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Best Paint & Tile Combinations with Porcelain Superstore

Paint and tile are two elements of kitchen and bathroom designs that can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your space. Which is why we’ve teamed up with Porcelain Superstore to bring you all the style inspiration you need, whether you’re working on the latest reno project or you’d just like to freshen up your space. We’re talking trending colours, combinations and texture, because why not?

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Kitchen Tile & Paint Pairings

Longevity should be a priority when designing your kitchen, you want to find a colour combination that you’re going to love for years to come. Let’s face it, you don’t have to be the next Gordon Ramsey to spend a lot of time in your kitchen, it’s moved towards being a living space in recent years rather than just an area for functional cooking. It’s the heart of the home for most and a place that you should feel proud of, but it can be a difficult space to decorate, which is why we’ve joined forces with Porcelain Superstore to select the best combinations for kitchens. 


Pair Moorish Verde with Darlington to your open plan kitchen to create a sense of interest. 

Green is a really popular colour for kitchens, inspired by the natural world, green kitchens are both restful and grounding. Why not paint your cabinets a traditional grey green like Darlington and then pair with something a little more neutral like Tuesday’s Child or And Breathe which both have subtle green undertones. This paint combo goes really well with the Moorish Verde, great for a splashback or a kitchen window ledge. 

This pairing will help create a sense of interest. It's a light, geometric design which is perfect for Victorian homes and because it has that Moroccan feel, it can help you feel creative in the kitchen (well we can only hope…). Moorish Verde is versatile because it could be paired with off-whites like Tuesday’s Child or Safe Play or you could use greens like Darlington to really bring out the white in the tile. 

Timeless Earthy Neutrals 

@badel.home combines Fez Chalk with an off-white like Modest to create a fresh and airy space. 

While dark kitchen cupboards have filled up our social feeds in recent years, light and neutral colours are still popular options for kitchen walls and cabinetry. Pairing neutral paint colours with textured tiles can add a sense of warmth and interest to your space. 

The Fez Linen tile by Porcelain Superstore is great as a starting point because there are so many different variations. It’s easy to pair with more neutral colours to keep the space fresh and airy, there’s enough variation in the tile that it can add an interesting twist to your kitchen. It’s important to pick a paint colour that has a little bit of yellow and is slightly earthy, taupes are great for that. Fez Linen works well with Cold Brew which is a really deep taupe, perfect for your kitchen cabinets and paired with Modest on your walls.

A top tip is to try to keep the bottom of your scheme really grounded with your cabinets and flooring, and then lighter with your walls and ceiling to give the illusion of space. 

Bathroom Tile & Paint Pairings 

Why limit yourself to feeling relaxed on holiday or at a spa? Treat yourself to a spa-like bathroom and make your space feel luxurious and relaxing with the right paint and tile combinations. 

A Calming Neutral Retreat 

Zellige Pearl and Margot working together to create a cosy bathroom. 

Soft neutrals have been a fan favourite in bathroom decor for years, often because bathrooms tend to be the smallest space in our homes and we’ve been programmed to think that light colours equals larger rooms. This is sometimes the case, but what’s great about neutral bathrooms is how you can use textures in tiles and hardware to create a cosy feel that’s spacious at the same time. By using tiles made from natural materials and terracotta, this can add a rustic or sanctuary-feel to your space. 

The Zellige Pearl is designed to look authentic and homemade, it pairs well with colours like Pablo, Margot and Hardback to create a zen space where you can relax. Because Margot has a slightly yellowish tone to it, it really ties into those warmer tones in the Zellige Pearl. Try to go with a subtle rather than direct contrast to tie everything together. Adding plants will also help to create a retreat-like feel, they not only add colour and texture, but they also help to purify the air.

You might want to create an earthy and grounding bathroom by incorporating The Croft Cotto in your design, the tile has the look and feel of handmade ceramic, which will help in creating a cosy oasis. Create an earthy aesthetic by having bright walls with colours like Voltaire and pairing it with Brasserie Brown, this will add a bit of depth to your scheme whilst making everything look fresher and brighter. 

Serene Greens 

Dwell Emerald and Cargo = the perfect combo.

Green is a tranquil and refreshing colour which can be the perfect way to dip your toe into a bolder hue in your bath(room). Coincidentally, it also aligns nicely with the biophilic trend which isn’t going anywhere. Green is an extremely versatile and flexible colour, perfect for any style of a home.

Incorporating a green tile into your scheme like Dwell Emerald, really brings the outdoor in and allows you to bring personality by adding a bit bold to your bathroom. It’s a very modern yet Victorian aesthetic which we tend to pair with traditional colours that have slightly green undertones. Colours like Tuesday’s Child, Debate Club and Cargo are really good options. You might want to try having brighter walls, darker woodwork and a dark ceiling, that’s a lovely way to make the emerald tones top. 

Create a dramatic space using Fluted Emerald and Brewer.

Using Fluted Emerald tiles in your bathroom adds another layer of interest and brings the outdoors in. Brewer is a great colour to combine with this tile as it’s almost an exact colour match. If you want a dramatic room you can have all of your walls and tiles the same colours, which will look amazing together. This is perfect for smaller rooms where you want to create a cosy and intimate feel, adding black hardware will complete the look and tie everything together nicely. 

These are just a few ideas to consider when combining paint and tile in your kitchen. The key is to find a balance between the two and to choose colors and textures that complement each other. It's also important to consider the overall style and aesthetic of your home when making your decision.

Why not order a few paint and tile samples and create your own physical mood board to help you envisage the space?

Check out our blog on How to Make a Mood Board for some top tips. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to book a consultation with our colour experts for more insider knowledge on the best paint and tile pairings for every space in your home. 



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