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The Perfect Colour For Your Home Office

For better or for worse, home offices are getting more action than ever before. So why not liven yours up with a fresh COAT of paint? An easy and pocket-friendly way to transform your spare room into the workspace of dreams (if that exists). 

Here are some of the best home office paint colours to inspire...

Go Bold and Dramatic 

COAT low VOC emulsion paint dark grey home office

Use bolder paint shades on your walls and furniture, or even with accessories, to create a vibrant home office environment. Colour psychology tells us that brighter colours tend to be invigorating and stimulating, which let's face it, if we're working from home we really want that

COAT low VOC emulsion paint dark green home office

Deep Greens and Blues work particularly well for the home office. Linked to concentration and focus, they can make for a subdued environment that's pretty classy too. Get the best of bold Blues and Greens with the aptly named Ditch The Tie or deep dark blue 2AM.

COAT Low VOC emulsion paint 2AM dark blue paintCOAT low VOC emulsion paint blue home office


Add Some Brightness 

COAT low VOC emulsion paint My Island Orange paint

When spending a good chunk off your day somewhere, you want it to feel as welcoming as possible. A warming orange, brown or red shade with real depth could be a great way to add some positive warm energy to your space - especially important in a home office.

Try a terracotta shade like Sima, and add a few house plants to transform your home office into the perfect Terra Tropicana Oasis. House plants are great for purifying the air in there too, which will help with concentration.

COAT low VOC emulsion paint dark red paint the old corset factory

The Old Corset Factory by @baking_a_home on Instagram.


Keep Things Neutral 

COAT Emulsion Paint Taupe Home Office

While there's nothing wrong with a splash of colour, sometimes you just want to keep things plain and fresh. Choose an off-white or warm neutral shade which will avoid your office feeling too clinical, whilst leaving room for art and decorations too. Pampas is the perfect warm off-white and neutral study colour. 

COAT low VOC emulsion paint beige home office

Keeping your walls light and warm can leave room for some poppy artwork too. Adding visual interest with artwork can help to stimulate the brain without the room feeling overpowering. Warm paint colours like Sunday Soul are the perfect neutral backdrop for office artwork.

COAT low voc paint sunday soul taupe paint

Sunday Soul paint, art and image credit Formworks Studio


Here are a few different vibes, now it's over to you. Bold, bright, or calm and neutral - whatever you choose COAT's range of low VOC water-based paints have got your walls covered. Literally.

Shop COAT paint colours here.



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