Did you know COAT can mix any colour you like? We know you're seeing other paint samples, and that's cool. But let COAT hand-mix your favourite from any brand, and make a Climate Positive Paint choice.

What Colour Would You Like?

We match 99% of colours from major paint brands, made to order in our luxurious eco-formula.

Get 100ml of luxurious COAT paint to try. Tester Pots are £5 and come in a Flat Matt finish.

Which Finish Would You Like?

Whichever finish you choose, all our colour matches are at least 95% accurate to the original shade.


The go-to choice for all walls and ceilings. Wipeable, with a flawless matt finish (2% sheen)


For wet or high-traffic areas. Tough and washable, great for halls and bathrooms (15% sheen)


Wood and metal paint. Made for paneling, trim and cupboards. A matt-ish finish (10% sheen)


For all outdoor surfaces. A rich and super durable formula that's long-lasting (20% sheen)

How Much Would You Like?

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Working out how much paint you need can be a head scratcher - but it doesn't need to be! Here's a handy calculator to make it easy. Just punch in your room measurements.

Remember, COAT offers fast delivery and returns so ordering your paint is totally stress-free ✌🏽

It's In The Basket

Would you like to:


Can you match any brand? - Helen, London

We can match 99% of colours from major paint brands. Once you submit your match, our colourists will review the order and triple check that it's possible. In the unlikely event we can't do it, they'll be in touch.

How accurate are the colour matches? - Adam, Altrincham

All our colour matches are expertly crafted and get to 95% accuracy versus the original shade. Any minor nuances are down to our eco formulation and the sheen level rather than colour - and aren't noticeable by the human eye.

Do colour match orders take longer to deliver? - Emma, Shrewsbury

All colour match paints are mixed to order, just like the rest of the COAT paints range. That means you get freshly made paint just for you. Once we’ve checked your order, we’ll get it out to you within 1-2 working days. Easy.

Can you return colour match paint orders? - Laura, Manchester

Unfortunately because they’re custom orders mixed for you and not re-saleable, we don’t accept returns on Custom Orders unless there’s a problem - in which case our regular returns policy applies.

Can you place a colour match order if you live in Europe? - Joe, Amsterdam

Our Colour Match service is currently only available for customers in the UK.

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