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Trends at Clerkenwell Design Week 2022

Clerkenwell Design Week is back, and as we now call this design district our COAT Home, there was no way we were missing out. Despite the tumultuous weather, design aficionados arrived in their thousands to discover the latest trends in the world of interiors after a two-year festival break. 

We made a colourful mark on the map by commissioning talented mural artist @chez_studio to bring the outside of the COAT Studio to life, using COAT exterior paint of course. 🌈

But the fun didn’t stop there, as we snuck into various showrooms and exhibitions to bring you the latest trends - so here it is…

Curved furniture

Baxter’s low, modular sofas were the centrepiece of the newly renovated Old Sessions House.

Circular forms and curves dominated the upholstered furniture brands exhibiting at the show, including modular sofas and chairs, all embracing rounded and softened edges. Modular elements were a key highlight, as designers focus on flowy spaces, playing with the notion of opening spaces as well as having the flexibility to divide or corner off a room. Norr11’s late 70’s sofa styles and Baxter’s sleek modular sofas showcased these soft and welcoming lines, ideal for socialising and relaxing whilst not compromising on style and comfort. 

These rounded designs didn’t stop at upholstered furniture. MOWO's curved stools invites the user to move, while the symmetric shapes allow you to change between multiple sitting positions. 

Natural and Sustainable Materials

Sustainable designs with a purpose, like this Jose Chair and cork acoustic boards. 

It was encouraging to see how nature appeared to be a strong influence over designs, with the interior community making more sustainable choices and taking more responsibility by creating products and materials that give back to our planet in a positive way. ​​🌿

Brands are opting to use natural and untreated materials like bent wood and pale, locally sourced oak and cork in their designs, stripping back to basics and letting the materials speak for themselves. 

Textiles & Textures 

Jacob Monk uses wool and cotton to create his intricately woven rugs. 

Nature’s influence continued with the use of plant based fibres making their mark especially in ‘Rising Stars’ Exhibition. With up-and-coming designers like Jacob Monk creating designs that are playful but celebrate the history and craftsmanship that goes into using the fabrics with a modern twist. 


With a global shift towards wellness, light and sensory design played a huge part at the festival. Designers like Cindy Lilen focused on the nordic concept of ‘Hygge’ and creating warm and happy spaces, with her lamps using handmade natural fibres. Brands like Houseof stressed the importance of mood lighting and well designed lighting schemes, searching for a balance between beauty and function. 

Feel inspired to level up your home? Chat to our colour guru Aaron and book a colour consultation to get the insider knowledge on what’s trending and everything colour. Otherwise, grab a ‘Peel & Stick’ Swatch to get the ball rolling. 




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