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Colour Match with Jolie Studio

Who are Jolie Studio?

Jolie Studio is a commercial interior design studio based in Manchester and London, whose approach to interior design combines materials, colours, fragrances and sounds to imagine each interior and create immersive, multi-sensory experiences.

Their research focuses on human behaviour related to sensory experience. Collaborating with neuroscientists in each field of the senses, the Jolie team carefully source and combine materials and fragrances to imagine each interior.

We sat down with Jolie Studio Founder, Franky Rousell, in their freshly finished Manchester Studio to discover the story behind the design.

The Extended Palette

For Jolie's Studio renovation, they wanted to refresh their existing space, and with the industry having come along such a long way, they looked to COAT as the perfect paint partner.

As a member of The COAT Collective, Jolie Studio has access to the extended palette, so the Jolie team set to work on choosing the perfect colours that would evoke the feeling they were trying to create.

"As you first walk through the door, you're greeted with this buttery Yellow tone from the trade palette," says Franky. "We wanted people to feel really uplifted and positive as they walked into the space, but didn't want it to be too overwhelming, so this comforting muted yellow worked perfectly." 

"Then you're met with this joinery piece which we've painted in Olive Green. Greens are all about growth and making people feel creatively inspired, but they're also very harmonious as the colour of nature, and they have that same impact on you in the office as they would when you are outdoors in nature."

In the meeting room, Jolie chose this light blue from the extended palette. "Working with the room itself and the level of natural light coming in was a challenge. A blue was the perfect choice for the meeting room as they are associated with clarity and focus so we wanted to create a blue that wasn't going to get too washed out in the natural light." We think they nailed it.

In the office space, Jolie wanted to create a sense of warmth whilst still feeling light, fresh and inspiring. It was important to choose a colour that was not too overpowering in the space where they specify their projects, but they were keen to keep some warmth by opting for a shade with warm undertones.

Get The Look

Each colour Jolie has chosen carries its own tangible benefits for any workspace or home office by creating clarity, growth, energy or balance.

If you'd like to recreate this look, the Jolie colours can be ordered through our Colour Match service, using these references.

  • JOLIE 8486-1 (Blue)

  • JOLIE 8149-1 (Yellow Beige)

  • JOLIE 9037-1 (Lighter Neutral) 

  • JOLIE 8727-5 (Green)



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