What Type Of Paint Do I Need?

The right paint for the right job is key. We're a big champion of that, one tin doesn't fit all! But we also want to keep it simple - so we've created a guide for you to choose the right paint for your next interior DIY project. Thank us later.

We've also made our product range ridiculously easy too, with just three products: Flat Matt Emulsion for your walls, Soft Sheen Emulsion for your Kitchen or Bathroom, and Eggshell for your wood and metal work. Anywhere, here you go.

The Sheens

The sheen level of a paint is basically the lustre, or shine, measured by reflecting light off the painted surface. From 0 > 100, the higher the percentage, the shinier the finish. So a matt finish would be 10% or below, while a glossy finish would usually be 60% and up, with everything else in between.

Most people prefer a matt finish, and the more matt the better for some. Finishes with a bit of shine like soft sheen are usually destined for wet areas in the kitchen or bathroom, because they resist moisture and wipe clean easily. Often they're mould resistant too. which is nice.

The Paints

Flat Matt Emulsion Paint

Has a rich chalky finish. A true flat matt emulsion paint will have a sheen level below 3% and is ideal for hiding wall imperfections. It’s good for pretty much any interior wall or ceiling surface. COAT Walls and Ceilings Paint is a dead flat matt with a 2% sheen, ensuring a really premium look as well as being super hardy and easy to clean.

Eggshell Paint

The one for woodwork and trim. One up from matt, this popular low sheen paint looks great and stands up to years of knocks and scuffs. Back in the day you'd paint your walls with it too, but flat matt stole the march there. It was made for the tough life in doorways, on skirting and upcycling furniture so it’s stain resistant and easy to clean.

Soft Sheen Emulsion Paint

With a silky look, paint with a soft sheen (between 15% and 35%) is great for reflecting more light into spaces and it also does well in humid rooms. Ever had watermarks on the paintwork in your bathroom? Sounds like you need soft sheen. COAT Kitchen and Bathroom Paint is soft sheen, mould resistant and wipeable too.  

Gloss and High Gloss Paint

Proper shiny, gloss paint is classically used on door frames, skirting and banisters, traditionally solvent based to get the extra shine. You'll remember this from years gone by due to the strong paint smell and the fact it always yellows. Paint has moved on... leave gloss in the past. If really want a piece of glossy furniture you're probably best speaking to a pro for a sprayed finish.

So there you have it, the best paints and sheens for the right project. It's easy to get the right paint for your home with COAT. Shop Now.


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