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In A Colour Rut? Our New Consultancy Service Can Help

We've all been there. Your home desperately needs a fresh lick of paint, but you don't have the foggiest which colours to choose 🤷‍♀️  Maybe your room is a really weird shape or the light conditions are tricky? Panic not, folks! We have just the answer.

Hot off the press at COAT Paints is our newly-launched colour consultancy service. Book either a virtual or in-home colour consultation with one of our in-house colour experts, and you'll get bespoke suggestions, ordering advice, and your own personalised mood board 🌈

The genius behind our consultancy service is COAT's newest kid on the block, Lead Colour Consultant, Aaron Markwell. Having previously worked for those premium paint brands we won't name here (🤫) Aaron knows a thing or two about paint. 

Wanna get the lowdown? Here's our chat as we find out who the hell he is and what colour is really all about …

Welcome to the team Aaron 🙌  First things first, what on earth is a colour consultant?

Good question! Well, a colour consultant is essentially a decorating sidekick. I'm here to be the Robin to your Batman when it comes to painting your place. We'll talk through all your decorating requirements – how you want the space to work as well as how you want it to look, and come up with plan which will be super easy for you to implement. 

I'm always mindful of the fact that it's not my space, it's yours. So the aim is to make it a collaborative process and hopefully we'll have fun along the way, too 😀

As well as running the colour consultancy service, a large part of my role here at COAT is to help develop new colour ranges. A lot of it's pretty hush hush at the moment, but watch this space for some exciting new colours coming your way in the New Year! 

How does the new colour consultancy service work?

Book in a slot for a 60-minute video call or home visit with myself or one the in-house colour team, and we'll advise on the best paint colours and techniques for your home. We'll want to know all about your likes and dislikes, and you can show us around your home to allow us to get a good feel for the space 🤗

Getting expert advice will help you avoid making costly mistakes. Not only that, it might also inspire you to make bolder decorating decisions.

Colour blocking, for example, is a huge trend right now. I've been creating some brilliant schemes for COAT customers who want to divide their open-plan space into separate zones. You can paint the living room section in a dark tone such as Nomad, and then use something like our warm greige Ambrose for a more neutral feel in the work-from-home area. 

I've got other customers who come to us with a starting point such as a vintage piece they want to upcyle or the landscape the house looks out onto. We can then use these to inform the colours choices we make together. 

Tricky lighting conditions are also something we get asked about a lot. If you paint a north-east facing room in grey, for example, it can end up looking a little cold and sad because of all the cooler light coming into the space.

My advice for a space like this is to embrace the darkness and go for a deep green shade like Adulting or The Drink to create a super cool, dark space. If warm neutrals are more your thing, you could go lighter with And Breathe. This shade has a warm yellow undertone which helps to combat some of that cooler light 👍

What can I expect when I book a colour consultation?

1) Book your colour consultation and you'll receive an email or phone call within 24 hours allowing you to select a convenient time for your consultationt. An online consultation costs £80 and an in-home one is £150 (UK only) and includes design advice for up to four rooms per hour. Trust us, this is great value compared to the fee charged by some other paint companies! 😵

2) During the video call, you'll have 1:1 time with one of our colour experts. We'll want to get the lay of the land with a walkthrough of your home, and talk about the kind of looks you'd like to achieve. We're always thinking about keeping things simple – to make the decorating easier for you and to reduce paint wastage 🌱

Tips such as painting the walls and the ceiling all the same colour can make a massive difference to the amount of paint you need to buy. Talking of which, we'll also advise on quantities and help you choose the right finish for your space.  

3) After the consultation, we'll email you a list of the paints we recommend for your project, along with a curated selection of inspiration images and send you samples of your chosen scheme. If you’ve booked an in-home consultation, you’ll also receive bespoke mood boards that are reflective of your space.

4) Keep an eye on that postie, because your complimentary Peel & Stick paint swatches will land on your door mat shortly after your consultation. You can then play around with your recommended colours to your heart's content, sticking and re-sticking them wherever you want without causing any damage to your walls 😊

5) Your consultant can also put your order together for you, once you’re 100% sure of all of your decisions. No need to scurry around the website looking for the right colours! Once you've checked out, your paints will be winging their way to via next day delivery. Happy decorating! 😎

Aaron, simple question, who the devil are you!?

I've worked in choreography and set design as well as in colour consultancy, so I like to look at a home in terms of performance and work out how to make it perform at its best. I was a colour consultant for <insert paint brand name 😉for several years where I learnt a lot about colour combinations – particularly in period properties – and I've also worked as a decorating consultant for luxury interiors brand House of Hackney.

My personal aesthetic is on the maximalist side, but what I love about collaborating with COAT customers is that it's all about what works for you, not me! I really want to get to know you and help create a look for your home that you will love for many years to come.

Need some colour advice ? Grab some time with one of our colour consultants to help nail your vibe 🤘  Simply book a colour consultation to get bespoke suggestions, a personalised inspiration gallery and complimentary paint swatches. 



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