Decorators Tape
Decorators Tape
Decorators Tape
Decorators Tape

Premium Decorators Tape

Our quality decorators tape is an absolute must-have for keeping lines and edges neat. Whether you're taping-up plugs and skirting, or creating clean edges on walls - we've got you:
  • Premium FSC Tape
  • Clean Lines
  • No Marks
  • Recyclable paper
  • No Paint Seep
  • No harsh glue

Sustainability at Our Core

  • Sustainably Sourced Materials
  • Reusable and Recyclable
  • Made in the UK, to last.

Everything you need to smash that project

  • Quality tools for a pro finish
  • The perfect partnership to our paint
  • Delivered super quick


UK Made *
Water-based Paint *
Eco-Accessories *
Recyclable *
Carbon Offset *
Sustainably Sourced *
B Corp Certified

Refined Colours

“The neutral colour range was vast enough, but not an excessive range that it made it difficult to choose. The swatches were so helpful, and definitely a true reflection of the paint colour itself.”

Yasmin W

Amazing Coverage!

“The quality of the paint is amazing; you only need two coats and it gives really an even coverage. It has also proven hard wearing; we were able to wipe down with a wet cloth and you couldn’t tell the difference!”

Lucy & Ben
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