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How To Decorate South Facing Rooms

When it comes to decorating your pad, choosing wall paint has more clout than you might initially think. The right colour can make a small room seem large and a big one look snug. A little theory goes a long way. Left to your own devices, however, this is where it gets tough. Endless options make choosing paint scary. But if you know the type of room orientation you have, you’re already pretty much there. Here, we’re gonna take a look at south-facing rooms.

Got a south-facing room? Then this post is for you. Especially if you’re not sure what colour to pick for your walls. At COAT, we’ve a shade to bring out the best of your space. No matter your taste. Get ready for a dreamy haven  to chill out. Although these kinda rooms can be tricky, they don’t vex us at all. Our pigment rich-paints laugh in the face of the bright sun. So, if you’re looking for ways to make the most of your south-facing room, grab a brew and take five. Here’s how to decorate sun-filled spaces.

@asouthlondonhome's sunny living room looks even brighter with the lighter ceiling, colour divide which elongates the room. 

What is a South Facing room?

First and foremost, let’s get the lowdown. What do we mean by a south-facing room? It all stems from the direction your property faces. Yep, that’s a thing. And you can use the compass app to find yours. Stand and face the side of the room with the most windows and your phone facing forward. If the compass reads between 330 to 30 degrees, your room is north-facing. If it says between 150 and 210 degrees, then congrats, you’ve got a south-facing room.

South-facing rooms get a tonne of sunlight. Even when it’s filtered by cloud. How much depends on the time of year and time of day. Lucky for those that have em, right? Although these kinda rooms are great from November to March, thanks to the amount of natural light that they get, summer can be a hot mess. With paint, the biggest thing to consider is the warming effect of south-facing. Thankfully, it’s not hard to make the most of its perks.

Start by planning the space

When it comes to decorating a south-facing room, planning the space is the best place you can start. It doesn’t matter what kind of room you’re revamping; function always matters. But it’s even more crucial in a south-facing scheme. Let’s say the space is your lounge and where you hang out. You’ll want to position your sofa away from the sun. This goes for the TV as well; there’s nothing worse than harsh glares. Spesh when Love Island’s takin’ over the screen.

Another thing to consider is the vibe of the space. Are you drawn to modern boho or prefer a traditional look? As these rooms receive lots of warming sunlight, you’re not restricted in choice. The full-colour spectrum is yours to enjoy. If you’ve also never made a moodboard before, we’d recommend it. It’s always good to explore ideas before jumping right in. Once you kinda know what you want, this is where you can start to have fun. Browsing paint literally never gets old.

You're spoiled for choice if you have a south facing room, @ourlittlegrey_home balances the light with her green panelled bedroom. 

Pick the right colour palette

Ready to explore an array of paint colours for south-facing rooms? You’ll be pleased to know anything goes. Not only do darker shades work, but so do cool hues. Although you’ll have to catch them on a grey day to see their true form. It’s also good to note with lots of sunshine comes warmth, so any colour you choose will have a slightly golden appearance. This is why we’d advise steering clear of bright red; it’ll only crank the heat up. Instead, choose red-based neutrals, like COAT’s Ambrose. Or balance the light with violet and green.

If bold colours speak to your soul, but you’re scared to commit, in south-facing rooms they’re more vibrant than garish. Honest. Blues are also at home in these rooms as they have a calming effect and can work to reduce the glare from the sun. This also goes for greys and whites too, although blue always wins out. Helping to create a fresh feel no matter how yellow the sun. Why not have a read of this guide to using our blues? Pastel paint colours will always be a fave.

Another COAT tip? Choose the right sheen. South-facing rooms have enough glow as it is. Remember, the brighter the space, the lower the sheen. For a south-facing living room, choose a Flat Matt.

Play with the natural light like @its_all_about_the_house has in her calm living room.

Tame the glare without blocking the view

Struggling with the glare of the sun? You need a set of new blinds. Preferably ones that can stop UV rays too. It’s all about finding a balance. Yeh, sunshine is nice. But not when you’re trying to have a read with your hand over your face. Venetian blinds are great for south-facing rooms, especially the wooden styles. Plus, they allow you to control the amount of natural light you get. Alternatively, Roman blinds diffuse light without making the room look too dark. Sheer curtains will also finish a room to a tee. Fit. For best results, we say combine the two types. Purely because blinds are able to drop halfway down, but curtains can’t. Ideally, you wanna be able to block out the glare yet still see outside. This is what makes shutters a fab option too.

Artificial lighting considerations

Now that we’ve covered the best colours for south-facing rooms, lighting is next. It’ll take your space up a notch. Why on earth do you need additional lighting, you ask? It’s a good question, you’re right. Surely south-facing rooms are bright enough? With all that natural light, it’s easy to think it’ll last. Actually, the sun is always going to set. And when that happens each day, your room will look and feel dark. It’s essential to carry that warming vibe through to night. As overhead spots can look harsh (and show up wrinkles), a mix of lamps and wall lights is key. This’ll create the right mood for pre-dinner drinks. Or take out. Your call. Who cares when your room is this lit?

Add some greenery

South-facing windows are great if you’re a fan of house plants. Nothing fills an empty corner better than a Fiddle Leaf Fig. Plants are also said to be fab for improving wellbeing and reducing fatigue. Plus, they add a pop of leafy greenery like no other accessory can. With an abundance of sunlight and warmth, south-facing rooms provide the perfect environment for house plants to thrive. It’s also a clever way to merge the inside with outdoors for a space-stretching effect. And you can never have too many either.

Some plants need more light than others. So bear this in mind. Too much, and they may burn or wilt. Others, however, will happily bask in the glow like areca palms and Jade plants. A money plant will also look cute and is said to bring good luck. Nice.

@matt_t_porter uses hints of natural materials, cane and dark woods to create a warm feel in his neutral living room, painted in 'Duvet Day'.

Bring in natural materials

When it comes to decorating this kinda room, balance is key. The sharp contrast between shade and sunlight can feel a little severe. A gorgeous natural room scheme will pare the drama right back. And create a soothing indoor-outdoor look.

In terms of colours, like we said, cool neutrals work best. Plus, they’re easy to live with, so they’re fail-safe. Neutral shades also compliment any style of decor and will inject a little nature at home. Check out this post for using beige wall paint.

Organic accents are also a must. Especially if they’re sustainable too. These days homeowners are seeking more environmentally friendly products, and they’re happy to pay. There’s nothing more grounding than an earthy aesthetic. Textures like stone, wood and bamboo will add interest and connect your room to mother nature herself. Cork, rattan and wool are also super on-trend and will make a great investment for your space.

Choose the perfect finishing touches

Once you’ve got the backbone in place, this is where the fun starts. It’s the finishing touches that will make your room special. From rugs to candles, these tiny details are key. And it’s these that will tell the story of you. There’s also no rules. You do you. It’s a home, not a car showroom. Don’t be afraid to mix travel mementoes with plants and old books with artwork. You want the space to feel lived-in as well as super stylish.

@hello_haus knows all about how to make the most of light and play around with neutrals in your home, Katie picked 'And Breathe' for her bedroom. 

What about South Facing Bedrooms?

Is your bedroom south-facing? The same guidelines apply. Stick to cool neutrals for a breezy, effortless look. A deeply calming colour, pale blue will work well. And it’ll keep your bedroom cool during mad heatwaves. Don’t forget to incorporate lots of raw, tactile textures like seagrass, sisal and jute. And throw open those curtains in winter to let the light flood in.

Need help choosing south-facing bedroom colours? Get in touch with our team. A Colour Consultation will find the perfect palette for you.



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