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Club COAT - Terms and Conditions

1. Club COAT - Terms & Conditions

Key definitions are here:
“The Programme” - the Club COAT programme, as defined herein
“Club COAT Terms”- the applicable terms & conditions
“Club COAT Reward Tiers” - the applicable reward values and qualifying orders
“Privacy Policy” - the standard privacy policy:
“Terms” - the standard legal terms of website use and sale: 
“Rewards” - discount codes redeemable against eligible future orders
“Taking Part” - activating Club COAT by purchasing using an associated discount code
“Website” - or associated subdomains
“Customer” or “You” “Your” - the person transacting directly with COAT
COAT is The Company “We” “Us” “Our”

These terms and conditions relate to “Club COAT Terms”. The Club COAT Terms herein are in addition to our standard website terms “Terms” and privacy policy “Privacy Policy” and do not replace or supersede any elements of these Terms or Privacy Policy. If any provision of the Club COAT Terms detailed herein shall be held or made invalid by any means, the Terms and Privacy Policy as well as the remainder of this Agreement, and shall not be affected thereby.

These terms and conditions will explain how you can benefit from Club COAT - our programme offering benefits to customers who make multiple eligible purchases with COAT.

Rewards are provided in the form of unique discount codes, redeemable as a percentage amount against the value of eligible future orders. Rewards are provided automatically via email subject to the eligibility criteria outlined herein.

By purchasing COAT products you are automatically eligible to take part in The Programme. You will be made aware of this eligibility after making your first qualifying COAT purchase.

Taking part in The Programme and its benefits is not mandatory. You are not obliged to make use of The Programme or its benefits, for example eligible discounts, if you don’t want to. If you do not wish to participate and receive Rewards as part of the programme, please contact us via email:

By taking part in The Programme in utilising Rewards, you are taken to have read and agreed to these Club COAT Terms.


2. Rewards Summary

  • To thank COAT customers for choosing COAT products in multiple rooms of their home, we’ve made exclusive Loyalty Reward Tiers available. 
  • Simply put, the more COAT Paint you purchase over time, the more you can save on future orders.
  • Rewards are given in the form of percentage discounts redeemable against eligible future orders, which increase with each eligible COAT order you place.
  • Only direct purchases from the Website are eligible in qualifying for Rewards under The Programme.
  • We like to keep things fair, so Rewards are the same for all eligible customers and orders, and are summarised below:

Order Placed

Reward Granted

Redeemable Against

1st Order


2nd Order (> £80)

2nd Order


3rd Order (> £80)

3rd Order


4th Order( > £80) 

4th Order


5th Order (> £80)

5th Order

15% Lifetime Rewards

6th Order Onwards (> £80)

3. Reward Terms

  • Rewards are subject to availability, substitution, or cancellation. At any time and without prior notice we reserve the right to change the available rewards.
  • Additional terms may be imposed on us by a third party, or by force majeure, that may impact our ability or willingness to offer rewards.
  • After you have used a Reward against an order you cannot 1) Return the Reward, or receive a refund/credit of any cash equivalent balance 2) Exchange the reward or receive any consideration—including for cash 3) Replace the reward for the same, or another reward. 
  • Rewards do not have any stand-alone monetary value, except to the extent specifically provided for by a reward in redemption against a qualifying order. 
  • Rewards are not property and cannot be redeemed as cash.
  • Rewards cannot be swapped or exchanged.
  • Rewards can be awarded for each eligible transactions subject to the qualifying criteria as set out below in Section 4 “Eligibility”. 
  • Rewards cannot be backdated nor transferred from other customers.
  • Under no circumstances can Rewards be sold and will be associated only with the primary customer as defined by email address, shipping and billing address.
  • We reserve the right to limit Reward earning eligibility or redemption on discounted or promotional purchases.

4. Eligibility

This section outlines the basic rules that govern “Eligibility” for rewards under The Programme. The Programme is designed to reward loyal COAT customers for their repeat purchases, so the eligibility criteria is designed to reflect that:

  • Orders must be placed by the same customer and household. We define that by subsequent orders having the same email address, shipping and billing address. 
  • Rewards cannot be combined with any other form of discount or incentive on the same order. This includes but is not limited to any promotional campaign, trade discount, or referral discount.
  • Orders must have a minimum order value of £80.00 (incl. VAT) pre-discount to be eligible.
  • Only orders placed via are eligible. Orders placed via third-party sales channels e.g. Retailers are not eligible.
  • Only retail customer orders are eligible. Orders placed via The COAT Collective (our Trade programme) are not eligible. These may be subject to a different discount structure.
  • Orders must be placed a minimum of 2 weeks apart. Unique rewards are issued at least 2 weeks after a qualifying order.
  • There may be some other transactions which can be made that will not earn Rewards. These may include 1) Unauthorised purchases for which you are not liable, 2) Purchases made of promotional items, 3) Refunded purchases, 4) Purchases made outside of or our owned channels, for example by a third-party retailer either online or physically, 5) Business-to-Business transactions associated with an existing Trade Account where separate discount structures are already in place, 6) Purchases made by another person using your Rewards code. Eligible purchases must be made under the same name, email address and billing address.

Note that if someone other than yourself claims a reward on your behalf then these terms and conditions will apply as if you had claimed the reward. If we have been negligent or fraudulent then contact us immediately on and we will help with rectifying the situation.

5. Expiration And Limitations of Rewards

  • Rewards must be claimed within 3 months from the date of the transaction earning the Reward, and no sooner than 2 weeks from the date of the transaction earning the Reward.
  • Rewards that remain unused after 3 months will expire and be forfeited.
  • Refunded purchases which originally led to Rewards will automatically expire eligibility for Rewards upon receipt. These Rewards will be immediately forfeited and cannot be reactivated unless a new qualifying purchase is made.
  • If The Programme is terminated by us within our rights to do so (see 5. Programme Termination), the final Reward you received will retain its eligibility for 3 months from the date of the transaction earning the Reward. No subsequent rewards may be issued.
  • No other person is eligible to use your Rewards: If for whatever reason we are notified that your account has been compromised and given to another, we reserve the right to instantly expire remaining Rewards and not to fulfill orders. Should this happen incorrectly please contact us via

6. Programme Termination

  • We reserve the right to change and update our terms and conditions when required and without prior notice. We will update any customers with eligible orders with any material changes via email.
  • We may terminate or amend The Programme at any time acting reasonably. We will update any customers with eligible orders with any material changes via email.
  • If we terminate the Programme, only Rewards earned prior to the date of termination are valid.
  • Examples of when we may terminate include, but are not limited to 1) where we believe on reasonable grounds that the continued operation of the account may cause material loss to the customer or us.
  • This example is for guidance only and does not limit our ability to terminate the programme at any point.


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