Eco Paint Brush
Eco Paint Brush
Eco Paint Brush
Eco Paint Brush

Luxury Eco Paint Brush

Lightweight, beautifully smooth and a dream to paint with - our paint brushes are sustainably made using only natural and recycled materials. Available in three sizes, or as a complete set:
  • 1" Brush
  • 2" Brush
  • 2" Angled Brush
  • Bamboo Handle
  • No Bristle Loss
  • UK Made

Sustainability at Our Core

  • Sustainably Sourced Materials
  • Reusable and Recyclable
  • Made in the UK, to last.

Everything you need to smash that project

  • Quality tools for a pro finish
  • The perfect partnership to our paint
  • Delivered super quick


UK Made * Water-based Paint * Eco-Accessories Recyclable * Carbon Offset * Sustainably Sourced

Simply Great Paint.

Really nice paint and a beautiful colour. Loved that it was all delivered to my door. Very easy

Marcus & Chantelle


Love the colours, we got our hands on 'The Drink' as an early customer, and it totally changed the look and feel of our bathroom. The sticky swatches are really the greatest invention ever.

Luke & Craig