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Bedroom Colour Ideas

Check out our favourite on-trend bedroom colours of 2022

After a long day's work, isn’t it funny how we reward ourselves with hours of scrolling on our tiny screens as a break from our big screens? And like some sort of punishment, we find ourselves struggling to get to sleep at 2am on a Monday night. Instead of spending your money on finding the perfect sleep mist or the best soothing voice on the Calm App, have you ever considered how the colour of your bedroom could play a vital role for a good night's sleep? 

Choosing the best bedroom paint colours can refresh your sleeping space instantly, and really doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It’s a personal decision so you should consider the mood you want to create. Do you want a bright and peaceful space that makes it easy to get out of bed in the morning or do you want a dramatic and cosy space, perfect to snuggle away for hours on end? 

Once you’ve decided this then you want to consider the orientation and size of your room. As a general rule, if your room lacks natural light you may want to stick to warm toned colours to create a snug bedroom retreat. If you need a bit of help to find out what modern bedroom colours work for you then head to our blog on how light affects your space for some tips.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few of our on-trend bedroom paint colour ideas, we’ve got you covered ✌️

White and Bright

The trend for super relaxed bedroom colours is one of our favorites and we’ve developed some colours for just this. In South facing rooms, where there is lots of light, pure white paint like Screenshot can be really warming, but if your room faces any other direction then it might look slightly cooler. Enter some of the key COAT players. Pampas is a fresh green that is warm but also slightly green. This makes it energising and clean in the morning and brighter and inviting in the evenings. 

If you need a Safe Play for a bedroom colour then look no further. This off-white is slightly greige, so it's a bit beige and slightly grey. Still bright, but with a hint of character, this neutral provides warmth in North and East facing rooms but it also doesn’t feel too yellow in rooms that are South or West facing, where the natural light is generally warmer. One of Aaron’s (our Colour Consultant) top tips is to “pair Safe Play with deeper woodwork in Duvet Day for a subtle contrast that will make your Safe Play walls feel super bright and airy still. If you paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls too, this will reduce visual contrast and actually make the room feel brighter.”


Greys have been the most popular paint colours for bedrooms for as long as any of us can remember and it doesn’t really come as a surprise. You can’t go wrong with them, greys are classic and elegant and most importantly, they’re easy to work with. Mid greys like ‘On Mute’ or ‘Are You Still Watching’ have cool undertones which help create a welcoming and peaceful environment that you look for in your bedroom, so you can get the perfect night's sleep. 

Get some top tips from minimal lover Toby Turnbull in our blog on how to create a cosy and neutral room.

@studio.lawrence rocking 'Sunday Soul' in their bedroom transformation. Obsessed.

These tones are clearly not going anywhere and with the latest greige craze, they’ve been given a new lease of life. Warm grey taupes like ‘Sunday Soul’ and ‘Good Intentions’ are perfect for bedrooms because they’re not too yellow or too cold so they work in pretty much all lights.

'Kind Regards', it's the perfect neutral. @brickdustbaby opted for this for her spare bedroom. 

Sure, it’s the safer choice but it’s a safer choice for a reason, right? Grey is reliable and sophisticated, with more depth than white, the shade serves a calming backdrop in a bedroom. You should think about layering your greys by using a similar colour palette with your textiles and accessories and playing with textures to create a cosy and comforting space. 

Get some top tips from minimal lover Toby Turnbull in our blog on how to create a cosy and neutral room. 

Warm Beige

Beige is back and has become one of the top paint colours for bedroom ideas across Pinterest and social media channels. Because of their slightly yellow nature, beiges are warming while remaining tolerant. Duvet Day has become a best-seller for these spaces, it’s got a slight greyness to it, which makes it far more appealing than the magnolia we grew up with, but has none of the orangeness we’ve all grown to hate. Try painting trim in David Rose with Duvet Day walls for a bedroom colour scheme that feels only slightly dramatic. 

Deeper beiges are perfect for bedrooms as they’re restful, but also feel stylish and more seductive than light and bright colours. Moving Day is a hay-like beige that feels naturally organic. Well Grounded is a beige that has a touch of red in. These colours are perfect when combined with warm whites like Pampas and No Offence on walls and woodwork. 

For those of you looking for paint colours for bedroom ideas that are a touch more traditional, use Jane. She’s a relaxed beige that remains bright throughout the day as she doesn’t have the touch of grey that many of our other beiges have. Combine Jane with No Offence for an airy beige scheme or try using our travertine beige Humble for some extra depth. 

Moody Blues

Bedroom colour schemes over the last few years have been dominated by moody blues. Particularly blues like The Establishment, which are a little grey remain “strong and stable” under any lighting condition, so they’re particularly easy to use in bedrooms. Pair this deep navy blue with a more Charcoal tone like Dodie for a touch of the dramatic on wardrobes or built in cabinetry. This will also help your moody blue walls look a bit brighter too. 

All Inclusive is the perfect moody blue for darker bedroom colour schemes. It has a slightly lilac greyness that helps provide a touch of warmth to a colour that could look a bit cold. Moody blues like this are great for darker rooms as they provide a cocoon-like experience while maintaining a serene feeling. Especially in North facing bedrooms, no matter what colour you put in there, it’s unlikely to be a bright space, so making them a bit darker and cozier can help reduce a dull, greyed out look. Go ahead and paint the whole room in All Inclusive so that you can make a feature of any artwork and bedding that you have in the space.

Go Dark

A bold choice but one that definitely makes a statement and is often misunderstood is using dark paint in your bedroom. Incorporating dark tones in the bedroom creates a dramatic look which is luxe at the same time.  When talking about bedroom paint colour ideas people often think that darker shades should only be used in really large spaces but that doesn’t have to be the rule. Using off-black paint colours with the tiniest hint of blue like ‘David Rose’, can be the perfect solution for a light starved room because you’re playing with the disadvantages of the room instead of fighting or avoiding them. By using clever lighting and mirrors, you can create a chic and atmospheric space and by contrasting the dark walls with crisp white sheets, you can really play with the perspective of the room. 


@zephys_house rockin' 'Forever and Ever' in this cosy bedroom transformation.

Adding gold touches like @zephs_house has done with her gold leaf details, decorative lights and hardware,  you can create a luxurious boutique hotel feel which people pay a lot of money for. We’d even recommend painting the ceiling the same shade to add to the cosiness, creating a cocooning space that you’ll never want to leave. When working with dark paint, don’t be afraid, what’s the worst that could happen? Dark colours often have negative associations but they can provide a sense of warmth and security which whites and greys sometimes lack. 

We know black isn’t for everyone, so why not try dark, smokey greens like ‘Nomad’ or ‘Brewer’ which are timeless and classy alternatives. 

@jillylizzyinteriors creates a cozy and moody vibe in her spare room. 'Nomad' killin it here.

Feeling confident? Grab your dark and moody samples to try them out at home.

Soft Greens

Light and subtle green tones have become trendy paint colours for  bedrooms in recent years because of their association with the outdoors. You’ve got to admit, there’s no prouder feeling than when your Monstera plant starts sprouting a fresh new leaf or when your Spider plant grows a little baby. Don’t worry, you’re not alone…most of us have become crazy plant parents over the last two years so no wonder green has become a household favourite when it comes to painting and decorating too. With biophilic design and the desire to bring the outside in, a subtle green lick of paint has the same calming qualities associated with plants, but these ones will last 😉 

A pale sage green like ‘Detox’ is a bolder alternative to white or grey yet it still has the same harmonious and restful qualities, providing your bedroom with a mood of relaxation. Paired with creams and whites, this colour almost works as a neutral and adds an earthiness to the colour scheme.  

This new-found houseplant hobby can be expensive but have a look at our trendy greens for a simpler alternative to being closer to nature. 


@oursomersetnest opted for our muted green 'Detox' to create a relaxing sanctury.

A pale grubby green like ‘Home Grown’ is a bit more unexpected than a blue tone but still creates a tranquil and calming space. It’s a really versatile colour to use and particularly great for East-facing rooms that are blessed with morning light, where it will feel energising, and then appears warmer in the afternoons. 

We’d recommend styling these greens with houseplants and natural textures like rattan furniture and jute rugs to really bring the outside in and create a sense of balance to your bedroom. If you’re not too confident about adding the colour to all four walls, why not try some DIY panelling. Feeling inspired? Check out our blog on how to do it yourself. 

This new-found houseplant hobby can be expensive but have a look at our trendy greens for a simpler alternative to being closer to nature. 


Although blue paint colour schemes are one of the most popular choices in the UK, these shades can often be difficult to work with because of their cool tones. Ranging from barely-there pastel blues, to deep, moody tones, blue bedrooms are proven to have a soothing effect on our brains which is perfect for a restful night's sleep. The colour blue is often thought to reduce mental stress and when used in a bedroom, it provides a space of serenity and reflection. 

Lighter blues remind us of the open ocean and sky, making the space feel airy and spacious, whereas dark blues are grounding and reliable and create a cosy retreat. If opting for a soothing pale blue like ‘Lie In’, you may want to consider painting both walls and the ceiling the same colour to create a spa-like oasis. If a darker navy like ‘2AM’ is more your thing then think about your crisp white lines that can divide your walls and ceilings, making for a classy backdrop. 

@flapapartment x 'Hamilton', a match made in heaven.

As a general rule, you may want to avoid using anything that is too cool-toned in a North-facing or darker room. Blue green undertones in colours like ‘Hamilton’ are great for East-facing bedrooms because they’re bright in the morning and still enough of a statement to look great in the evening. 

Overwhelmed by how many blues there are to choose from? Head to our blog on how to use our blues and order some samples to try them out.

If you’re still unsure about what colour to choose, book a video colour consultation with one of our specialists to find out what suits you or order our ‘Peel & Stick’ samples.



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