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The Garden Fence Colours of 2021

Let's face it, our gardens have become super important to us over the last year. The moment the sun comes out we're out there like a shot - buzzed to get out the house and grab a much-needed Vit D shot 😎 

Exterior paint colours by coat paints

Moody Darks, Timeless Terra or on-trend milky neutrals: Nomad, Sima, Sunday Soul

So, what's the easiest way to give your beloved 'outdoor living room' a bit of a glow up? Paint the fence, that's how. Honestly, it makes such a difference and it's a doddle to do. Just pick any of the on-trend colours in our durable exterior paint range and off you go. 

So what to choose? We've got it all covered with our handy roundup of the best garden fence colours to liven up your outside space this summer. 

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The new approach to gardens is to turn your outside space into an extension of your living room. Think comfy sofas, rugs and lamps. So it's no surprise that those dark and moody shades we love for the inside of our homes are keen to come outside and join the party! It's all about the 'inside outside' trend and we're all for it 👍

Dark Green Dark Grey Fence Paint Colours

Left to Right: David Rose, The Drink, Adulting

The other advantage of choosing a dark garden fence colour is that it'll make a small garden look bigger because the dark colour will recede. Clever, huh? It will also allow your plants to really pop against that dark backdrop. 

Dark Green Dark Blue Fence Paint Colours

Left to Right: The Record Store, 2AM, The Coal Drop

White flowers or pale grasses look particularly striking against a dark fence, as does pale wood furniture or a brightly coloured bistro set. We recommend going for a daring off-black like The Record Store, our inky-blue 2AM or charcoal grey The Coal Drop. They all come in our highly durable exterior paint which is perfect for fences, sheds and garden furniture. 

It starts with a sample - get some to try.


Your garden's green, so why not paint your fence the same colour and get it to blend in? That way, you'll blur the boundaries of your outside space and make it look bigger than it actually is. Magic 💫

Dark Green Pale Green Fence Paint Colours

Left to Right: Ditch The Tie, Nomad, Hamilton

Our ever popular dark green Ditch The Tie is also a good choice for garden fences, bringing a touch of sophistication to your al fresco soirées. Add some festoon lighting and a few hurricane lamps and you're good to go. 

Green Terracotta Fence Paint Colours

Left to Right: My Island, Sima, Home Grown

For something more subtle but still firmly in the green camp, Hamilton is also a good bet. This pale jade shade pairs perfectly with pink plants such as dahlias, zinnias or azaleas (just call me Titchmarsh..). Corals and peaches would also work really well against a green fence, so why not try painting a trellis in My Island or Sima for a bold pop of colour against the green? 


OK, so we don't actually have 50 shades, but 10 shades of grey isn't too bad, right? And at COAT Paints it's all about keeping things simple and not overwhelming you with colour choices. Less is more, and all that. 

Pale Grey and Dark Grey Fence Paint Colours

Left to Right: Mindful, On Mute, The Coal Drop

There's a reason why grey garden fence colours remain high on the list of garden trends at the moment. It's because they're just so versatile. Grey goes with everything and creates the ultimate neutral backdrop for your plants. 

Are you still watching? is your perfect pale grey fence colour. Subtle with a blueish tinge which will perfectly complement the greener tones of your plant babies 🌱 Other neutral garden fence colours to consider include Kind Regards, a beige with hints of green and Sunday Soul, our most popular greige (grey + beige, obvs 🙄). 

Grey exterior fence paint colours

Left to Right: Sunday Soul, Are you still watching, Kind Regards

So that's it really. Are you ready to transform your garden with a fence makeover this weekend? Just order your COAT Peel & Stick Sample to try out the colour of your choice in the comfort of your own garden (see what we did there? 😂). And within no time you'll have the fence of your dreams 🍃

Find your perfect COAT shade for the great outdoors...




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