The Boilerhouse, At Home With Jonathan And Ciaran

Jonathan & Ciaran proudly invite you into their 1900s, converted textile mill located in Castlefield. By day, Jonathan works as an accountant, whilst Ciaran works as a business consultant; and by evening, they return home to their beloved cats, Fred & Yoko.


@the.boilerhouse is a Neutral Colour haven

With only a few feet between their home and Manchester’s canal network, they are always reminded of the buildings heritage; and the boats that would deliver coal to the mill to keep the boiler house alight. There’s nothing like a good bit of history, is there?!

The building was renovated by Urban Splash during the 90s, but hadn’t been touched since. However, when the guys first stepped foot inside, it truly was love at first sight! The ceilings wowed at an amazing 24ft high, the original features were practically beaming at them, and the potential felt endless. Just eight weeks later, Jonathan & Ciaran had sold their previous property, collected the keys and moved themselves in – all this, with only two weeks before Christmas 2019!

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The lockdown periods of the pandemic brought them plenty of time to renovate; including building a brand-new mezzanine level extension, with new staircase and flooring throughout. They also rewired and redecorated the entire property, so it’s safe to say they’ve been pretty busy! They’re not quite finished yet, with plans for numerous other areas of their home – but it’s all a work in progress and we can’t wait to see what they do next!

Minimal. Functional. Beautiful.

Jonathan & Ciaran describe their interior style as ‘loving and sustainable’; as they hold a great passion for rehoming vintage and handcrafted pieces. Their inspiration sits mainly with the 1970s and mid-centuries, but they’ve also incorporated a few neoclassical nods – all with neutral colour palettes. 


Our brand really spoke to Jonathan & Ciaran’s ethical way of living. They are all for sustainable, eco-friendly approaches and love to support small businesses. 

“Our furniture and objects have been curated from lots of independents across Europe, so choosing a paint brand that aligned with these values was key! The UK alone generates over 200 million tonnes of waste each year, with a huge proportion of this coming from the construction industry; which includes paints, interior fittings, fixtures and furniture – so by supporting smaller scale businesses like COAT, who are more environmentally considerate, we believe we’re helping to minimise the impact FAD trends have on our planet!” says Ciaran. 

Shop minimalist COAT Neutral colours 

A neutral sanctuary

When searching for the perfect colour, the guys had a small list of desirables: light, fresh and calming. From the beginning, Jonathan & Ciaran were drawn to ‘Screenshot’ – a perfect ‘off-white’, which they were sure would compliment the exposed brickwork and create a beautiful canvas to showcase the rest of their home, furniture and styling. They describe the colour as bright, light, calm and tranquil…

“When we were looking at paint options, and trialling the sample swatches at home, it was surprising how the colour changed depending on the time of day and the weather outside. Some off-white paints were too yellow, some were too grey, and some even had a lilac or taupe tinge. We tried ‘Pampas’ alongside ‘Screenshot’ and it was a hard decision to make between the two; but, in the end, we gravitated towards ‘Screenshot’, and for us, we definitely feel like we made the right decision!” says Jonathan. 

Warm neutral paint colours create the perfect backdrop

Jonathan & Ciaran loved our paint quality, and described the accuracy of the colour swatch as “spot on!”. They found the application effortless, and are super happy with the beautiful, matt finish and great coverage. 

“By far the best paint we’ve used, and very good value!” says Ciaran.


Jonathan & Ciaran’s favourite feature of their home is that it’s completely open plan. Every single space is shared – apart from the bathroom, of course. Everybody deserves a little privacy, hey! 

Light plays with Screenshot, pure white

To paint a picture; their home is a triple height space, entrance and parking on the ground floor, kitchen and living spaces on the first floor, and their snug, bedroom, bathroom and dressing spaces are all on the upper mezzanine level. The original features ooze from top to bottom, with exposed bricks, steelworks, asymmetric windows and wooden beams. Talk about the wow factor…

Before they began renovating, the space was a dark, tired and neglected former bachelor pad; with stained carpets, a cavernous kitchen, poor lighting and a leaking ceiling!

“Holistically, the flow of the space was jarred, areas lacked purpose and the balance of the rooms were all wrong. The walls were dull and lifeless, and the lighting was so poor that the features of the space were all but lost. We feel we are now bringing the space to life, to give this piece of historical architecture, in the heart of Manchester’s conservation area, the justice it deserves.”

Shop minimalist COAT Neutral colours 

The only difficulty they found when designing their home was ensuring they found the perfect way to marry all the spaces together, whilst still giving each area its own character and purpose. Selecting ‘Screenshot’ as their primary backdrop colour, meant that they were able to introduce a calm and harmonious balance between all areas of their home; whilst securing the perfect way to be more adventurous and loud with their furniture choices and styling. 


So, what jobs still remain on the ‘to do’ list? Well, the bathroom renovation is up first, and this will include more of our paint, ‘Screenshot’! We think it’s safe to say this colour has been a huge hit with the @the.boilerhouse boys! 

Following the bathroom, is the kitchen renovation – and finally, the entrance hall. For now, it feels important to them to kick back and enjoy the work they’ve already done; with maybe a couple of holiday’s in-between! 


“Start from utopia and work backwards – what would the room look like if you could have it exactly as you want? The best starting point is to think about how you want the space to feel, rather than how you want it to look. The feeling evokes the style, which in turn helps define the pieces that will create the feeling you want to achieve. By working backward, you start with a clear final vision, and can unpick it to make a step-by-step plan. If you start at the other end, with a single piece of furniture for example, you potentially limit yourself to tailoring the room around that one piece and forcing it to work, rather than around how you want to feel in the finished space.

We made the early decision to only have things in the space that brings us joy – if it doesn’t make us smile then it doesn’t have a place!  We don’t buy pieces just to make them fit or make do. This is our home and passion, so compromising doesn’t happen often!”

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