How To Use Our Blues

Blue has been in vogue for as long as there’s been a word for it.

Fun fact: because blue pigments rarely exist naturally, as humanity was developing we didn’t really use it as a colour. It was the last colour to be given its own name in most languages. So when blue pigments were discovered in rare materials they were madly expensive and so usually only used by the very wealthy. 

No elitism here though. We’re strong believers that blue is now for everyone.

Lighter blues remind us of the open expanse of the sky, or soothing streams and so make rooms feel airy and free. Dark blues are grounding and reliable, particularly when used at low level. This (literally) rich pigment can be used in so many ways, so let’s dive into how COATing your home can leave your guests gasping til they’re blue in the face… breathtaking. 

Bringing a whole new meaning to January Blues. Tempted? Grab our swatches ✌🏼

Pale Blues

The Regency period saw pale blues become fashionable in interiors, which has continued on to today. Pale blues like Lie-In are restful and serene, pretty much perfect for both nurseries and large airy bedrooms. Combine with subtle off white Low Salt on ceilings and woodwork to maximise the light. By adding painted furniture in clean grey On Mute, you can make Lie-In look even fresher and bluer. 

Lie-In can also become a calming but bright neutral for our mid blue colours, such as Below Deck. As you can see here in @laffsgaff bedroom. 

Mid Blues

Mid blues are dependable, and really easy to balance with lighter and darker shades. Take this Mr. Clifton feature wall as a prime example: 

It can also be used in combination with pale taupe Good Intentions, creating a warm inviting living space. This palette is soft and welcoming due to the shot of grey that both of these colours have. This high-brow blue would also be great in a downstairs loo - paired with Dodie woodwork for just a pop of drama.

For a boat load of maritime realness, try Below Deck. As mentioned before, it’s great when it’s paired with Lie-In. It’s also a great colour to use for beachy wall graphics. Head to the tropics with a background of warm white sands like Mindful, and them throw some shapes in Below Deck, Home Grown and My Island for the beachiest of vibes

Dark Blue

Want a corner of your home to be super handsome? Then look no further. Make a room a tall (The) Drink of water, by painting your ceilings, walls and woodwork all the same colour. This works particularly well in small, dark spaces, helping the eye to lose the proportions of the space. This dark marine will make you think of an infinity pool at midnight vibes and provides the best backdrop for loads of artwork and plush velvets. 

@mightfallenoak shows how it’s done here: 

Now, we know most of your prayers have already been answered in the dark blue department. If they haven’t though, you should definitely place a wish on our new deep blue from the COAT x Heal's palette

“Dodie is a luxe dark blue with a hefty grey overtone. Use as an off-black for furniture with existing COAT favourite, the ever so refined Mr. Clifton, to create a calm and inviting bedroom space.” says COAT Colour Consultant, Aaron. “For a darker, sexier space COAT your walls and woodwork in Dodie, ceilings in Rathbone Place and finish off this lavish vibe with a cocktail cabinet in The Four Poster.”

Still being kept up by the choices dark blues offer? Us too. 

Consider that a thing of the past. Paint your bedroom in 2AM and retire to your mysteriously meditative nest. It’s distinctive inky overtone feels comforting but combined with its royal purplish undertone, it’s impossible not to feel regally magical while in its presence.

Bringing a whole new meaning to January Blues. Tempted? Grab our swatches ✌🏼


COAT’s teals are still mad popular, and there’s now some new additions including COAT x Heal’s superstar The Four Poster. You’ll be diving into bed every day with this fully saturated teal. “Fab as a highlight colour in alcoves with off-black colour schemes, like Dodie, making sophisticated, underground bar vibes.” our colour guru, Aaron, says, “The Four Poster would also make for an energising dining room wall colour when combined with Detox woodwork.

Dark teal Adulting is still flying off the shelves at COAT HQ, and we’re not surprised. Treading the line of being both bold and soothing. (How is that even possible?) @tiny_victorian_home has done just that in her gorgeous living room. She's paired Adulting with a black ceiling and accents and lots of greenery. This 

If you just want a splash of colour but don’t wanna dive straight in, try pale teal Hamilton. It’s blue green overtones are great for East facing rooms because they’re that are bright in the morning and need a bit of depth in the evening. 

Feeling blue yet? We are. Go to the store to browse the most beaut blues


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