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Carbon Offsetting


It’s not visible, but it’s happening - Global Carbon Pollution is on the up. According to the UN, the worst impacts of climate change could be irreversible by 2030. But change is in our control.

COAT as a regenerative company, that contributes more to the world than it takes. Acting responsibly as a business doesn’t live in words on a Corporate Policy - it lives in our core beliefs and values, and it shows in what we do.

What does Carbon Offsetting mean?

In a nutshell it means measuring your Carbon Footprint, and then taking action to mitigate it. By investing financially in offsetting projects that contribute net positively to Carbon Reduction, companies and individuals can mitigate their impact.

Offsetting is getting some negative attention, because big (rich) polluting companies are using it to "pay" for destructive practices without addressing any of the root causes or trying to minimise emissions. This, of course, is a bad approach.

Every company should minimise any emissions in the first place, by thoroughly examining their own supply chain and Scope 1-3 lifecycle emissions. COAT has a Carbon Footprint of 310.3 tonnes - which is about the same as 100 cars but for an entire company. We've worked hard to minimise our impact, and then we double offset any unavoidable emissions.

    carbon neutral coat paints

    Carbon Offsetting means investing in sustainability projects, to offset unavoidable Carbon Emissions

    The COAT Approach

    COAT is the first Carbon Positive Paint Company in the world. Our business has taken responsibility for all Scope 1-3 carbon emissions, meaning not only ours, but those of our supply chain too.

    We mitigate any unavoidable impact by contributing double the amount to the UN Gold Standard environmental offsetting project 'Carbon Tanzania', via our accreditation partner Carbon Jacked. Double offsetting means that we’re not just neutralising our emissions, but contributing net positively to the planet.

    carbon offsetting COAT paints carbon neutral

    Protecting established forests is our priority, with

    Unfortunately given the speed of climate change, planting trees isn't the best solution. We focus our efforts on protecting established rainforests, which is far more powerful. Carbon Tanzania is a fantastic initiative that does just that, focused on forest conservation, protection, supporting local communities to defend their lands. 

    The Climate Pledge

    We’ve also leapt at the change to sign The Climate Pledge, the net Zero carbon by 2040 initiative. Along with other like minded businesses, we continue to commit to reporting, reducing and emitting our emissions. Despite already being Climate Positive and regenerative as a business since 2021, we think it's important to join the cause and drive the change. 

    carbon offsetting the climate pledge amazon coat paints

    A clear statement of support for like-minded businesses via

    The Future

    There is so much more that can still be done. As a business we'll continue to scrutinise and evaluate our scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and take a conscious approach to reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible.

    We’re also not shy to shout about climate change, and it’s only by making our stance radically clear that that others might start making positive changes too.



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