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Summer Essentials Guide

Summer is the perfect time to refresh your living space with colours that exude energy, warmth, and a touch of adventure. With our Limited Edition Summer Edit, we’ve carefully curated four paint colours that capture the look and feel of summer holidays: Medina Quarter, Miles from Monday, Buon Fresco, and Out of Office

These shades capture the essence of the season and offer endless possibilities for transforming your home. To help you achieve the desired look and feel, we have carefully chosen five products that complement these colors and will take you on a journey to create a vacation-like ambiance in your own space and on your holidays. Whether you need some holiday packing inspo or you just want to give your home a refresh, here are our guides. 

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Miles from Monday 

This vibrant and invigorating colour calls for a space that sparks creativity and inspiration. We’ve selected our favourite holiday essentials to go with this dark but inviting ochre yellow. 

1. A Book and Wine, Carla Ilanos 2. Sand Stone, Ocean Bottle 3. Cocktail & Nibble Muran Glass Sticks, Glassette 4. Light Candle, Evermore 5. Woven Fan, The Colombia Collective

Buon Fresco

Embrace the Warmth of Italian Summers with this wet-plaster look neutral, capturing the warmth and charm of sun-soaked summers. To bring this colour to life, opt for natural materials and rustic textures to create an inviting space. Incorporate Italian-inspired ceramics and earthly elements to infuse a sense of authenticity and warmth. Do all of this with a cocktail in hand…

1. Bitter Honey, Letitia Clarke 2. Negroni, Black Lines 3. Puglian Olive Oil, Sous Chef 4. Jug, Fiona May Ceramics 5. Le Citron Plate, Harlie Brown Studio

Out of Office

Embrace the carefree spirit of summertime adventures. Create a relaxing oasis in your home by incorporating bohemian-inspired textiles that showcase eclectic stripes and earthy tones. And why not take the look on holiday with you with our top ticks?

1. Victoria Gilles Fernandez Ceramics 2. Boston, Birkenstock 3. Bat & Ball, Frescobol Carioca 4. Crochet Hat, COS 5. The Sling Chair, Business & Pleasure

Medina Quarter

Embrace the vibrant spirit of Medina Quarter, drawing inspo from the vibrant palette of Morocco. To capture its essence, choose beautifully patterned ceramics, textured fabrics and an aesthetically pleasing coffee table book. 

1. Tortilla Bowl, Wicklewood 2. Leather Notebook, Papier 3. Friette Basket, La Redoute 4. Tidal Cup, Artemis Deco 5. Roberts Radio

So there you have it COAT Summer Essentials Guides that really bring our Limited Edition Edit to life, whether that be in your home or on holiday with you. We’ve selected brands we love and support, so check them out. Don’t forget to read our blog on how to pair these colours in your home. 

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