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Decorating Small Spaces - Top Tips

Every home has a small room or two or even a few more if you live in London. Some pocket-sized pads just have smaller dimensions by nature - often period properties, or inner-city apartments. So without the luxury of walls to knock down, how can you get clever with the paint pot and create a bit of visual trickery for smaller rooms?

We  decided to dig deep into the topic of how to decorate a small living space and answer all your questions on how to make a BIG impact with SMALL spaces. 


As a general rule, pale colours are the less risky choice in smaller spaces. Certain pale shades are great when it comes to reflecting light around the room - if you have a well lit space, that is. You're best to avoid pure whites because they can feel a bit chilly, so instead go for an off-white like PampasLow Salt, Good Intentions or which will give a softer, more relaxed vibe while still keeping things light and airy. opted for Pampas eggshell and flat matt to create a bright and airy office space. 

If warm grey tones are more your thing, why not try Good intentions or Mindful? Or, for something a little different, our nude pink Felt Cute would also work really well to bring light into a small space. 

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Good Intentions pale greige paint by COAT paints

Good Intentions looking stunning by @life_of_isatu on Insta

Mirrors can also work wonders when it comes to bouncing light around a space and giving the illusion of a few extra square feet. You could use a single, super-sized mirror on one wall or create a boho gallery wall of quirky mirrors in different shapes and sizes. Likewise, a large rug is your friend when it comes to maxing out small spaces. That's because it draws the eye to the edges of the room, making the space look bigger than it actually is. Genius, huh? 💡

If you're sold on a darker colour like Darlington for your smaller spaces, try playing with mirrors and reflections to create a greater sense of space. 


You bet. Yes, I know we just said pale colours are the answer, but other way to go is to lean into the cosiness of the space and embrace a full-on deep, dark shades like The Record Store or David Rose. This works really well when the room is pretty dimly lit, with small windows or something. Slap it on the skirting boards, walls, ceilings, the lot. That way it'll blur the lines between where the room starts and where it ends, making it seem a whole lot bigger than it actually is. Magic. 

Black all over paint colour by COAT paints

Dramatic yet cosy, all-over black colour by @zephs_house on Insta

Dramatic colours work particularly well in small areas of your home because you get a wonderful hit of colour without overwhelming the whole place. So if you’re thinking about how to paint a narrow hallway, for example, or what to do with your downstairs loo, dark and bold colours can be a good way to go.

Take inspo from @tobyshome and use Nomad in your dressing room. 

Greens are bang on trend right now, so why not try a deep bronze green like The Tobacconist? Or a dark olive green like Nomad? You could also go for a punchy peacock blue like The Posh Seats which is both vibrant AND relaxing. I know that sounds like quite the combo to pull off, but – trust us – it works 👌

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Good idea. If you feel a pale scheme painted all in the same colour is a bit dullsville, why not use two different neutrals together to create a subtle but stylish contrast? Pablo and Cargo team up really well together, as do Screenshot and Pampas.

@joeykendalbrown created a little nursery of dreams using Cargo on her panelling and Pablo on the walls.

The other thing that works really well in small spaces is the trend for two-tone walls with a really dramatic contrast halfway up the wall. It’s a really bold look and works particularly well in a contemporary space without any period features like cornicing or dado rails. And if you put the paler shade on the top half of the wall it will make the ceiling look higher 🙌

@the_home_boys keeping it pale and interesting in their compact kitchen using Good Intentions. 


1)  Simplicity is everything – Stick to a limited colour palette to create a cohesive look

2)  Keep it pale and interesting – Off whites are the absolute boss for reflecting light and making a small space look bigger

3)  Go big and bold – Dare to decorate everything in the same colour, including the ceiling, to create a cosy, jewel-box effect

4)  Create contrast – Choose two different colours and have fun with colour blocking 

5)  Ban the clutter – Keep accessories to a minimum for a streamlined look which will give the illusion of more space

Ready to go? Choose some Peel & Stick Colour Samples and get planning your next project ✌🏽




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