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Your Favourite New Neutrals & How To Pair Them

You may well have seen some of our new colours by now, but they each have their own personality, and have been made to fit into our current palette seamlessly. Often, when we launch new colours we get asked how to use them, so we’re demystifying that process and making it easy for you to make cohesive schemes in 2023 and beyond with this helpful hints and tips from our Colour Lead, Aaron. 


The superhero colour of our palette update for 2023 is a little Modest. This taupe off-white is designed to pair with some of COAT’s most popular colours like Mindful, Good Intentions and Sunday Soul. This colour is sure to be a firm favourite too. Use as a ceiling and woodwork colour with Mindful or Sunday Soul for a warm and inviting scheme. For those looking for a warm white on walls, Modest is a great option. Pair with Good Intentions woodwork, for a relaxed scheme that feels bright and airy. Modest will work in rooms of any facing due to its warming undertones, making it one of our most versatile off-whites. 

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Just, Barely

This antique looking off-white has a subtle greyness to it and just a touch of warmth. Just, Barely is likely the most versatile colour in our palette, as it will feel delicate in almost any lighting condition, without feeling stark.  Designed to work with our warm greys like Sweatpants and Margot, this colour feels are though it’s Just, Barely there. Use as a wall colour with Margot woodwork for the ultimate Scandi scheme. If you’re looking to use some bolder colours, like Adulting or The Drink then Just, Barely is an excellent colour to use for ceilings and woodworks, as it is soft and will provide a less jarring contrast than a brilliant white.


Grey just got an upgrade. This clean, cool grey is the perfect colour for very modern schemes. Make the most out of its bright and airy nature but using Algorithm on walls and ceilings and adding a contrast woodwork colour with Hooley or The Coal Drop. Algorithm also works fantastically as an off-white with some of our darker colours like The Drink. For large south facing rooms that get a lot of warm light, try COATing the ceiling and upper wall in On Mute, the rest of the walls in On Mute and add an accent of Below Deck on a piece of furniture. 

Fancy yourself a grey shade? Check out our Light Grey Pack for the full selection. 

100% Maybe

This unusual white feels warm and slightly grey. When paired with a clean white, 100% Maybe shows its true colour- a very slightly green white. A great choice for East facing rooms that you use in the morning, or West facing rooms that you use in the evening. To make this your 100% Maybe neutral, pair with Screenshot on woodwork and ceilings. This off-white is super versatile, and is the perfect partner to pair with every green on our palette so the possibilities of how to use it are endless. We’d suggest ceilings and walls in 100% Maybe, The Trail walls and Darlington on a piece of up-cycled furniture. 

Hello Vera

This traditional light green works fantastically in rooms of any facing. This is due to its yellowish undertone that keeps Hello Vera uniquely balanced between warmth and freshness. Works as a pale light green when paired with ceilings and woodwork in 100% Maybe, for a super relaxed, Japandi scheme with a vintage feel. For a more modern approach, use as a ceiling colour when paired with more saturated yellow greens, like Pan or Nomad. This will help to keep some brightness in the room, without creating eye-watering contrast lines with a brilliant white. 

Looking to pair with the perfect green? Order your Green Pack to make the choice easier. 


Google search Axolotl and you’ll instantly know how this colour got its name. We’ll stay right here… Now that you’re back from your hour long axolotl detour, hopefully you’re encouraged to look at pinks. This sophisticated pink is our palest pink, with a delicate greyness to it. The ideal off-white for use with our darker pinks like Ciao, Sofia or Mrs Bouquet but makes for a stunning contrast against royal blue, 2AM. If you’re looking for a bright, warming neutral then consider Axolotl, but pair with Algorithm woodwork.  Pairing with a cold, pale grey will warm up the Axolotl and make it feel more inviting. 

Need more help with how to pair our 2023 shades? Why not book a colour consultation for extra styling tips. 




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