Four Tips For Using Bold Colours

Using bright or bold colours at home takes some guts, and it makes lots of people nervous. But leading with your heart when it comes to colour is the absolute best place to start. Think less about what ‘works’ in your mind, and start any room makeover with a wall colour that you love. Here are our four top-tips for making the most out of bright and bold colours:

TL;DR? Grab some Bold colour swatches instead.

Bright orange feature wall COAT paints

How about statement Oranges like My Island or COAT x UO Ridge Walk

1 . GO FLOOR TO CEILING. Smaller spaces can feel bigger with a bold and daring colour, especially when you include the ceiling too. By choosing a bold colour for your ceiling and walls, you can embrace the space with that one shade, and style to create contrast and an atmosphere of your choice. You can also utilise molding and trim which add volume to your ceiling. 

Bold Ceiling Colours COAT Paints

@zephs_house via insta, embracing the bold black all-over look

2 . TRY FEATURE WALLS. Feature walls are a great way to liven up a space in your home, providing the perfect opportunity to experiment with bold statement colours. They're no longer the preserve of the 90's, and can be a super quick and easy way to change a space with colour. Select an accent wall to define the space and pair with complementary colours to suit your chosen shade. White shades like Screenshot are great next to bright shades as they make the colour pop whilst adding a crisp contrast. 

Inspired? Grab Bold Colour Swatches.

Bold colour feature wall COAT paints

Feature walls aren't just for the 90's. They're a simple way to intro bold colours.

3 . PLAY WITH COLOUR BLOCKING. Experiment with colour blocking and pair two statement colours together to create deliberate drama and make a space feel energised. If you have a space with less architectural details, you could use masking tape to create focus shapes in areas of the room. Diagonals from a corner or scalloped edges are awesome.

Pink colour block feature wall by COAT paints

Try half-height walls with shapes like @meganrosemurray via Insta

Geometric colour blocking COAT paints

Full on geometric by @oliviasstyle, yellow Moritz, teal The Drink, orange My Island

4 . ALWAYS CHOOSE COLOURS FOR THEIR PURPOSE. Colours have psychological effects – it’s science. The overall colour and the shade chosen can make a big difference to how you feel in a space, especially when we're talking bold colours. Orange for example can make us feel playful and cheery, whilst an electric blue is going to be super stimulating and energising. Go steady with bold colours in the bedroom, especially if you struggle with sleep!

Bright pink bold feature wall COAT paints

Half-height walls can be a nice balancer for bold colours

Ready to give some colour a go? You know you want to. Start with some Peel & Stick colour swatches and get a feel for the bold colours in your space.

Go with your gut. You got this ✌🏽



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