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Top Two Colour Combinations For Bedroom Walls 2022

Decorating your bedroom is a really personal thing. Each person gravitates towards certain colour palettes that they enjoy. Often the key to good bedroom design is creating a sense of serenity and not making the room feel too complicated. Combining two colours on the walls of your bedroom provides contrast and means that you don’t have to narrow down your colour choice to just one option! 

Decorating is all about making your house feel comfortable and like you, pick a two colour combination for bedroom walls that compliment one another, that will transform your bedroom into your very own relaxing retreat. 

How to choose two colour combinations for bedroom walls

There are lots of ways to curate your colour combination for bedroom perfection. The same, lighter colour on the upper half of the walls and ceiling, will make the room feel taller, and brighter. This is successful because then there isn’t a line of contract where the wall and ceiling meet. 

Accent walls help to create a focal point that can make a room feel larger and more spacious. Use panelling across the whole wall behind the bed, and paint in a bold tone to show off your personality. Combine with a complimentary neutral and you’ll have a relaxed scheme when you’re in bed that is impactful when you walk into the room. Colour blocking with an arch around a vanity table or mirror is the perfect way to zone your bedroom in a way that is customised to your taste and adds a very personal touch. 

Remember to add texture to your bedroom schemes. Wooden flooring with rugs, brass lamps, vegan leathers and faux furs add appeal and tactility to more neutral colour combinations. Stone accessories like coasters on wooden bedside tables are also great options for this. Textured cushions make great companions for colder colour schemes too. 

We’re going to give you the lowdown on some of the best two colour combinations for bedroom perfection:

The best bedroom wall colour combinations 2022

Duck egg teal and white

A duck egg teal and pure white colour scheme is ideal for anyone who wants to create calm and relaxing bedroom colour schemes that aren’t too plain.  Hamilton is a light duty teal that can be dressed up or down. Brass accents and bouclé fabrics  work particularly well in these bedroom colour schemes, adding warmth and finesse to this classic combination. 

Hamilton and Low Salt creating a dynamic and beautiful children's bedroom. Credits: @fleurandgrey

Hamilton also works well with Low Salt, a white with a subtle black pigment. Perfect for a child’s bedroom, especially when the contrast is softened with a delicately arching border like @fleur&grey have done so fantastically above. 

Feeling inspired? Grab a sample and get playing with colour 👀

Navy blue and pure white

Probably the most familiar colour combination in recent years is the most simple two colour combination for bedroom walls in Navy Blue and a pure white. This classic combo works well in bedrooms as blue is typically associated with tranquillity, which is much needed for a restful night’s sleep. 

The Establishment adding a splash of colour in @raisingtheregans children's bedrooms.

The Establishment would make for a striking focal point behind the bed, or you could do the bottom half of the room in this deep, greyed blue and paint the rest of the room in Pure White, Screenshot. A key tip for this is to paint the skirting, dado rail (if you opt to put one in) and the bottom half of the door and architrave all in The Establishment too. Which will give you a really cohesive and simple two colour combination for bedroom walls. 

Dusky pink and pale grey

Dusty pinks paired with pale greys like Sweatpants are a simple and elegant partnership that can easily be incorporated into your furnishings, which will help to pull the whole room together. Grey can sometimes look a bit drab on its own, so combining it with a soft pink like Granny Chic, is an easy way to add some pale pastel perfection. 

Soft, dusky pink. That's our Granny Chic. Credits: @upstyleyourhome

Feeling inspired? Grab a sample and find your perfect shade 👀

This pink two colour combination for bedroom walls will work best with very clear wall graphics or colour blocking. Softly define areas around mirrors, play areas or desk spaces with curved shapes in pink. This will make the colour contrast subtler and add an element of personality. Finish by adding fairy lights and a patterned velvet canopy over the bed for a whimsical look. 

Sweatpants, our stoney grey being used in @whistleknot's bedroom.

Terracotta and stone grey

Do you want to feel like you’re on holiday every time you walk into your bedroom? Pairing earthy Terracotta with a stony greige will give your bedroom a lovely Mediterranean feel, reminding you of holidays and sunshine every time you set foot into the room. This combination is also ideal for Mid-Century inspired designs, and pairs wonderfully with woods that have a red undertone, like Teak.

@missbethany_b using Baked to add definition to a plain wall. Yes please! 

Baked has rich, warm and earthy vibes which are echoed in stony neutral, Ambrose. This grey two colour combination for bedroom walls will look  calm, especially when paired with natural materials such as wood, cotton and linen. For an extra touch, add plenty of houseplants which will keep the air clean and can help reduce stress levels. 

Need help finding that perfect shade? Have a chat with our colour consultant and get that vibe nailed 🤩

Ambrose, one from our Heal's collab looking right at home at @ourcornerofsuffolk.

Dark reddish purple and warm off-white 

Dark reddish purple and warm off-white have been a trending two colour combinations for bedroom walls. Combined these tones create a dreamlike atmosphere that is beautifully  restful. Red purples aren’t the easiest colours to choose though, so opt for deep, dusky pinks like Festival Eve. Fresher, warm whites like Pampas are a great pairing for this, as its green undertone creates a vibrant contrast that feels naturally energetic in the morning, but inviting in the evening. Consider painting the ceiling in Festival Eve  and the four walls warm off-white. This way you’ll be looking up into sumptuous colour as you drift off… sweet dreams! 

Dusky pink, Festival Eve in @planetlucygram living room.

Brownish grey and sage

Brownish grey and sage is a dreamy bedroom wall colour combination for 2022. When combined with an almond like taupe, green is a calming colour that is ideal for a pleasant bedroom. This bedroom wall colour combination blends nicely to generate an uber-soothing vibe. 

Sunday Soul pride of place in @life_of_isatu bedroom.

Park Life is has become COAT’s most popular Sage Green because of its an easy to live with, nature-inspired hue. Combined with an earthy taupe, like Sunday Soul, they great a down to earth pairing that feels lush and serene. 

Need help finding that perfect shade? Have a chat with our colour consultant and get that vibe nailed 🤩

Charcoal and warm orange 

Darker colours can be perfect in creating a snug environment for some shut-eye. Deep, lead greys like The Coal Drop when used on walls and ceilings are a perfect way to embrace the darkness, and encourage a good night’s sleep. Its green undertone promotes a sense of serenity, even in these darker spaces. Charcoal tones are also great for upholstery and curtains, as they add to the cocooning aesthetic.

Adding an orange in your accessories such as cushions, or even the edges of pillow cases adds a burst of warmth that sits opposite some of these more charcoal-like colours on the colour spectrum. Orange flecked carpeting, or graphic wall art that incorporate coral and orange tones are also perfect for this particular look.

If all else fails, paint the walls in our Archive colour: My Island, a saturated tropical orange. 

All the colours here, My Island creating the perfect backdrop. Credit: @atnumbersixtyeight

Grubby dark yellow and Grey

Grey and darker yellows are a classic wall colour combination. Yellow provides an inviting and exciting pop of colour to schemes that are usually a little drab. Combine cooler, deep greys like Hooley on the walls, and match with a ceiling or panelling in a warm, golden hue like House Points

Grey remains so popular because it’s easy to pair with other colours, and yellow is no different. This particular aesthetic can often mean that you don’t have to change most of your room, as it may already be grey, and makes this wall colour combination achievable with minimal effort.

Hooley, your fave charcoaly grey.

For the perfect balance in your, paint one wall, or the ceiling  in your bedroom grubby dark yellow and the remaining walls in grey, but add lots of accessories such as cushions, throws and window dressings that all have a mustard or golden hue in their design.

Very dark blue and pale greyish blue

Tonal schemes are some of the easiest schemes to put together. A tonal scheme is where the colours you choose all come from the same colour family. Blue two colour combination for bedroom walls are a design classic, and are perfect for creating a sense of light with some added depth. Blue being a fairly cool colour usually needs some warmth injected when you’re doing styling, so remember that antiqued brass and mahogany furniture will be your best friends in rooms that have a blue colour palette. 

Below Deck and Lie in, a match made in heaven. Credits: @laffsgaff

Lie- In is a pale grey blue that is really popular because it is familiar and easy to use. Combine with panelling behind the bed in 2AM (a deep royal blue with purple undertones). Finish this look with some antique mahogany side tables to compliment the warmer undertone of your new panelling. Bring in some brass surrounded mirrors and light fittings and cushions in warmer tones for a plush, calming bedroom. A blue two colour combination for bedroom walls that you can wax lyrical about… until you’re blue in the face (sorry, we had to).

Feeling inspired? Grab a sample and discover the shade for you ✌🏼

2am, our midnight inky blue.

Clean grey-green and dusky pale pink

If you like pastel tones, then this is the combination for you. Think matching pistachio and strawberry ice cream shades that work together in harmony. Detox is a clean green that is bright and airy in all lights. When paired with dusky pale pink, Granny Chic, this palette turns softer and more ethereal with an underlying warmth. 

Ciao, Sofia and Granny Chic creating a pink haven at @upstyleyourhome.

Try painting your woodwork and ceiling in Granny Chic with Detox walls, for soft contrast. For nurseries, combine these colours in soft wall graphics on a warm white background colour. These colours also pair fantastically with grey, yellow and lilac, making accessorising this scheme really easy, even if you like to do so often! 

If you’re stuck on how to pair colours, try our sample packs - they’re curated palettes that we know work well together! ✌🏼




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