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Best Beige Paint For Interior Walls - An Expert’s Guide To Making The Right Colour Choice

There are so many options when it comes to beige like colours. If you’ve decided beige is best we’re gonna go through how to choose beige paint. It’s a great colour choice for neutral schemes but there are so many options out there. Shades of beige for walls work with so many different natural materials, including woods, stones and fabrics, which are all key to the popular Japandi movement. At COAT we’ve curated a range of the best beige paints for interiors to make your choice as simple as possible. 

Beige is also a fairly traditional tone for Northern European properties, it’s yellow pigment creates warmth. The best beige paint for interiors will provide a  retreat from all of that greyer winter light, as well as a light backdrop for textural accessories. 

Warm Beige 

The ultimate beige design ideas are enticing and create warmth. Perfect for bedrooms, our warm beige, Duvet Day, is the perfect beige. It contains a very subtle black pigment that provides depth and looks amazing when combined with architrave in The Record Store. This creates a frame around your room entrances, adding just a touch of drama. 

@designatnineteen using the ever apt shade, 'Duvet Day' in their spare room.

Because beige is the epitome of neutral, it can sometimes be difficult to know how to pair it, so what does beige go with?  Layer with linens, different types of woods and stones for a neutral scheme that embraces nature. 

The black pigment in Duvet Day creates stability, so it’s great for almost all lighting conditions and room facings. To maximise this beiges appeal, use in South facing spaces (they generally have more yellowy light), and combine textural elements like raffia, rattan and pampas grasses. 

Feeling inspired? Order your swatches here 😎

Pale Stone Beige  

Some of the best beige colour ideas come from the use of natural materials. Take travertine for example: a yellow based limestone that ranges from off whites to deep tans. The deeper of these tones work fantastically with pale stone beiges. Humble makes an excellent pairing for this material, as it’s a bright,  fresh, stony beige.  

As Humble’s creator, Luke Arthur Wells, shows below, this stony beige also looks marvellous with mushroomy tones for accessories, really highlighting how bright and airy this colour can be.

@lukearthurwells with his warm and cosy bright, 'Humble'.

Beiges like Humble work well for North facing spaces, the yellow pigment in these beiges help keep the room bright and warm even though the natural light coming into them is grey and cool. Pair with darker stone beige, Well Grounded to add depth and interest, or use deeper natural materials like teak and tan leathers, and latte or taupe coloured bouclé fabric.  

Dark Stone Beige 

Mid-Century aesthetics have been in for quite some time, and dark stone beiges create the ideal backdrop for cubist and other mid-century artwork. They have warmer, more biscuity tones than a traditional beige or magnolia. 

This allows colours like Well Grounded to become some of the best beige paint colours for interior walls. Inviting dark stone colours create a wonderful backdrop for sculptural elements in your home too. Use Well Grounded  in east facing spaces, as it will provide depth in the evening, while feeling bright and sunny in the morning.

'Well Grounded' pairs with the art at @benkandbocafe beautifully.

Combined with classic G-Plan furniture, teak sideboard and smaller decorations in concrete and you have a modern design influenced by mid-century aesthetics, leaving you… well, grounded. 

Light Beige 

Light grey beige, Cargo, it's perfect for east facing rooms. It's green undertone makes it feel energised in the morning, and as the light is lost in these rooms throughout the day it’s beige side reveals itself. Yes, it might be named after your Dad’s fave pair of shorts but is the perfect colour  for an enticing bedroom. This colour was inspired by our colour consultant, Aaron’s bedroom. Cargo is particularly perfect for Victorian period homes, and to make a statement with this light beige colour, layer different styles and colours of frames and art work. 

'Cargo', our newest beige is a great backdrop for bringing those interesting home decor pieces to life. Credit: @the18thhomeonthestreet

Light beiges are also create the perfect complimentary ceiling colour for deeper green and yellow colours like Nomad and House Points. Don’t forget that your ceiling doesn’t have to be white, and softening contrasts can make a room feel more welcoming. 

Cargo is also the best beige paint for interiors based on the Japandi aesthetic. A  mix of grey, beige and green, it invokes the warmth and familiarity of the tatami mats of traditional Japanese houses and works well with all woods, leathers and natural materials. 

Moodboards are a great way to layer colours and textures whilst bringing the room to life from your imagination. Here's a handy vid on how to moodboard.

Beige Green 

Over the last few years green has become increasingly popular in interiors. In darker spaces though, the idea of deep green or even sage walls can seem a little much. Finding a colour that encourages  light but has a subtle touch of colour has been increasingly important. And Breathe, COAT’s beige green is a great example of adding more subtle colour to your interior walls while maintaining brightness in your home. 

'And Breathe' compliments the bolder accents in @loveallthingsquirky living space.

The perfect neutral for brass accents and wood tones that are either blond or have green undertones. And Breathe is versatile and works particularly well for West facing living rooms and bedrooms, where it gives off warmth in the morning and is brighter in the afternoon and evening. 

Feeling inspired? Check out our blog on how to pick the perfect neutral shade and order your swatches here 🤍






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