How Much Paint Do I Need?

Ah, the age old question. 

If like us, you can't really be bothered with the maths - here's a rough table to help you estimate. Remember that with free fast delivery from COAT you can always grab some more if you need to.

Basic Estimate

COAT paint is self-priming, so the coverage is ridiculously good and there's no need to use primer or undercoat. That's a nice little time and money saver too.

A Standard 2.5L tin of COAT paint is good for 25m2 - and this guide is based on average room sizes:

Room Size 

How much paint?

Tiny Room

Enough for two COATs of a box room, tiled bathroom or feature wall.

  • 1 x Standard 2.5L tin of your colour
  • 1 x 1L tin Eggshell (for Woodwork & Metal)
  • 1 x extra Standard 2.5L tin for your ceiling

Small Room

For two COATs of a small sitting room or spare bedroom.

  • 2 x Standard 2.5L tins of your colour
  • 1 x 1L tin Eggshell (for Woodwork & Metal)
  • 1 x extra Standard 2.5L tin for your ceiling

Medium Room

For a master bedroom or dining room, with some to spare - enough for two COATs.

  • 3 x Standard 2.5L tins of your colour
  • 1 x 1L tin Eggshell (for Woodwork & Metal)
  • 1 x extra Standard 2.5L tin for your ceiling

Large Room

For two COATs of a large open-plan kitchen/dining space, or up-and-down hallway.

  • 4 x Standard 2.5L tins of your colour
  • 2 x 1L tin Eggshell (for Woodwork & Metal)
  • 2 x extra Standard 2.5L tin for your ceiling

 Don't forget your painting supplies too. We've neatly packaged up the best Eco-Supplies out there, that are not only totally sustainable but also make your decorating job an absolute breeze.

The 'bit more maths' method...

If you're keen on getting more precise, the below will guide you through the quick maths to work out how much paint you'll need:

1. Measure The Walls

Naturally this is the place to start - how big is your room? Multiply the length of your wall by the height to get your square metre requirements. Easy. 

2. Deduct Windows & Doors

You can knock off a little to account for your windows and doors. Measure them both (width x height) and take that off your overall square metre requirements.

3. How Many COATs?

We recommend two COATs for the best finish. Trust us, it's worth it. So multiply your square metre requirements by two. If you want a more detailed guide we've got you- read our handy little blog How Many Coats of Paint Do I Need?

4. How Many Tins?

A 2.5L COAT tin is good for 25 square metres. So literally divide your square metre requirement by two and voila = tins to order.

Remember that quite a few things can influence this calculation - like the condition of your walls, the harshness of the colour you are painting over, and how smooth and even your painting technique is! So don't agonise over being super accurate. This should be a good guide to help in the first instance - but if you get it wrong, it's quick and easy to order more.


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  • Michael James

    Simple and effective insights when it comes to how much paint is needed. Thanks!

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