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Jungle Choose COAT For Latest Project

Everyone deserves to know who they’re buying from. B Corp is comprehensive independent certification, for companies with the highest levels of environmental and social responsibility. COAT is Carbon Negative, too.

So when working with Trade Contractors, it's pretty special to work with partners with aligned values. 

This Is Jungle are fit-out experts that know what it takes to craft exceptional quality spaces for brands that move people and the world forward. In our eyes, they're leading the way for more sustainably minded construction, and frankly we're here for it.

We've got a number of projects under our belt together. The latest was for London's first carbon-negative coffee company, Kiss The Hippo. Their mission revolves around roasting organic, planet-friendly coffee at our cutting-edge London roastery, distributing carefully crafted brews to coffee enthusiasts across the UK and beyond.

Since their establishment in 2018, Kiss The Hippo's roastery has stood at the forefront of sustainable innovation. Fitzrovia Corner marks the 5th café, on the croassroads of Mortimer and Berners Street.

"This exciting venture signifies our second footprint in Fitzrovia and has been made possible through a collaborative partnership with This Is Jungle, our trusted contractor, complemented by the creative touch of COAT Paints. We extend a warm invitation to join us on this coffee adventure, where every sip embodies our commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation, creating the ultimate coffee experience."

So don't miss it - check out the new store and take a look at their Instagram now.

We also heard from This Is Jungle on the project. “As a fellow B Corp and world’s most conscious and progressive paint manufacturer, COAT is a key supplier in Jungle’s pursuit of making fit-out more sustainable. Not only are its products of the highest quality, it has built a service that supports the needs of us contractors and our clients i.e. same-day deliveries and colour-matching services are just two investments COAT have made that acknowledge the practical needs of fit-out contractors.” 

From Product to Build to Retailer, this is a project we can really get behind.



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