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Verified Climate Positive Company

Thanks to COAT customers, we’re blazing a trail and setting new standards in Climate Positivity for paint companies. We’re the only Climate Positive Paint Company right now, but we’re aiming to inspire the industry towards better standards.

COAT is a regenerative business, meaning we give back to the planet more than we take. In fact, we offset twice as much Carbon as we produce - which we have kept to an absolute minimum. We take responsibility not only for our own operation, but for our supply chain too.

For COAT, 'To Sustain' Is Not Enough.

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COAT is proud to have been Carbon Neutral since the day we launched.


COAT has been a Carbon Neutral business since day one. Unlike the Government’s target of 2030 - we decided that not damaging the planet was a fundamental part of creating a new business in the world right now.

We’re happy to be Carbon Neutral of course, and our customers can be too. But to sustain when we’re facing a crisis just didn’t quite cut it for us…

carbon neutral paint coat paints

Our deliveries are all 100% Carbon Neutral. 


COAT is Climate Positive. This means going beyond neutrality. It’s a lot more work to measure and quantify, but being Climate Positive (or Carbon Positive, or Carbon Negative, or Planet Positive...) means measuring, owning, and offsetting the unavoidable emissions in our business - and NOT just netting them out at Zero, but going further. We know our impact, and we contribute double that back to climate positive projects that support UN sustainability goals worldwide. We’re owning it.


Sustainability matters but it’s no good just talking about it, we have to take action. Shockingly, there is currently no legislation dictating footprint assessments and no requirement within the paint industry at all - which feels wrong to us.

So we’ve partnered with Carbon Jacked as an independent third party to review, measure, and offset our emissions - in a rigorous, tangible way that we can stand by.

Carbon Jacked LTD is a totally independent third-party provider of carbon footprint assessments and formal verification of carbon neutrality, in line with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol - which is the international framework for carbon accounting.

sustainable paint coat paints

Our Carbon Footprint is 310.3 Tonnes per year. That's about 100 car's worth - for an entire company.

“Like us COAT do things differently. They don’t see sustainability as an afterthought. They prioritised it from the start, partnering with Carbon Jacked to make them carbon neutral from day one.

And now they’ve gone even further by taking responsibility for their entire supply chain and offsetting twice as much CO2 as they produce.The amount they’ve done in less than a year is genuinely standout.” - Carbon Jacked Founders, Jack & Jacques.

This is an accredited process and we are so happy to be working with an expert group as driven towards climate positive change as us. Beyond the measurement, Carbon Jacked help COAT to offset any unavoidable emissions through financial contribution to UN Gold Standard sustainability projects across the globe.

recycle paint coat paints

You can send empty tins and paint dregs back to COAT for 100% recycling.

The Future

Thanks to COAT customers, we’re blazing a trail in climate positive business. There’s far too much greenwashing going on. We’re the only paint company to publish an Impact Report and stand on our environmental credentials with tangible metrics.

But this is only the start of the COAT sustainability journey, there is so much that can still be done to contribute to carbon neutrality for the planet. We have a plan to lobby our supply chain, bring innovation to the table, implement cutting edge work and production practices, and continue to reduce waste and carbon emissions. 



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