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Studio Heim - Edinburgh Resi Project

Infusing a touch of Scandinavian charm into the classic setting of a traditional Edinburgh property, characterised by its lofty ceilings and preserved original features, was the brief for this residential project.

The project was entrusted to Studio Heim for the design and project management of various spaces within the split-level apartment. This encompassed the kitchen, open-plan living area, and guest bedroom, with additional room designs slated for later in the year.

To complement the ashy engineered wood floors and cater to the client's minimalistic taste, a palette of warm and inviting colours, along with soft textures, was thoughtfully applied throughout. The property's unique north and south-facing windows inspired a meticulous approach, ensuring a seamless flow between the various spaces while preserving the distinctive character and purpose of each room.


In the sunlit south-facing kitchen, the choice of the pale taupe hue "Good Intentions" was deliberate, ensuring a warm contrast against the sleek black cabinetry. The woodwork was finished with "Low Salt" to complement the overall aesthetic.

Meanwhile, the guest bedroom, also south-facing, envelops a cosy atmosphere through a complete wash of "Nomad", our rich dark olive green.

On the opposite side of the property, the north-facing open-plan living and dining area was adorned with the warm and inviting neutral tone of "Sunday Soul", coupled with the subtle grey off-white shade "Low Salt" to optimise natural light.


"At Studio Heim, our preference for COAT Paints extends across the majority of our projects. Beyond the beautiful array of colours they offer, we are consistently impressed with the exceptional quality of their products. What sets them apart even further is the unparalleled level of service we receive, making our collaboration with COAT a seamless and rewarding experience."


A bit about Studio Heim:
Studio Heim was founded on the principle that everyone deserves a beautifully designed home, one that enriches the lives of those that dwell in it each day. Situated just outside of Edinburgh and established in 2021 by Design Director Kate Allamby, Studio Heim specialises in crafting inviting, timeless spaces infused with the elegance of Scandinavian influences.



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