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How to Paint Without Making A Mess

Decorating related mess, it’s the pits. If you’re a bit of clutz, paint can get everywhere, takes time to clean up and is 100% proven to result in bad moods. Avoid it - read on...

Secure Space

The easiest way to paint a room without making a mess? Give yourself plenty of time to prep. Statistically speaking, painting is literally one of the messiest jobs in the DIY world. But it doesn’t always have to end in tears. With a little pre-planning, you’ll cut down on mess. No matter how clumsy you are. You’ll also save a fortune on labour. Let’s face it, who wants to shell out? Not you when you’ve got a private tutor like us. Follow these steps to painting a room, and you’ll be top of the class. As far as stress-free painting goes. We’re gonna give you some valuable tips you can keep forevs. See, we’re generous like that at COAT.

First up, we’re gonna secure the room.

Make sure you have plenty of space between the wall and the nearest furniture. Painting in a cramped room is when stuff gets knocked over or damaged. Disaster town. If you’re sanding or cleaning up 

Cover Stuff Up

Next, we’re gonna cover stuff up, so it doesn’t get screwed. This is how to prep a room for painting like a pro. If you manage to get more paint on the sofa than walls, you’re doing it wrong. Stuff like this will need protection from any messy disasters.

    • Furniture. Stack it and then cover with old sheets. Secure with masking tape.
    • Carpet or floors. Keep them pristine by covering with more old sheets or breakdown some used boxes. Make the most of unwanted bedding and recycle where you can.
    • Light switches and thermostat. Unscrew the plate and cover with decorating tape, you can tape up any picture hooks too.
    • In fact, while we’re at it, remove wall hangings. And anything else that might get in the way of painting.
    • How to tape a room for painting you ask? Well, choose a decent one for starters. At COAT, our decorator’s tape is the one for the job. We designed it so you can get the best clean lines no matter the surface you’re painting, i.e. skirting boards, windows and doors. With our decorating tape, no paint will seep either. Just run something sharp along it once the tape is in position, so the edge is pushed down. This will stop the paint from getting behind it. Always remove the tape when the paint is still slightly wet to avoid peeling.
    • You. Jewellery and watches off please. Put on your best decorating gear and tie back long hair. COAT paint is formulated to minimise the spatter (flying paint spots) to keep you and the room as clean as possible.

Floor and Skirting Boards Being Covered

Opening Paint and Decanting

When it comes to painting a room, your project starts well before that very first stroke on the wall. First, you have to decide on a colour, then clear the room out. Bla bla, we’ve been through it. You know. Our point is one of the reasons why people hate painting so much is the setup and prep. Which includes opening that tin of paint. Yes really. There’s actually more to it than you think. You don’t want it glooping all over. The best way to paint a room actually starts right here.

As this step can be very easily done wrong. What a nightmare. We’ve got some tips for opening that tin just right. It’ll also help you to keep the lids seal intact so you can use it again. Here’s how to open and decant paint.

Pop your tin on your decorating sheet or an old bit of cardboard. Use a paint tin opener or screwdriver to lift the lid carefully to avoid paint shifting around the rim. Lid to one side, now have your brush or roller handy. Give the paint a good stir then use the brush or roller to take the paint off the stir stick. If you’re decanting into a roller tray, hold the pot above the tray and tip in, again using the brush or roller head to clear up any drips. You can always use a damp cloth or kitchen roll to clean the paint lid rim before you put the lid back on.

Paint on Tray

Paint Drips and Spills 

It happens, a scattering on the skirting board or a drop creeps on to the carpet. The key is to have a damp rag to hand and clean up as you go. COAT paint is water-based so you’ll find it wipes away really easily if you clean it straight away. 

A super common project, most DIY’ers think they know how to paint a room, and that’s it. Actually, they don’t realise the right technique can lead to better results. And hopefully, avoid drips and spills along the way. These tips for painting a room will save your carpets and stuff. Whether you’ve painted ten rooms or hardly any at all. Remember, there’s no need to rush. This is not a darn race. A bit of patience will get you everywhere when it comes to this job.

  • Properly set up your workstation. Yes, this all goes back to the prep. You’ll be surprised how often paint tins can get knocked, resulting in spills. An absolute mare if you live in rented. Prevent this by keeping them clearly in site, on a drop cloth. And don’t let them go anywhere else.
  • Not all painting disasters come from kicking over a tin. It can happen if you slap that paint on too thick. We’re all guilty. Not only will it get all over the floor, but up the handle as well, on your hands and then your clothes. This is usually a bad case of rushing. Trust us. Not worth it. Instead, apply the paint in nice, thin layers and work in small sections. This’ll stop paint from getting flung about and hitting everywhere apart from the wall. Only apply as much as you need, and it’ll work out. Oh, and you won’t waste your paint either.
  • Another tip is to use a high-quality roller or brush. You won’t regret it. And it’ll make it easier to get a great finish. Whether you’re painting walls, ceilings or doors, the paint will be even, and you’ll prevent any excess from splashing around. Our eco paintbrushes and paint rollers are made to last and handle any surface. They’re also made from recycled materials, the bit we love most. Stick these in your basket for a cleaner finish.
  • Oh, just one more thing. Pressure matters. Apply too much, and the paint will want to squelch and drip. A light touch is the key to keeping things mess-free. Stirring the paint regularly will also help to keep things nice and consistent.

If you follow these tips and take your time, you’ll be decorating mess free like a champ.

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Mess-free painting sequence

What’s the fastest way to paint a room? Follow this chain of events. i.e. never paint the walls before you tackle the ceiling.

The best procedure is to start from the top of the room and work your way down. Finer details like skirting should always be saved til the end.

  • Starting with the ceiling, cut in with control. Once the edges are done, you can start using your roller. This way, you won’t get the paint on any freshly done walls. Now that would be daft. Now you know how to paint a ceiling without making a mess.
  • Next, you’re gonna progress to the walls. Again cutting in and working up to the masking tape at the top. Like with the ceiling, keep your roller strokes light. Don’t overload it with paint. Zig-zag motions also work best.  Do one wall one COAT at a time. 2 is the goal to give a slick, clean finish. If needed, you can also lightly roll down the wall to mop up excess, which will smooth out any annoying drips.
  • Once you’ve given the walls and ceiling two coats (in the right order), it's time to mask up the skirting boards, windows and doors. As before, work from top to bottom and apply the paint in smooth strokes. You might need to use a Stanley knife to score the masking tape before peeling it off.

Last but not least; it’s time to tidy. But hopefully, if you’ve followed these steps, it should be pretty simple. First, start to peel off your tape and fasten any switch backplates back on. Throw dust sheets in the wash and put your equipment away. Once this is done, grab a hot brew and admire the handiwork you’ve done. This was all without making a mess. Aren’t you clever? Bossed it like a true paint pro. Looking for on-trend paint shades? Get your hands on flat matt. You don’t want to waste a drop of this.




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