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A Fresh Start: How To Freshen Up Your Home For Spring

Is it just us, or has it felt like the longest winter EVER? After months of cold, dark days, spring is finally in the air and, boy, does it feel good 

Now that the weather's warming up and the days are lighter and brighter, it's time to get off your bum and shake things up a bit at home. Don't worry, we're not talking about anything too drastic. Just a few easy changes to help you embrace a fresh, spring vibe 🌱

Read on for some simple ideas for a quick and easy update. From decluttering your living room to choosing the best paint colours for spring, we've got you covered…

Fancy a DIY project this spring? Get inspired by @our_japandi_home's beautiful lime washed walls using Cargo


So how do you welcome in spring and cheer yourself up at the same time? Easy. 

The answer is to have a little refresh. Nothing too demanding. We're talking a simple declutter and some light cleaning of those areas of the house that might have been overlooked during the winter months 💤

You don't have to go the full Mrs Hinch (as much as we love the Queen of Clean). Instead, we're talking about tackling those 'one day' jobs such washing your pillows, clearing out your food cupboards and cleaning the fridge. Trust us, you'll feel sooo much better once you've ticked those things off your list. And it might even encourage you to cook up a storm with that jar of tahini lurking at the back of the cupboard! 

Our next tip is to take a look at your living room with fresh eyes and shift things around a bit. Does that sofa really have to go under the window, or can you try a different layout? Not only will this force you into finally hoovering under the sofa 😉  but moving your furniture around can make you feel like you've got a whole new room

Decluttering is another surefire way to brighten up your home for spring. Clear away any random items left lying around and chuck out anything you no longer need. Being ruthless is the key here. You'll feel so much better once you've had a good old clear out. And you can do someone else a good turn in the process by gifting any decent stuff to your local charity shop 😇

Now that the decks are clear, why not invest in some stylish storage baskets to help keep the shrapnel at bay? We love the Mendi Baskets from Nkuku and the Handwoven Round Palm Leaf Tray from sustainable brand The Danes. 


A fresh lick of paint is the perfect way to update your home. Spring is all about fresh green shoots and cheerful pastel shades. We’ve carefully selected some of our favourite colours in our collection to create the perfect fresh spring look in your home. 

Check out our Spring Edit here, and grab your samples. 

Clearly we can't talk about spring without making a nod to warm neutrals. Our timeless neutrals like Modest and Safe Play, are here to bring a much-needed zing of life and balance to your interior. Whereas a deep beige like Biscuits for Breakfast is perfect because it looks earthy and cosy without feeling overly dramatic. Grab your samples to see for yourself. 

Feeling inspired, check out our full Spring Edit here

Going down a more pastel theme, pinks and light purples are really trending right now and are a great alternative to your off-whites. Try taking Axolotl or Shampoo and Set across the walls and ceiling and make your windows, doors and architraves pop with a darker shade like 2AM


Why not freshen things up by bringing some spring-inspired greens into your home? Associated with nature and growth, greens will continue to be big news in interiors throughout 2023. 

Sage tones like Park Life have been flying off the shelves in recent months and it's no surprise why. 

@apartmentapothocary used 'Park Life' in her dining room. 

"Greens play a huge part in our colour consultation service," says our Lead Colour Consultant, Aaron Markwell. "Our sage green Park Life works brilliantly as a base for a bold, maximalist scheme. I would recommend using Park Life for the walls and pairing it with even darker shades such as Brewer or Ditch The Tie for the woodwork." 

Light Greens like Hello, Vera are also a great way to go if you're looking for a less intense vibe. Try pairing with Safe Play and Pampas if you want more of a neutral look or with Pan or East for Trees on your woodwork if you really want to make that green pop. 

Check out our full Spring Edit here

Take some inspo from @littlegreenshed and give your cabinets a refresh by painting them in The Tobacconist. 

If you want a little more oomph on the green front, why not embrace one of our super popular dark greens Nomad or The Tobacconist? Olive green Nomad is crying out to be slapped all over your kitchen cabinets, while deep green The Tobacconist loves nothing better than wrapping itself around a downstairs loo or narrow hallway to create moody, cosy atmos 😎


If you don't feel up to a spot of decorating (but remember, it really isn't that hard), you can simply update your home with some seasonal touches. A few, well-chosen accessories will give your gaff an instant spring refresh, plus who doesn't love a bit of shopping? 

Swap out wintery cushions for summery options with bright colours, stripes, checks, it's all about the prints this season. Our current faves this Sonia Stripe Cushion by Ceraudo or this Nelly Lavender Cushion by Christina Lundsteen. Get playful with your accessories. 

Dark rugs could do with a change, too, so how about replacing them with a colourful art-deco inspired one like this Ribbon one by Nordic KnotsOr if this is too bold of a choice, why not try a textured natural material like this Easy Jute Loaf beauty?

Faux greenery is a great way to bring the outside in this spring. Neptune and Abigail Aherne have a brilliant range of faux stems that can be plonked in a vase for an instant shot of floral loveliness. The Faux Potted Fern from OKA is also a keeper and certainly looks a lot healthier than the real fern in our office that we keep forgetting to water… 😩

If you struggle to keep anything green alive (hats off to @asouthlondonhome for succeeding here), then faux plants and flowers are the next best thing. 

Don't forget about some fragrances to freshen up your home for the new season. Our current crush is the Greenhouse Home Mist from Earl of East. And we also can't stop sniffing the Bay & Rosemary Earth & Sky candle from Cornish brand St Eval 🌿

If you're feeling creative, you could even go the whole hog and make a spring wreath for your front door (don't forget to paint it in fresh green Home Grown first). Why not have a go at creating your own spring wreath like this one from The White Company, add in some foliage, and you'll be all set for Easter. Did someone say Mini Eggs?! 😋 

Ready to put a spring in your step? Shake things up a bit with some of our carefully curated, planet-friendly paint colours 🌈 Spring into colour with our Spring Edit



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