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The trend for bringing the outside in

More of us than ever are enjoying the benefits of the great outdoors. Whether that's hopping on your bike, having a little trot around the block, or setting off on your daily walk (thanks, lockdown 🙄) spending time in nature can reduce stress levels and improve your mood ✨

When it comes to interiors, it's no wonder the trend for ‘bringing the outside in’ has become hugely popular. Bringing natural colours and materials into our homes connects us with nature and helps to create a soothing, restful space. Sounds good, right? 🍃

So how do you go about bringing a bit of that nature shizzle into your home? Here, we take a look at the trend for ‘bringing the outside in’ and explore some of the ways in which you can introduce it in your home.

TL;DR? Check out our beautiful collection of nature-inspired greens


The buzzword in interiors right now is Biophilic Design. Yes, it sounds a bit sciencey and that's because it is 🤓 Biophilia is all about our innate connection with the natural world and how this influences architecture and interior design. 

But while Biophilic Design is considered critical to our wellbeing, the concept represents more than simply bringing the outside in, according to interior designer Oliver Heath.

"Biophilic Design is about making and strengthening a connection with many aspects of nature," says Oliver. "It’s about reconnecting to nature and the outside world. You know you feel calmer if you are in a forest and you can see plants and feel the breeze and even have your toes in water. It’s about finding a way to bring those sensory elements into your home."

One way to introduce these 'sensory elements' is to select colours for your home with a strong connection to the natural world. The stronger the colour's link to nature, the more you will feel cocooned and comforted by your surroundings. Think of it as the calm feeling you get when you stand in a mossy glade or walk through a beautiful forest 🌳

The strong greens in our collection such as olive green Nomad, dark teal Adulting or our brand new grey green Darlington are the perfect way to bring a foresty feel to your living room 💚  And you can also look to other colours that would occur naturally in the garden such as the plum-like tones of Oh Boysenberry, the dusty rose of Ciao, Sofia or the geranium-hued My Island

A cheerful pop of geranium orange My Island from Instagram's @lukeylukey85


Add rustic charm by incorporating natural materials such as rattan, bamboo and jute. With their woven texture, rattan pieces make a strong visual statement while still allowing light to pass through. And an abundance of natural light is an essential part of the 'outside in' vibe ☀️

We're loving some of the rattan furniture on offer on the high street at the moment, including the Waska bed from La Redoute, the Buskbo chair from Ikea and the Desser Pretzel Rattan Side Table from John Lewis. 

The Brixton Home Boys on Insta have got this look nailed, combining rattan pieces with vintage items to create a relaxed but cohesive look. 

Another textural trend to 'bring the outside in' features pieces made from woolly materials such as bouclé or sheepskin. These fleece-like textures add texture and a wonderfully soft and cosy feel. Our current faves are the curvy Reisa sofa from Made and the gorgeously soft Sheepskin Chair from The White Company 🐑

You can combine these rustic textures with timber or stone floors and a neutral backdrop such as our beigey green And Breathe. Katie from Instagram's @hello_haus used this calming pale green to great effect in her home, pairing it with subtle greenery to create a really stylish, calming bedroom scheme. 


One of the simplest ways to 'bring the outside in' is to go shopping for some house plants. These can be real or faux, depending on how green-fingered you are 🌿 Either way, they bring instant colour and character to a room and can easily be moved around according to your needs. 


Big plants such as a dragon tree or monstera make a really impressive, instant impact. And if you're decorating a small room, you might want to think about displaying your plants in hanging macramé baskets so they don't take up any floor space. Texture + greenery scores serious points on the 'outside in' leader board! 🥇

Arranging plants in groups of three also works really well, as demonstrated here against a background of our gentle, off-white Low Salt.

And Well Grounded is also a winner alongside natural textures. Check it out here in this gorgeous room full of rustic textures and plant babies 🌱



Fruity motifs are big news in the interiors world at the moment. Think cute accessories featuring lemons and oranges which will bring a bit of much-needed Mediterranean sunshine into your home.

We're currently lusting over this charmingly kitsch lemon storage jar from Coffee & Cloth and this retro lemon tea towel from Oliver Bonas 🍋

You can offset those pops of colour with one of our trusty neutrals such as Pampas or Mindful. Or why not pair bold with bold by combining fruity accessories with our daring Pool House, a dramatic shot of Mediterranean turquoise?

You can also bring botanical elements into your scheme by tapping into the Bridgerton vibe with some floral curtains, or going for cushions or artwork with jungle-inspired patterns. Whatever you choose, that little glimpse of nature will ensure you feel super chilled out when you're hanging out at home.  

Get closer to nature with our range of glorious greens 





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