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Why Our Paints Are THE Eco-Friendly Choice

Here at COAT, we're hell-bent on taking the headache out of choosing paint. Just take a look through our carefully-curated palette of gorgeous shades and take your pick. Whether you go for an on-trend yellow like Moritz or something dark and moody like the ever-dramatic David Rose 💃 the perfect colour is here waiting for you 🌈

But when it comes to choosing your paint company, does it matter whether the people behind the brand make sound ethical and environmental decisions? We think it does, which is why we thought we'd sum up our approach when it comes to creating eco-friendly paints with a conscience.


From day one at COAT, we were set on building a company based on solid ethical and environmental principles. We wanted to follow our gut instinct to do the right thing, the decent thing, in every aspect of our business. And for us that meant adopting sustainable practices, reducing waste, and treating both people and the planet with fairness and decency. 

In our view, making quality, highly-pigmented paint that goes on like a dream was a no-brainer. But we wanted to make everything else in the business the best it could be, too. Think of us as the kind of bloke who texts you after a night out to make sure you got home OK. One of the good guys. Not smug, not conceited, just decent 👍

"We’re not chaining ourselves to trees at the weekend or anything, we’re just actively making the right decisions for a better future - even if they’re the harder ones. People deserve to know who they’re buying from, to make conscious choices."

– Rob & Rob, Coat Founders


Reducing waste is a core part of our mission at COAT. The last thing we want is yet more pots of paint ending up in landfill. That's why all our eco-friendly paints can be sent back to us to be fully processed for recycling. Our recycled tins, handles, and any excess paint is all fully recyclable 🌱 

The way we pack up our green paints is also planet-friendly. The cardboard packaging we use is unbleached and 100% recyclable, and our paper packaging tape is 100% recyclable and vinyl-free. When it comes to despatching your paint, we reduce our carbon footprint by delivering your order direct to your home. Think less lorries on the road and fewer trips back and forth to the DIY store. 

Our game-changing Peel & Stick swatches are not only 100% colour accurate they are also fully recyclable (we're the only paint company who does this 😇) and help reduce waste as a greener alternative to tester pots. 


As well as producing sustainable paint, here at COAT we can also kit you out with sustainable decorating materials. Never decorated before? No problem. Simply order our Essential Supplies Kit along with your paint and you'll receive a bamboo roller, tray, brush and decorating tape. All made from recycled materials and sustainably-sourced bamboo. No nasty plastics! ❤️


We know you want to create a home that feels safe, warm and comfortable. The kind of place that feels like a big, welcoming hug 🤗 So when it comes to choosing low toxin paint, particularly for kids' rooms and nurseries, you've come to the right place. 

The entire COAT range is water-based, solvent-free and low VOC (that's toxins to you and me) so it's safe to use around little ones. And if your sloshed mate decides to lick the walls at the house warming party? No harm done. (Our paints are highly durable as well as non-toxic 😁)

 You can also rest assured that our low VOC paints are vegan friendly and 100% animal cruelty free 🐶


We're super proud to have made the move from being a carbon neutral business to becoming carbon positive. So what does this actually mean? Well, without getting too nerdy about it 🤓 it means we're now a regenerative business. So, instead of merely taking a sustainable approach, we're actually giving back more to the planet and to society than we take.

It's all about making a positive difference. Not just minimising our impact, but actually going above and beyond to bring about beneficial change 🙌

Talking of giving back, although our business helps people transform their homes, we know that for many people a home is an unattainable luxury. That's why we donate a proportion of our profits each year to Crisis UK – the national charity for homeless people. 

We want to create a cycle of home improvement that’s fairer to everyone. And although we know there's no simple answer to the UK's growing homeless problem, we think it's a step in the right direction. 

Find your perfect COAT shade

By choosing COAT paint you're helping to reduce waste, take vehicles off the road and prioritise sustainable materials. Now if that doesn't give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside then we don't know what will. 

Plus, when you buy paint from COAT you can be sure to receive high quality, carbon neutral paint that's safe for the whole family. Why not help us make the world a better place? One pot of paint at a time… 

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