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The Neutral Paint Colours of 2021

Neutral paint colours are timeless and super versatile. They can shine in their own right to create calming spaces, or provide the perfect backdrop for other elements of the room to shine - like furniture or artwork. But Neutral colours are complex characters with much more subtle nuances than bolder shades, and that can dramatically affect how they feel in your space.

2021 is taking the Japandi minimalist trend of last year, onwards. Warmer peachy Beiges, Greige (it's a thing, we'll explain) and shades of Taupe will continue to grow in popularity this year. So whilst most Neutral shades will sit quietly on your walls for years, if you're decorating this year here are some hot shades to ponder...


Somewhere between grey, green and beige - Greige paint is now a thing. And in 2021, it's set to take off. Quite varied in shade, as a colour Greige fills that elusive gap for those looking to a warm shade of pale green.

And Breathe Painted Room

As one of the newest shades in the COAT Paints range, 'And Breathe' is a warm and gentle Greige created by interior designer Katie Seidler of @hello_haus. Perfect for anyone looking for a warm natural green, it pairs well with natural woods and materials.

And Breathe Painted Room

'And Breathe' by @hello_haus

'Kind Regards' is an even more muted Greige shade. Erring more towards a grey beige, it's the perfect neutral for pairing with other colours - especially darker green shades.


Move over magnolia. Beige is a broad brushstroke (pun, sorry) when it comes to a shade, but this year is all about rich shades that have an earthiness without being yellow.

Duvet Day Painted Room

'Duvet Day' by @design_at_nineteen

We’d all love a Duvet Day, and this perfect beige shade by interior designer Justin from @design_at_nineteen channels that vibe perfectly. Creating a cozy cocoon with this one is effortless, and pairing with contrast black accessories like here make it feel really classy in a Japandi minimalist style.

Milk, No sugar Nursery

'Milk, No Sugar' used in a project by @lukearthurwells

Here's another beige, but much more peachy. 'Milk, No Sugar' is reminiscent of a milky brew (the best type, hands down) and brings that retro peach edge to a much loved shade. This beautiful rich beige works a dream in nurseries, and especially with traditional details like wood panelling. One to watch in 2021 as it channels the retro pastel comeback we're seeing too. 


Feels like a dirty word from the 90s - but Taupe is the perfect term for warm greyish brown shades. The natural progression from popular greys of the last few years, 2021 will see warm Taupe shades continue to grow in popularity. And it's easy to see why...

Sunday Soul Room

'Sunday Soul' by @theroomatthetop

Wish it could be Sunday every day? With this shade it sort of can be. Effortlessly warm and inviting it throws from being quite pale and subtle on sunny mornings, through to rich and warm on lamp-lit evenings. We really can't get enough of this versatile shade, and have yet to find anywhere it doesn't work!

Taupe Wall Emulsion Paint Sunday Soul

'Sunday Soul' by @live_by-george

'Good Intentions' is a paler version of Sunday Soul, which could be ideal as a more muted shade for north-facing or smaller rooms. In either case these warm Taupe shades are a sure fire timeless hit.

So there you have it - the neutral shades for 2021. Focussed on warmth and earthiness, when teamed with natural materials these shades are a dead cert for creating calming and classy spaces. Find your perfect COAT Neutral shade.



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