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Conscious Packaging

With the boom in online shopping, it’s no surprise we’ve seen a 10x increase in the amount of packaging consumed in the last decade. That’s why online companies like COAT need to think smart about how we get our products to your door in the most sustainable or regenerative way possible.

100% recycled or recyclable cardboard.

We ship paint direct to your door, so solid packaging is important. We only use FSC certified, totally unbleached, recycled and/or recyclable cardboard for our products - which can all be collected with your usual recycling.


Recycled, recyclable, biodegradable paper.

Sometimes we need to print things, like returns information or helpful ‘How To’ guides that go inside our packages. We choose newsprint paper for the most part - which is already recycled and can easily be recycled multiple times. It uses non-toxic ink and is uncoated, so these pieces are biodegradable and compostable too.

Recycled pulp moulds.

Designed to keep our paint snugly in the box, these molds are recycled and entirely biodegradable and compostable too. People have used them to plant herbs and seedlings too, which is cool. You can recycle these with cardboard as usual, too.

sustainable paint coat paints

Infinitely recyclable aluminium tin.

Tin is by far the most sustainable material to hold paint. This thing goes on and on when properly processed. The traditional tin shape makes them easy to clean out, so waste paint can be re-processed too. You can return old tins to us, or recycle via your local authority tip usually.

The Future

We’ve got just one pesky plastic piece left in our packaging - the paint tin handle. This is an industry standard shape, but ours is made from recyclable plastic at least. We’ve got our eyes on innovative solutions including 3D printed handles made from medical waste or ocean plastics. Right now they’re a little ‘sharp’..! But we’re working on it.



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