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Introducing Safe Play by Topology Interiors' Athina Bluff

Know you need a fresh paint job but don’t know where to start? Looking for THAT inexplicable yet perfect new backdrop to your life? Well, we’ve got you with our new paint drop from Topology Interiors.

We figure that sometimes there’s nothing wrong with playing it safe - especially if it results in the perfect room you’ve been dying to sink back and relax into.

The latest addition to our No. 31 series, Safe Play is now available.

Different in every light so more interesting and versatile than you might expect - Safe Play’s light putty stone colour with warming undertones will sit as a strong backdrop to any interior style.

Ready for some Safe Play? Grab a Swatch

We’re big fans of Topology Interiors and their Founder Athina Bluff. Topology started to tackle the same problem as COAT – to make decorating accessible and simple for people again. Athina and her team take away the overwhelm from interior design (ever gone down the Wayfair rabbit hole…….if you know, you know) and make sure all us regular folk can experience the joy of a design service and beautiful products without the customary spenny price tag.

Using her traditional and perfectly styled South London flat as the blank canvas to create Safe Play, Athina’s inspiration was to find a colour for herself and her clients that will literally go with anything.

“This colour, I guarantee you, will go in any setting. Whether you have a new build or a traditional home. It sits amongst anything you’ve got already and is a really nice foundation.”

Heard enough? Grab a swatch.

Let’s talk about light (again).

Yep, we get it, we keep banging on about how light changes everything. But don’t stress - this is a good thing once you know how to factor it into your paint choice. 

Safe Play’s first home is Athina’s bedroom. At the back of the flat and lacking natural light Safe Play looks cool and almost white, with its greyer undertones coming through.

Paired with strong, warming colours like Dark Olive Green ‘Nomad’ - and a lot of tactile textures through the upholstered Mint headboard, plush rug and rich furniture - Safe Play’s cleanliness here definitely creates a calming sanctuary to retreat into.

Proving her theory that it can go anywhere, Safe Play follows through into Athina’s Living Room but with totally different vibes. Walking in felt like a big cosy hug as the colour takes on a completely different character in the west facing room filled with light from the bay window. 


Taking on a more milky, taupe style of beige with the putty and cream undertones warming the room, here it’s the only paint colour in the room and as Athina intended, it sits there reliably in the background - just doing its thing as the perfect backdrop against the collected styling. 

“Inspiration is in so many places that it can be really overwhelming to pin down your choices. So the whole reason we wanted to create a paint with COAT was to help people find a colour that’s genuinely going to suit any space - the perfect neutral.”

Need to figure out your light situ? Good job our Peel and Stick Swatches move around with no mess and no fuss 😉. Play with one.

The New Neutral

The COAT community are big fans of a neutral - literally can’t get enough of them. So we don’t need to talk about the obvious timelessness and versatility of neutral shades.

Shop COAT's Neutral Colours.

But for anyone out there who still puts neutrals firmly in the magnolia category, let’s talk. 

Unlike the 90s landlord favourite, real neutrals are never going to go out of fashion and lack just enough ‘colour’ to create a calming space and the perfect backdrop for your other elements of the room to shine.

Why should you follow a safe play in a time when everyone’s chasing that right-now trend? Fear of FOMO? Don’t think twice.

“Neutrals can’t be considered a trend. Because so many different colours come in to play in interior design and the neutral will always be in that space in some form” says Athina.

We’ll be catching up with Athina again later this month to bring you a playbook on how to choose the right neutral. So be sure to check back in.

Ready for a Safe Play?

Easy, no stress, reliable and nuanced enough to be interesting. It’s potentially not the sexiest of qualities for the next Tinder date - but we’re pitching Safe Play for the best long term relationship potential.

Convinced? Us too. Get your Safe Play swatch now.


We think colours should come from people, with real stories to tell. Each month COAT launches a new colour on-top of our existing palette. Designed to perfectly suit a real person and their real home - it’s about launching beautiful colours that inspire. And we get to have even more fun with colour names, obvs. 

Soft Play by Athina Bluff of @topologyinteriors is an exclusive run launching October 2021, with swatches and paint available to order now at




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