for melamine, MDF and wood - or ideally a specialist one labelled as Worktop Paint. All in all, it might be easier and cost a similar amount to re-cover laminate worktops, sand and re-oil wooden ones, or just change them out all together.

Best Paint for Kitchens - The Verdict

Choosing the right paint for Kitchen surfaces isn't hard. Use a Soft Sheen paint for the walls, and an Eggshell paint on kitchen cabinets and doors. You'll give all surfaces the best level of protection from damp and dirt, whilst making sure your new hardy finish stays perfect for years to come.