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Best Wall And Sofa Colour Combinations With Rose & Grey

What comes first? The sofa or the paint colour you’re going to pair it with? Ok it’s not exactly a chicken or the egg question, but it can cause just as much of a debate! Either way, whether you’re looking for the perfect sofa to go with your living room walls or need a paint colour to pair with your much loved piece of furniture, nothing adds personality to your space quite like a considered colour scheme. 

It is often thought that the rest of your living room is designed around your sofa, so deciding on your wall colour requires a lot of time and attention if you’re starting a project from scratch. Whilst you won’t regularly update your sofa, the brilliance of paint is that it’s a quick, easy and affordable way to transform your space. 

We spoke to stylist and creative manager, Emma Lavelle from furniture and interiors brand Rose & Grey who couldn’t agree more, “A sofa is an investment piece that will stand the test of time, so choose a fabric colour that you really love and that won’t date. Over the years, you can play around and have fun with the colour of your walls if you want to change the look of the room.” 

So with the help of Rose & Grey, we’ve come up with some inspiring sofa and paint colour schemes to take the stress out of the decision making process for you.

Tonal Greens

Greens with Grey undertones like The Trail provides the perfect backdrop to this Jethro green velvet sofa. 

Take inspiration from boutique hotel interiors by pairing rich toned fabrics like emerald greens with lighter toned walls and fun alternatives to your standard white paint. Using green combos adds a touch of elegance and indulgence whilst also looking timeless. The two-tone greens help create an uplifting and calming space, grounding and connecting your home with nature. Colours like The Trail and Yard Party pair well with deeper green velvets, natural cotton linens, boucle and pretty much every wood type. 

If you’re not quite ready to commit to a green wall then opt for a white with a green undertone like Pampas or Kind Regards to create a similar softness and relaxed feel. 

Black & Dusty blues


Dusty Blue Mr. Clifton paired with Rose & Grey’s Hugo Chesterfield Sofa in Velvet Charcoal.

There’s nothing more striking than a charcoal grey sofa, so you want to focus on creating a tranquil and balanced space with your walls and accessories so that your eye isn’t overwhelmed. Although a dark sofa is very versatile, it can sometimes be a little challenging to think of a colour combo that’s not white, black or grey. Sticking to dusty pastel colours like Mr Clifton or Percy helps create an airy space and allows your eye to wander to other parts of your room. These tones help bring colour into the space without looking too bright whilst also adding warmth to your living room and balancing colours of the dark fabric and painted walls. 

Neutral on Neutral 


Don’t be fooled into thinking neutrals are the boring choice, pair Cargo with a neutral linen like this Penny Sofa for the comfiest living room duo. 

If you’re not one for bold colours, no judgment here! The Japandi trend has been around for years and is the go-to choice when it comes to living room decor. Neutral paint colours set the scene for harmony and tranquility in a space that we use to wind down in. Layer different but tonal schemes of beige, biscuit and stone hues for a muted finish. Try pairing a neutral wall with heavy linens, wool throws and natural woods to introduce various textures and create a cosy, relaxing space. 

Plaster and Rust

A pretty pastel wall like Factor Fifty matches perfectly with a rich red/rust velvet sofa like Betsey

“If your room is small or you’re aiming for more of a classic look, we recommend focusing on just one bold colour – either pairing a colourful sofa with a neutral wall or placing a grey or cream sofa by a brightly hued wall. For a more contemporary style, or if you have more space to play with, try combining two tonal colours such as pink and red for a bolder look” says Emma from Rose & Grey. 

One of the main reasons people opt for a pink and red living room is because of the heat both colours provide, and in colder areas they are perfect for creating cosy living room spaces. Use plaster pinks like Factory Fifty with deep red velvets and pair with white accessories and a variety of wood colours to create an airy and grounding space.

Want more inspiration? Head to our blog about our favourite colour combos and visit Rose & Grey to check out their large selection of fabrics and sofas, all made to order. 



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