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How To Make A Mood Board From Scratch

Wanna know how to make a mood board? We’ll show you. Hang in there and have a read of this post. A fab way to pull inspiration together and bring your vision to life, mood boards can really help you overhaul a room. Whether you’re planning a spare bedroom glow-up or you’re bored with your lounge, we’re gonna show you how to make a mood board from scratch. Read on for our step-by-step guide to getting started. Ready to plan your next project? Let’s go.


@mybespokeroom are moodpboard experts, head to their Instagram for some great tips and advice. 

First, why use a mood board at all?

Valid point. Why bother? Can you really be arsed with faffing about? We say hell to the YAAS. Go on, give it a go. Unless you’re cool with committing a tonne of decor sins, that is. A super neat tool, a mood board will give you a starting point to build on your project. It’ll also take the guesswork out of what goes with what and what looks garbage. It’s good to get an idea of your end goal upfront. Generally, you’ll start by collecting different pictures and colours and go from there. Mood boards are a great way to get the whole house on the same page. After all, you’ll have a million different decisions to make, so we don’t want fistfights. Pro designer? A mood board can also act as a visual reference for you and your clients.


@the18thhomeonthestreet used neutrals and texture to create her cosy living room look.

Step 1 - Choose Between a Physical vs Digital Mood board

So, where should you start? That’s easy. Decide whether you’re going to create your mood board online or for real. Obviously, both have their perks, so it’s really your call. All that matters is transferring what’s in your head onto paper (or a screen). A physical board will allow you to see, compare and touch samples. With a digital version, however, there’s nothing tangible there. You’re solely reliant on how you think they will feel. Then again, a physical board can be hard to transport. Which isn’t ideal if you’re catching the train to a meeting. Create a mood board layout online, and you can share it with friends. Store it in the cloud and on your phone too. Whatsmore, if you find any pieces you love or your favourite paint shade, you can stick a link in there for future ref. Platforms like Canva, are really popular tools, and they make conveying ideas in a visual way easier than ever before.

Digital mood boards may be more your thing, take inspiration from @asouthlondonhome and use cut outs of your favourite products and colours. 

Step 2 - Brainstorm your mood board theme

If you decide you’re the physical sort, you’ll need a few tools. Gather a large piece of poster board, some scissors and glue. Alternatively, a corkboard will make it easy to switch things about, or you can bin them for good. You never know where your vision will go. This is why before you start butchering glossy magazines, you need to have a good think. A mood board title and theme are absolutely key. Brainstorming can help with a little home reno or a cheeky business idea. Plus, it’ll help you stay focused as you start shaping your board.

Try playing around with contrasting hardware and finishes like @all_about_the_house

Step 3 - Collect materials

Once you’ve nailed a good theme, set it in stone. Then it’s time to start collecting ideas. Include plenty of these, and you won’t go far wrong. Mood board inspiration starts with a load of dreamy pictures…


Start by scoring those mags of any photos you love. Our supplement COVERAGE is always bursting with loads too. If it’s a home reno you’re doing, remember your theme. And only choose images that represent the feeling that you want to create. This could be specific furniture trends or actual pictures of rooms. Mini art prints are also great moodboard fodder. Likewise, it doesn’t have to be physical pictures of rooms; it could be photos of nature as well. Whatever sets the tone for your vibe.

Fabric swatches

If you’ve decided against a digital board, fabric swatches are a fab way to get an idea of both texture and colour. These can be anything from curtains to carpets and upholstery too. You might even find an accent you hadn’t considered before. Nice.

Paint samples

The best bit about making a house mood board? Defo choosing the paint. This is where your scheme will really start to come to life. Start by selecting six to eight swatches and get them ordered. At COAT, our Paint Swatches are the new way to decorate your home. Simply whack them up on your board and see how they fair. Different lighting conditions will help to narrow down your choices. It’s time to ditch plastic tester pots in favour of eco-stickers. 100% accuracy = perfect palette.

Floor plans

Another way to get a grip on the space is to use a floor plan. This will help you to visualise what’ll fit and what needs charity shop-ing. For any new pieces, make sure there’s room for them first before sticking a picky on your growing mood board.

Inspirational quotes

Without meaning to sound CHEESE, inspirational quotes can be the motivation you need to make your mood board real. Think less ‘Live, Laugh, Love’, and more get this shit done. After all, they say, ‘Where focus goes, energy flows’.

Have fun with it, using vibrant pops of colour like @emmajanepalin has done with her digital mood board here. 


Whilst we’re on the subject of quotes, these days, typography is a big part of interior style. You just can’t beat a tongue in cheek phrase in a really nice font. Messina Sans can make even the naughtiest word ladylike. An easy way to inject a bit of you into your home is with a fun graphic like this. Clean, simple fonts are also stylish and modern. You can find many online so have a good look. Then when you’ve found your fave get it saved for your board.

Step 4 - Assemble your mood board

Now that you’ve got the components that make a dream space, this is where we start to layer them all up. Working with a digital board? Drag and drop your pics in. Then hit save before you lose your hard work. A physical board is a little harder to do, no matter if you’re a homeowner or pro. Especially if you’re working with a tonne of fabric swatches and paints. The upside, however, is that you get to use plenty of tactile materials like wood which you can’t do online. Some designers even use a ‘vibe tray’ to get the overall mood.

Step 5 - Organise your mood board with finishing touches

Once your mood board is in place, what do you think? Don’t be afraid to make changes until you’re happy with it. A colour mood board doesn’t need to be Instagram-worthy, but it does need to be clear. There’s no point going to all this trouble and then confusing yourself. If it helps, make notes or use arrows to indicate what you mean and how each individual thing relates to the space. Once you know how to do a moodboard, we promise you’ll never forget. Kick back and relax. You’re all done.

Top tips to create the perfect mood board

Stay inspired

Taking it one room at a time? We don’t blame you. A LOT goes into renovating a space. So, if you’re home is a constant work in progress, you’ll want all the inspo you can get. Easier said than done, we totally know. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, take a break from the day. Who knows what you’ll see out and about. It also helps to bookmark a tonne of swoon-worthy sites to keep those creative juices flowing. You’ll never run out of ideas with our Colour Edit. Capping your spending will also make you think twice. There’s no doubt a budget forces you to think out of the box. Remember, inspo is everywhere. You just have to look. So keep your eyes peeled wherever you go.

Take your time

When it comes to perfecting your board, take a chill pill. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Yeh, decorating can give you a buzz, but it shouldn’t be rushed. Unless you want to end up with a naff looking space. By taking your time, you’ll make decisions wisely. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon because Insta said it was cool. Trust us. Do it this way, and you’ll thank yourself later. Take as long as you need to perfect your interior design mood board.

Don't be afraid to make changes

If you change your mind, it’s completely allowed. No one’s going to bollock you, are they? Mood boards are there to experiment with and play around with colour. That’s the whole point instead of jumping right in. As your board progresses, things may change, and you might find some elements no longer work with the theme. The best thing to do? Cut them loose. If you don’t like them now you certainly won’t in a year.

Looking to create a mood board? Kickstart yours with our Peel & Stick Paint Swatches. The new and super green way to test paint colours at home, we think they’re the coolest thing ever.



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