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What Colours Go With Pink?

The phrase ‘pretty in pink’ doesn’t exist by accident.

Pink is exactly that; pretty, feminine, uplifting. It’s the perfect colour for any room of your home. Matching pink with another shade can be tricky, but there are plenty of colours which go with pink to bring out its best features.

You might already have pink in your home and you’re looking to refresh it with a new splash of colour, or perhaps you’ve always dreamed of having a pink bedroom or living room, and you need to make it work with your existing furniture. One of the key questions we get asked about this colour is: “what colours go with pink?”

Luckily for you, here’s the definitive list of the best shades to go with pink.

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Why pink?

There’s a reason pink is always on trend. It’s stylish, versatile, and regulates our mood. Pale pink symbolises nurturing and kindness. Hot pink is fun, energising, and passionate. When choosing which pink you want in your room, think about how you want to feel when you use your space.

The delicate pink of the palest petal, the satin of a ballet slipper, dusky rose, soft salmon are all soothing, peaceful colours. They’re perfect for a restful bedroom. If you want a bold, vibrant colour then you’re looking for retro blush, vibrant raspberry or even, if you’re feeling really brave, a neon.

@Lindsey_Isla giving us all those fun pink vibes drenching her walls in 'Ciao, Sofia'

Pink colour scheme ideas

Building a pink colour palette is a breeze once you’ve decided on your main colour. 

If you’ve COATed your walls in your favourite shade of pink, you might want to add a complimentary shade to make your room feel more put together. Try painting your skirting boards a contrasting colour or add contrasting painted colour graphics to your walls. Alternatively, add layers of softness to your room with floral cushions, patterned curtains or rugs.  

If, however, your sofa and soft furnishings are pink, you’re free to go wild with your walls. Paint your room in any one of the colours below and you can be sure it’ll match beautifully.

We’ve covered some traditional, classic pairings, but there are also some bold suggestions which might surprise you.

Here are the best colours that will complement your pink colour palette.

White, or off- white

When starting your journey into what colours go well with pink, sometimes traditional is best, as we all know it definitely works. You can’t go wrong with white to match with pink. Especially with a pale shade of pink, such as Granny Chic. It’s pink, but not sickly, and will contrast beautifully with the white. The warm blush pink conjures creamy icing on cupcakes.

Ciao, Sofia x Granny Chic @upstyleyourhome, styling this heavenly pink bedroom.

Pampas is also a great option. Pastel pink and Pampas gives a subtle, soft vibe. Your room will be clean and fresh because of the off-white paint, and it’ll give a perfect background for the pink to be the star of the show.

You’ll create a delicate, feminine space, to reflect and relax in. This colour combination would work perfectly in a bedroom. Lean into the femininity with layered fabrics, a chandelier- like light fitting and dusky rose cushions.


Another timeless combination is that of pink and grey. Like white, this can be a wonderfully romantic in softer shade combination. A delicate pastel pink alongside a downy soft feather grey is delicate, gentle and welcoming.

Pink does not have to mean feminine, however. In fact, designing your space with a grubbier shade of pink, such as Ciao, Sofia, paired with deep slate greys like The Coal Drop means you can go with storm cloud grey furniture, flooring or cushions. Ciao Sofia is rich enough to carry a charcoal grey, meaning you can embrace darker tones in your room.

The Drink x Ciao, Sofia Colour blocking bedroom is a winner. @projectsfromwaltonroad

Together, the colours bring out the best in each other; softness, richness, light and dark. Grey and pink are perfect in a living room or bedroom where you can use soft furnishings to add texture to your room.


Pairing green and pink is a classic.

The use of green accents is a classic pink colour combination.

Pink and green are opposite each other on the colour wheel meaning they contrast each other perfectly. Think of a pink ceramic pot with a houseplant, or a green cushion on a pink sofa. It just works.

Painting with a rose pink and a pale green will ignite images of flowers and green leaves on a spring day. It’s ideal for country cottages, summer houses and vintage spaces. The natural tones are calming and uplifting, and something which can be heightened with floral fabric or artwork.

Playing with the shades of green and the shades of pink can create totally different vibes. For example, a rich, emerald green contrasts beautifully with a dusky pink. The darker shade is uplifted by the pastel, while keeping the tone serious and elegant. This pink colour combination would work extremely well in a period home. To increase the light-hearted fun feel simply add more pink. Add more moody green to create a sumptuous, mature mood. A green such as Ditch The Tie would be perfect for a living room or a dining room. Adding lots of lush green plants to contrast with the pink will make your space bang on trend.

Detox with accents of pink decor for @ohsokel_kids children's bedroom.

Create an ageless, sensitive mood in your room with clean, blue greens, like Detox, and a pale pink. The combination is calming, peaceful, and tranquil. Sage and pink could be the delicate, faded shades from once vibrant colours, so the combination gives hints of old glamour and hazy summer days almost forgotten. It’s a classic, romantic combination; it’s delicate, but understated. If you want to lean into the sense of femininity, adding a large flower print and luxurious textiles will help. Alternatively, you could bring in a more masculine edge by leaving one wall or a chimney breast as exposed brick and or keeping all the metal in the room (light switches, sockets, bed frame, lamp) black or charcoal. The juxtaposition of the softness of the colours and the edginess of the brick and dark metal would be beautifully balanced in a bedroom.


Mustard is one of the best colours that go with pink. House Points, for example, is a deep, energising colour. It’s warm, inviting, and, just like pink, can be vibrant. COATing your walls in a soft pink and a rich mustard is guaranteed to make an impact. If you’re not quite ready to jump into full- on colour, try painting pink or mustard colour blocks, or just painting the alcoves of your room. It’s a more gentle way to combine the two shades. You can also tone down mustard and pink by using feature walls and keeping ceilings white.

Mustard and pink can give retro vibes, particularly in soft beige pinks like Pudding and work especially well in mid-century properties. Furniture in shades of leather and mocha would work beautifully.

Pudding rocking those 70's vibes in this south facing bedroom.

To style, add in prints in other colours that go with pink, velvet cushions, and chunky earth- tone ceramics and you’ve got a 70’s dream. This would be a perfect colour scheme for a living area.

Navy blue

Often the combination of pink and blue can suggest a baby shower, or perhaps a tropical hot pink flower next to a perfect blue pool. None of these are the tones you want for your living space. What you want is a navy.

The juxtaposition of sumptuous navy and gentle pink is a timeless classic. It’s mature, it’s elegant, but it’s never stuffy or old fashioned.

A rich, deep navy, edging towards an inky blue, like 2AM gives a feeling of decadence, perfect for a Victorian or Edwardian property. You can add pretty much any shade of pink with navy, but the classics are a velvety pale pink or a dusky pink.

2AM is a great backdrop for adding pink features. @Houseofhaz mastering the panelling trend here using our inky blues.

There are many ways to style navy and pink. To dial back the intensity of the colours, you can use lots of white. Keep ceilings, skirting boards and doors pale and allow the navy and pink to take centre stage. For another on-trend look you could paint your walls navy on the bottom half, including the skirting boards, and then paint the pale pink on the upper half. Having a clean, fresh line horizontally around your room will be striking and stylish. You should always paint the darkest colour on the bottom section of the walls to ground the room and to hide any general wear and tear.

You could take this look further by taking the pale pink paint on the ceiling, and really making a statement.


Pink works perfectly with gold.

Pink are warm because of their red pigment and make it a best friend of metallic shades. It’s one of the reasons rose gold is such a popular jewellery choice. For your home, you can paint the walls pink and add in gold accents around the room to tie it all in.

Ciao, Sofia emphasised in all its glory with gold accents in this homely office. 

Think of all the metal you can have in one room- light switches, socket, door handles, picture frames and mirror frames, lamps- you can make all these gold.

The combination of pink and gold works especially well in a bathroom, where you could also have gold taps, gold shower fittings and gold towel tails. If you’re feeling brave you could even paint the outside of a freestanding bath pink for an attention-grabbing statement piece.

You’ll create a luxurious, feminine space perfect for relaxing.


Shades of brown were once the favourite of mid-century interiors, and for a while did fall out of fashion.

Well, nude, tan and clay tones are back and answer the question, what colour goes with pink?

You may be experimenting with neutral brown shades on your walls, like Sunday Soul, Pudding, and Good Intentions. Layering these soft tones creates a sophisticated, warm feel to any room. Delicate earthy shades pair beautifully with uplifting, joyful pink and work together to create a calming space.

Good Intentions looking right at home in @where_lou_lives nursery.

If you’re not painting neutrals on your walls, you may have beloved brown wooden furniture, a rich leather sofa or exposed wooden floors. These pieces will all need to be complemented by the colour of paint you choose. The dark browns have a warm, masculine vibe, and a dusky pink is a great contrast to that, particularly yellowy pinks like Felt Cute.


Pink and yellow just make sense together. They create a warm atmosphere that is sunny and inviting for anyone walking into them. Consider adding touches of bright yellow. Use on cushions and throws to perfectly complement walls in Persipan - a saturated wet plaster pink. This makes for a pink colour combination that is boldly feminine, delightful and uplifting. 

Yellow is the colour of optimism, while pink always brings positivity to a room. Opting for chalky plaster pinks like Factor Fifty is a great way of combining these two elements. Factor Fifty’s warming, yellow undertone pairs perfectly with earthy ochre tones, creating a very nourishing combination. For higher contrast and a boost of energy, try adding a slice of zingy neon yellow in curtains or upholstery to plaster toned walls. Then add natural textures such as rattan and rope for a layered look.


Black and pink paired together is a bolder version of pink and grey. It offers a balance to the vibrant and playful energy that pink brings to a room. Pair sugary pinks, like Percy with woodwork in The Record Store for a bright scheme that has some grounding and depth. 

This also works vice versa, pink can add a pop of colour to an all-black room and stops the space from looking too gloomy. This is particularly effective when using dusky pinks like Ciao, Sofia when it’s used on glass cabinets. 

Even a touch of black in an all pink space adds depth and drama. Add black pieces of furniture in Off-Black Dodie to your Granny Chic or Pudding rooms for an instant shot of glamour.

Now you’re armed with all the info on pink! Have fun experimenting.

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