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COAT x House Nine Design Studio

Timeless and uncomplicated and yet thoughtfully designed, House Nines designs epitomises cosiness, refined.

With over 16 years of experience, Jojo Barr spearheads this acclaimed studio, overseeing an array of award-winning projects that span across various domains, encompassing refurbishments and renovations in both residential and commercial sectors. These include assisting with the selection of architectural details and finishes, collaborating closely with architects and builders, curating and decorating spaces with furniture, fabrics, and accessories to achieve both functionality and beauty, as well as creating quality products and accessories that form part of their House Nine Collections store.

Launching this week through House Nine's Interior Design Service and COAT's colour match offering, are three tastefully curated new neutrals by House Nine.

We sat down with Jojo ahead of the launch.

Why did you choose to work with COAT?

"Developing the perfect shades of white has been years in the making for us. We knew the exact shades we wanted to achieve, often mixing our own colours to achieve the perfect colour in our full-service projects."

"The major obstacle we faced was the environmentally harmful chemicals present in many paints. This is where COAT came in and changed the game. Not only do COAT carry the most beautiful colours, but their smart solutions and steps taken to achieve sustainable products are something where we totally align. After working together on various projects and achieving exceptional quality finishes, we decided to make things official. We can’t think of a better and more innovative partner to develop our House Nine range of colours with."

What are the shades?

Fresh StartA pure, classic White that’s perfect to add warmth in dark or north facing spaces.

Jojo's WhiteAn effortlessly simple White that goes with everything. Timeless and unfussy style in any light, use it anywhere with total confidence.

Home Is - A neutral that works in all lighting conditions, ideal for creating drama, or as a complementary colour for skirting when using Jojo’s White.

How do I get my hands on the colours?

Interested in taking a look? The three colours are available to view on the House Nine website:

There are two ways to order the colours. Either by working with House Nine on your next interiors project, or by requesting the colours through

Simply request the relevant shade for your project:

  • House Nine Jojo's White
  • House Nine Home Is
  • House Nine Fresh Start

And finally, can you tell us about your Virtual Design Services?

"The studio has expanded its services to Virtual Interior Design, providing the opportunity for clients who would like to achieve the effortlessly curated House Nine look in their home, without undertaking a full-service design. The service is ideal for those who are looking to manage their own project, but still be guided by one of House Nine’s highly skilled interior designers."

"Each element of our design process is carefully considered, with detailed and imaginative spatial planning, attention to natural light and incorporation of colours and textures that both warm and harmonise the space. Working in synergy with our client's visions, cohesion throughout the project is achieved from House Nine’s extensive experience in architectural plans to the colour, textiles and materials that fill the space, resulting in what can be described as playful, comforting, and enlivening."

Seen the work these guys do and keen for some Interior Design know how? There's no better place. Head to



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