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Scandi Inspired Interiors and Times Designs by Katie Seidler

We caught up with Katie Seidler, an interior designer focusing on Scandi inspired, calming and timeless homes to chat about her projects and interior design style. 

You may remember that we created a limited edition paint colour in collaboration with Katie called And Breathe a few years ago....Well we loved it so much so that it became part of our core collection, so it's safe to say that we're definitely huge fans of her work. Grab a sample if you haven't already 😉

Katie set up her business Hello Haus because she noticed how confusing and overwhelming interior design can be, she wanted to simplify it and make it accessible to everyone.  

We've been working with Katie for years, but we wanted to find out more about her projects and her approach to interior design and working with clients. Let's find out what she said...

Where do you find inspiration for your home and client projects?

I take inspiration from travel mainly. Trips to Copenhagen have inspired the way I have chosen to design my own home, whether that’s from a hotel, coffee shop or design store. I think you can find inspiration everywhere though and places like Instagram and Pinterest are great sources too. You also can’t beat a good design book to spark an idea. 

I work with clients who are juggling family and/or work life to create a home they can fall back in love with. For me, a home is your space to recharge, shut off from the day and should feel like a sanctuary. It’s my aim to help as many people have that 'happy to be home' feeling.

Check out Katie's Pinterest and Instagram account for some dreamy inspo content. 

What is your all-time favourite interior style or trend?

I’m not massively into trends, instead I think choosing timeless pieces for your home is the way to go. If you don’t think you’ll love something in 5 years time I would avoid buying it, particularly relevant on those investment pieces like sofas, dining tables and flooring.

I love the Scandi aesthetic which promotes beautiful quality products using natural materials. This design style is as relevant today as it was back in the 50’s and 60’s showing how great design can really live on! It balances the functionality of a home with the form of it so our spaces can be both practical and beautiful. You don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve this look either, it’s about picking those key items to invest in that you’ll take with you to every home you live in.

What interior projects you have been the most proud of?

There are so many to choose from but here are three that spring to mind...


A New Build Living Room, designed and styled by Hello Haus Interior Design using The Drink

The brief for this room (pictured above), was to take a new build white box and add personality, warmth and depth to the space. The entire open plan living/ dining kitchen area was re designed using paint, furniture and lighting to zone the space. By using the same colour across all the walls we connected the room and ensured it no longer felt like a typical new build. 

Kids Playroom designed, project managed and installed by Hello Haus using Granny Chic, Below Deck, The Four Poster and Home Grown.

I had a lot of fun with designing the Kids Playroom, pictured above. The brief was to create a joyful, colour filled playroom for a family home.The children are different ages so the design had to work for them as they grew older. By using 4 different COAT colours and creating a half sheen/ half matt effect the walls not only inject some fun into the room but are also durable from scuffs. The mural added a bit of playfulness and zoned the sofa area too.

Master Bedroom designed by Hello Haus using Mindful and Ambrose.

Lastly, an all time favourite project was this timeless bedroom, pictured below. The brief was to create a calming, relaxed bedroom that felt warm and a space to recharge in. Using a canopy paint effect with paint, the bed is zoned and cocooned, the wall paint was taken onto the ceiling too so the room felt softer and cosier. 

How have you found the COAT experience when working on these projects?

The paints are beautiful quality and the coverage great. Ordering and delivery is easy and quick, which is huge positive when managing a busy project and tracking lots of orders. The trade team are really helpful and there to offer advice on quantities to limit waste. My clients have loved the end result and have continued to use COAT for other rooms in their homes,

What’s your “ride or die” piece of advice to someone wanting to redesign their space?

Take your time! I see it so often when clients are re designing rooms they have rushed. I know it’s hard to slow down as getting that room complete is really exciting but it will save you money and time in the long term by thinking it through a little longer. 

Make a mood board to kick start your vision for the room and only after you love the look of that start to invest in paint, furniture and accessories.

If you can, hire a designer…this is what we live for! 

Lastly, what's your greatest achievement to date, and what's in store for the future?

Setting up my Interior Design business for sure It’s been a rollercoaster ride with a lot of learning along the way. I have to wear a lot of hats from accountant, IT support, PR and marketing alongside being a designer. But, I love working with clients to turn their homes into a space they love and it’s the greatest buzz getting their feedback and seeing their reactions when a room is complete.

I have some big goals to grow the business further and who knows maybe a book or a product launch in the future, watch this space!

Find out more about Katie's interior design services via her website

We'll leave you with some top tips on How To Use White in Your Home with Hello Haus, you can thank us later👇 



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