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The January You - Ride the Week 1 Wave with Our Best Shades

That first week in January. The New Year is here, and Christmas has ebbed away - what a weird old time. The tree feels more like a job than a joy, and only the Bounty’s remain discarded in the Celebrations tub. (Seriously, when are they cancelling Bounty’s?).

The first week in January feels like a journey, with so many ups and downs in such a short time. At COAT we’re not strangers to the slog, and some of our paint colours channel the mood perfectly. Here’s our guide to riding this week’s wave - sponsored by popular COAT shades…

Tuesday 4th January

'The Alarm'

“Omg what’s that annoying noise, it’s way too early?” That’s your alarm. Remember that, from December? Back to work is finally here and it’s so offensive.

So for today we’re suggesting one last Lie-In.

Why make day one any more harsh than it is naturally? Just knock the alarm back an hour and cosy down for a little bit longer - safe in the knowledge that the whole world feels exactly the same as you do.

Pale Blue paint colours like ‘Lie-In’ are designed to be calming, for the perfect restful bedroom.

Lie-In on the upper, paired with Below Deck, from @laffsgaff

Grab a Swatch without lifting your head off the pillow.

Wednesday 5th January

'Banish The Pringles'

Cheese isn’t a food group, and nor are crisps (much to our disgust). Today’s the day where an indulgent festive period starts to hit home, and jeans feel like punishment.

On the day of the year where lettuce hits peak appeal, we’re all thinking about a Detox.

Hide rubbish food, Google low-cal recipe ideas, and dust off the Nutri Bullet from a couple of years ago - it’s time to feel fresh again.

‘Detox’ is a pale Sage Green colour, designed to feel fresh, calming, and timeless. Perfect.

Detox panelling creating the perfect zen vibes from @oursomersetnest

Thursday 6th January


You can’t delay it any longer, and there’s a part of your brain that actually wants to sweat. It’s bull-by-the-horns day where your gym kit gets a Happy New Year…

Whether we’ve made resolutions or not, most people start the year with Good Intentions. Reflections on how we can do better in some way - be better parents, better spouses, or just feel better in ourselves. A positive mental attitude starts with some Good Intentions.

Support the best laid plans with ‘Good Intentions’ - a mid-Greige that works as a humble backdrop to your life goals.

Clean space, clean mind with @thenorthernhome's home office.

Just start with a step at a time.

Friday 7th January

'We Made It'

It feels as monumental as winning some sort of Olympic event (but a really, really slow one). It’s the end of the first working week of the year, and that end of the day sigh feels just great.

So today you can legitimately head for The Drink.

There’s still wine leftover from Christmas that won’t keep (ahem) - so once the kids are down and the dog’s fully sprawled, sip, savour, and let your mind sink into the deep pool of life goals and ambitions that feel so pertinent this week…

‘The Drink’ is a dark blue-green that feels as deep and mysterious as the inner workings of our mind. After a couple of glasses of wine anyway.

Feature walls that are drinks party ready from @ewardian_vignette

Glass of wine in one had, swatches in the other........perfect combo.

Saturday 8th January

'Embrace The Regression'

That split second when you first wake up, and your mind races through the days. “It’s Saturday”. Find us a better feeling - we’ll wait…

The first proper Saturday of January is nationally endorsed as Duvet Day (probably).

Your Duvet MUST accompany you around the house at all times, and you MUST embrace a day of self care and zero judgement. Kids can participate in Duvet Day too, but I’m afraid walking the dog wrapped in a duvet is, we think, frowned upon. Sorry pups.

We created the colour ‘Duvet Day with Justin Coakley of @design_at_nineteen on Instagram. An earthy beige with the perfect level of warmth.

Throw some swatches up on that wall - you can still make decisions from under the duvet.

Sunday 9th January

'The Fear'

Around 4pm, the chills kick in. The stomach flutters start, and you might even sniff at the old email inbox later on. Sunday nights in Jan can get in the bin.

For loads of us, January is when we reflect on work. The time off was great and much needed, but after a week back where it all feels the same, is it time to Ditch The Tie? Real, or metaphorical. The year ahead looks long, and we’re backing purposeful career moves that feel exciting, and empowering.

‘Ditch The Tie’ is our take on a traditional dark green. Inspired by COAT founders leaving the corporate world to start a business - it’s our rebellious nod to career change. Do it.

A strong 'zoom interview' backdrop in Ditch the Tie from @spantastichome

Monday 10th January

'Grown-Up Time'

Right, that’s it - it’s time for a ‘To Do’ list. If you haven’t tried a square-paper notebook yet, today is THE day for your bullet points to be neater than ever. Y’welcome.

After the rollercoaster first week is out, we tend to get a bit more perspective. The good things feel good, and we take the bad things and bullet point the hell out of making them better. Update CV. Buy Quorn for meat-less Monday. Block calendar for school pick-up. Because in week two, we ‘Adult’.

‘Adulting’ is a classy dark teal that feels seriously grown up. It probably even has a financial advisor. 

Adulting = having a statement fireplace. Fact. As proved by @tiny_victorian_home

The first week of Jan feels different to all of us - but usually, there’s a bit of reflection and some life changes to make. We’ve put a bit of a joke-y spin on it here (although 99% is inspired by real life events…), but there’s a serious side too. 

Since day one COAT has supported the UK charity Crisis as a corporate partner, with a shared ambition to end homelessness. As a luxury home brand, it’s always felt right for COAT to help level the field, and support those without the walls to paint and call a home. By buying COAT you’re supporting a fairer game, and if you want to go further as part of your New Year plans, please do and donate today.



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