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Dark Colour Inspo from COAT Fans

Thinking of decorating and going dark? Great choice, we’re fully behind you. Going dark on the walls can lift a small space (contrary to popular opinion!) and is a sure fire way to add a touch of drama to any room.

Back yourself, do it ✌🏻 Here’s some inspo from the COAT community if you still need some convincing....

Forever & Ever

Forever And Ever COAT Black Emulsion Paint

Forever & Ever 📸 @zephs_house

The ultimate dark boudoir by @zephs_house proving that going bold up on those walls truly is luxe. We love 🖤. Other blacks in the COAT range are The Record Store and David Rose.

David Rose

David Rose Black Emulsion Wall Paint by COAT

David Rose

We’re so behind going dark in the home that this is Rob’s (COAT co‑founder) actual living room. Nice, right? ‘David Rose’ is the perfect first step into the darkness, a soft blue‑ish black to ease you right in.

Paint ft. Wallpaper

COAT Emulsion Wall Paint Ft Wall Paper

My Island 📸 @projectsfromwaltonroad

Who said you had to stick to just paint? Pair with a bold fancy paper and you’ll be on to one. Top tip: Like interior designer Charlotte @projectsfromwaltonroad pick a colour and run with. Here we’ve got ‘My Island’ 🧡

Ditch The Tie

Ditch the Tie Green Emulsion Paint COAT

Ditch the Tie 📸 @manic_alnwick

You can’t go wrong with this puppy. A dark traditional green, looks great with anything.

The Old Corset Factory 

COAT The Old Corset Factory Rusty Red Emulsion Wall Paint

The Old Corset Factory 📸 @baking_a_home

Scared of going too dark? Chanel @baking_a_home’s style and go 50/50. Pair with a versatile neutral like ‘Pampas’ 🖤


Adulting is a real all round winner. Our dark greyish‑teal is probably one of our most popular colours. We say do it.

It’s a strong look, one we fully advise. Our deepest darkest navy ‘2AM’.

The Drink

The Drink Blue Green Emulsion Wall Paint

The Drink 

One down from ‘2AM’, ‘The Drink’ is our deep blue green. Pairs well with plant babies, obviously 🌱

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