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Eco-Friendly Paint. What It Really Means.

Eco. Green. Sustainable. Responsible. They’re all words that get thrown around a fair bit by companies in marketing. But what does it actually mean to be a responsible paint company in today’s world? 

Eco-Friendly Paint Sustainable

Being an eco-friendly paint company means going beyond the minimum.

When building COAT we’re very clear about going beyond “the norm” and beyond the accepted minimum for the paint industry (which is frankly, pretty poor). Being conscious of every business decision we made in the context of our wider environment is a no-brainer for us.

Here are just a few ways we think the paint industry can change for the better when it comes to it's environmental impact, and how supporting a responsible business like COAT can drive these actions forward:

1. Make Cleaner Products.

Paint is a chemical-based product, there’s no getting around that. Chemicals are used to create a stable paint product that actually works. Minimising VOC’s (toxins, basically) and the use of plastic components is one way paint companies can act positively.

All COAT paint is water-based and low VOC. No exceptions. COAT partners with B-Corp Certified company “Eco Union” for our painting supplies too. These guys are the only certified provider in the space, and their entirely recyclable range cleverly uses waste materials and sustainably sourced bamboo to create high-end products without the nasty plastics. No compromise.

Eco-Friendly Green Paint

All COAT paint is water-based, and accessories are sustainably made from recycled materials.

2. Reduce Unnecessary Transport.

Most paint is sold via large DIY chains and retail outlets in the UK. That means shipping paint in huge quantities by plane, train, and lorry to multiple locations across the country. Then, each one of us jumps in our car to visit said DIY store multiple times to buy tester pots, paint, and supplies.

Thinking more about online and direct sales is another way paint companies can act in a climate-positive way. COAT sells like this, shipping paint directly to people via our online store. It’s made in the UK too. Not only does that mean less cost to customers and better value overall, but it means less lorries and less cars on the road too. Win - Win.

Eco-Friendly Paint Delivered

COAT paint is UK-made and is shipped direct to you.

3. Use Less Plastic.

Paint usually comes in plastic or aluminium pots. It might have a plastic shrink-wrap too, which is awful stuff. Paint tester pots are the same, and the vast majority of painting supplies like brushes and trays are designed to be single-use and made of plastic.

Trying to reduce packaging and plastics is a must for every industry. The amount of single use plastic in consumer products is gross. Paint tester pots for example - COAT don’t make them. Our Peel & Stick Swatches are glue-less, recyclable, and 100% useful - with 95% less waste overall than a normal tester pot.

Our tins are infinitely recyclable aluminium too. Outer cardboard boxes, inner molds, and packaging tape are all recycled or recyclable cardboard. Even our paint bags that secure the paint for transport are organic cotton. Plastic packaging is cheaper, but never cool.

Eco-Friendly Green Paint Swatches

Peel & Stick swatches use 95% less plastic and paint than tester pots.

4. Offset Unavoidable Carbon Emissions.

Existing as a business in any form means having a carbon footprint. But there are plenty of proactive ways for this impact to be reduced like some described above. Where it’s unavoidable though, companies need to take responsibility.

Since the start COAT has chosen to own any unavoidable carbon impact, and offset our emissions to become Carbon Neutral. Since then, we've gone the extra mile to become Carbon Positive - meaning we contribute far more to the planet than we take (double, to be precise). By contributing financially to climate-positive carbon offsetting programmes with our partners at Carbon Jacked, we’re acknowledging an unavoidable impact and making moves to even the score. We're determined to go further too - beyond sustainability, by becoming a Carbon Positive and regenerative business, that gives back to the world more than it takes.

 Eco-Friendly Green Paint Sustainable

COAT is a Carbon Positive company.

COAT is the only Carbon Positive paint company in the UK, but we know we're not perfect. There will always be parts of our business where we can, and will, do more. But the consciousness and intent is there from the start and we want COAT to be an advocate for climate-positive action in the paint industry from now. Supporting COAT means supporting a new normal and helping us driving those ambitions too. So cheers to that - Love from us, and The Planet.

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