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Paint & Wallpaper Pairing in Collaboration with Poodle & Blonde

We know that choosing print and colour for your home isn’t always easy, so we teamed up with interiors brand Poodle & Blonde to help make the process a whole lot easier. We’ll be sharing a few of our favourite Poodle & Blonde wallpaper and COAT colour combinations and our top tips on how to pair them. 

Poodle & Blonde are best known for their fun, glamorous, 70s-inspired prints, led by creative duo Whinnie Williams and Kierra Campbell. Their designs cleverly capture a sense of stylish nostalgia, with a contemporary twist, so it's no wonder they pair perfectly with COAT colours. 

Paint & Wallpaper, where to begin?

Sure, wallpaper and paint both look great on their own, but pairing them together will elevate the overall space and allow the space to reach its full potential. We get it, knowing where to start is often the problem. There are so many options out there, but take a deep breath, we’ve got you sorted...finding the perfect combo can be easy when you know how to do it and where to begin. 

Our first and easiest tip is to colour-match your print base. Or if it's a paint that you've been drawn to, try to find a print that includes that colour in its palette” Whinnie. 

Consider how the wallpaper and paint will work together to create a cohesive look in the room.

“If you're going after a modern look, consider picking out the dominant colour in the wallpaper and matching it to the paint colour. If you prefer a more traditional feel, you can go for a contrasting colour as your main wall colour, but still incorporate the dominant colour on your woodwork”, Kierra. 

The mood of your room will change drastically depending on what your colour palette and combinations look like. So let’s dive into the looks you can achieve using Poodle & Blonde prints, here are some of our fave pairings…

Be At One with Nature with Money Tree x Nomad & Kind Regards

Biophilic design is going nowhere, it’s still at the forefront of everyone's minds, so why not surround yourself with botanicals in your home with Poodle & Blonde’s Money Tree Print?

For years we’ve been hearing about bringing the outdoors inside and we love how it can add a vibrant feel to your home decor in a timeless way. To create a sense of balance with this wallpaper, we’d recommend pairing it with Nomad & Kind Regards

If you’re not quite ready to commit to an entire room covered in wallpaper, why not use it as a feature wall, with the walls painted in Kind Regards. The green undertones in this greige off-white will really compliment the bamboo, and by painting your woodwork in Nomad, the whole scheme will really tie together. 

Alternatively, make a statement. We love a bold downstairs loo, it’s the perfect space to experiment with. So why not wallpaper the entire room and paint the ceiling in Nomad in Soft Sheen and Eggshell on your woodwork. The little bit of gloss on the ceiling will make the room seem slightly taller whilst still creating a cosy space. 

Think Outside of The Box with Tuscon Lullaby x Well Grounded & Mezcal

If you’re a fan of geometric shapes and want a nod to retro-inspired interiors, then the Tuscon Lullaby Saddle should be your go-to. 

For a real conversation starter, use it as a feature wall in your dining or living room, paired with Well Grounded on your walls and ceilings. By opting for a neutral wall, this will add an element of design interest and will make the wallpaper stand out. Make your wallpaper work like a piece of art, hung proudly on the wall. The checkered print will provide an eye-catching talking point for those dinner parties and will tie together nicely with Well Grounded on your wall and No Offence on your ceiling and woodwork. 

Or if you’re looking for a more bold option, try painting Mezcal on your walls or on your woodwork if you’ve using the wallpaper all over, that will really get people talking. 

The Animal Lover with Tottenham Dalmatian Print x Pampas & Cargo

It would be rude not to give Poodle & Blonde’s adorable mascot, Brian a shout out (papped below) in this blog. So here’s a little nod to him (well, the canine family) with this Tottenham Dalmatian in Cacao wallpaper and paint pairing. 

For the more subtle print fan, we’d recommend pairing this pattern with a neutral paint colour like Pampas on your walls. This will look great in any room because of how light it is, making it a really versatile print that is perfect for all interior styles. Why not go with a tonal look by covering your woodwork and ceilings in Cargo, this will create an earthy and grounding space. 

Or try adding a hint of colour to your room by painting your furniture in Pan, bringing out the green undertones in the wallpaper and tying the whole scheme together, who doesn’t love a DIY up-cycling project?!

So there you have it...for more pairing inspiration, check out Poodle & Blonde’s instagram and explore their newly launched Interior Design Service.

Now all you need to do is order your swatches to get mood boarding and planning your scheme. 



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