Peel & Stick Paint Swatches - The New Way

So, you've decided to redecorate, but how are you going to avoid the agony of trawling the paint aisles at your local DIY store? The dread, it's real. Well don't worry, choosing the perfect paint colour has just become a whole lot easier. 

Order a few of our legendary Peel & Stick paint swatches for next day delivery. Whack them up on the wall, stand back and take your pick. Then order your chosen colour and get painting the very next day. Sorted 👊

Want to know more? Here, we give you the lowdown on why our paint swatches are the best in the business and how they've helped COAT fans create dreamy spaces they're always happy to come home to. 

TL;DR? Just grab a few Peel & Stick swatches to try.


As always, at COAT we're on a mission to make everything as simple as possible. There's enough complicated stuff in the world without adding paint to the list, right?

COAT paints peel & stick paint swatches

RIP Tester Pots - this is the new way

So that's why we decided to ditch the tester pots and come up with our very own Peel & Stick Swatches. These environmentally-friendly stickers can be peeled on and off your walls as many times as you like without leaving any marks. Genius, huh? 

Peel & Stick colour swatch colour sample

No more messy paint splodges to sand down later


Designed to take the headache out of choosing your perfect paint colour, our Peel & Stick paint swatches give you 100% colour accuracy. That's because the Flat Matt paint we apply to them is EXACTLY the same as the paint you get when you order one of our 2.5 litre tins. Not rocket science I guess, but pretty unique from any paint company...

Check out all colours in Peel & Stick Swatches

Peel & Stick paint swatch new paint sample COAT paints

All COAT Swatches are painted in real COAT paint - 100%

Also, a little birdy told us that some big paint companies (we're naming no names 🤫) actually use an inferior paint for their tester pots - which means the two colours often don't match up. I know, right? 

COAT paints peel & stick colour swatches

There's no colour anxiety here, we're always true to the final colour

You can rely on us to give you the highest possible quality low-VOC, vegan-friendly paint - whether that's on a paint swatch or in a tin. Just because it's right.


We like to look after this planet of ours, and when we took a long hard look at how people try out paints we realised those little tester pots had to go. Nasty plastics, 90% more paint than most people need, and £3 - £5 to buy. 

COAT peel & stick paint swatches

How many paint tester pots are in your under-stairs cupboard?

Our solution? A recyclable sticker that creates 95% less waste than a tester pot (our swatches carry 10ml of paint instead of the 200ml in a typical tester pot). They're also glue-free and can be easily disposed of with your household recycling. 

peel & Stick colour swatches coat paints colours samples

Our little swatches use just 10ml of paint and are recyclable too

It might all sound like a bit of a no-brainer, but our handy little Peel & Stick Swatches are actually a revolutionary new way to test out paint colours. Not only that, they're the only ones out there that are 100% accurate, totally glue-free and recyclable too. So long, tester pots 👋 


Obviously we think our paint swatches are the coolest thing ever, but don't just take our word for it. Most folks seem to think they're pretty darn good, too. 

COAT peel & stick paint swatches

All COAT colours are available in Peel & Stick swatches

Take David from The Brixton Home Boys. He transformed his dreary old flat into an oasis of light and loveliness with the help of a subtle pale grey called Sweatpants. "We were so impressed with the Peel & Stick swatches," says David. "It was great that we could peel and re-stick them in different areas of the flat to try them out in different lights. And the match of the actual paint we ordered to the sample was absolutely spot on."

Peel & Stick paint swatches COAT paints paint samples

The Brixton Home Boys chose Sweatpants, a warm pale grey

Happy customer Megan Yardley was super impressed with 2AM – our deliciously dark, inky blue. "Fabulous finish and the colour matched the swatch perfectly which really helps," says Megan. 

Peel and stick paint swatches coat paints colour samples

Over in Manchester, Vicky from 1930s Semi Charmed Life is another champion of our Peel & Stick Swatches. She used them to help her choose the colours for her gorgeous, loft-style master bedroom. "They were a brilliant way to try out different colour combinations," says Vicky. "And I also really love COAT's approach to sustainability, so the fact that the swatches are recyclable is a real plus."

COAT paints peel & stick paint swatches paint colours

That's it, really. The New Way to test paint colours at home. Order your COAT Peel & Stick Swatches and kick-off your next decorating project. It starts with a Swatch...