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What Is Breathable Paint?

What is breathable paint, I hear you ask? Good question. First take a deep breath in through the nose, out through the mouth... now let's explore.

So what is breathable paint?

First things first, let's be clear on what we’re talking about as marketing jargon can often be thrown around in this arena, confusing matters. If you need a paint that allows water vapour to pass through it, then you need a true breathable paint. If you’re looking for a paint that is breathe-easy, ideal for folk that are easily sensitised then you’re after a premium water-based emulsion. Either way, don’t worry, we’ve got something for you.

Do I need breathable paint?

Do you have an old property (over 100 years) or are your interior walls lime plastered? If the answer is no, then you’re probably fine. Old fashioned breathable paint has been used on traditional buildings for centuries, predominantly on the exterior. The reason being is that some older structures, particularly those that suffer from damp, require a coating that will allow air and water vapour to pass through. As the building naturally changes and flexes throughout the seasons the breathable paint allows the structure to breathe.

If this is sounding like you, COAT Flat Matt Claypaint, our breathable paint offer, is exactly what you need.

What is Flat Matt Claypaint?

Designed for older properties and lime plaster in particular, Claypaint is made from naturally sourced materials creating COAT’s signature coverage and a perfectly flat matt finish for surfaces that need to breathe.

Claypaint is the most sustainable low-impact paint in our range (and it’s got stiff competition!), and as with all our other products, is made to order in the UK and delivered the next day.

With the amazing coverage and flawless matt finish you’ve come to expect from COAT, Claypaint sets new benchmarks for eco paints. Claypaint is exclusively made-to-order in the UK, using British minerals - meaning zero waste and fewer nasties. Certified Child Safe, Pet Safe and A+ for Indoor Air Quality, COAT Claypaint is the ideal choice for interior walls and ceilings that need to breathe.

So what about breathe easy paint then?

So now we’re talking about you rather than your home. Breathe easy is a marketing term coined to promote water-based paint that is low in VOC, odour and generally better for your environment. This is particularly important if you suffer from allergies or you have a family member that is easily sensitised.

Modern, premium paint has been developed specifically to minimise VOC and chemicals that aggravate allergy sufferers. The aim of the game is to ensure you have a high performing paint yet minimise the impact on air quality. Our COAT paint falls in this bucket, great for kids rooms and nurseries, you’ll be surprised at the lack of a traditional paint smell! 

Try Soft Sheen for Kitchens and Bathrooms, Eggshell for woodwork and masonry, and Flat Matt for all other walls and ceilings. But if you truly want a paint that allows your walls to breathe and is better for your home environment, you can’t beat our Claypaint.

So now you can sleep easy, breathe it in, with good quality paint you can be confident that you’re not subjecting yourself to the paint fumes or old fashioned limewash of days gone by.



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