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Trend Alert: Spring Pastels 2021

Nothing screams spring like pastels, even if they are a guaranteed winner at any time of the year. We’re not for generic pastels though, instead we love twists on the classics… dusty pinks, blues, and lilacs straight from the 90s… 

These are the pastel colour trends for Spring 2021: 

Pale Pink- Two Scoops 

Overused? Yes. For a reason? Also Yes. 

People love pink. Whether it is hot pink or baby pink, it's everywhere. This hasn’t changed, but this spring we are opting for a more grey toned, dusty pink. Its versatile- combining classy with playful. Sophisticated enough for your adult room, but jolly enough to suit the little ones nursery, this is a pastel you'd struggle to go wrong with.

Two Scoops COAT Paint

Two Scoops by COAT Paints 

Pale Blue - Lie In 

We all love a lie-in, and this chilled colour paint too. Channel a nautical vibe and pair Lie-In with pure white. Or go in hard on the pastels and twin it with another pastel, like Two Scoops.

Lie In COAT Paint Image

Lie In by COAT Paints

Dusty Purple- Montage 

We're massive fans of pastel purple, especially a dusty one that looks like it's straight off of the 90s. Subtle enough so it'll never look out of place, but bright enough to add a clear pop - this is another perfect paint for all settings. 

Montage COAT Paint

Montage by COAT Paints

Teal - Hamilton 

Teal is hot right now. And what's better than teal? Pastel teal, obvs. Get ahead of this trend with the best of both worlds from Hamilton - a nicely fogged teal, named after the NZ island. You won’t regret it.

Hamilton Paint

Hamilton by COAT Paints 

Milky Beige - Milk, No Sugar

The perfect brew, don't argue. There's nothing snugger than curling up on the sofa with a good cuppa. Create the cosiest of spaces using this milky beige colour. Perfect for some rest and recuperation after a long day at work (or home). 

Milk No Sugar

Milk, No Sugar by COAT Paints 

Choosing your Pastel Shade 

Consider your Lighting Pastels look different depending on the lighting. To be sure you're really getting the colour you signed up for,  grab a colour swatch and try it around your room at different times of the day. This way there’ll be no nasty surprises. 

Mix your pastels - What goes well with pastels? Well, more pastels. Try mixing a dusty pink like Two Scoops with a pale green like Detox for a perfect pastel palette. 

Give colour blocking a go - If your priority is keeping your room light, a great way to do this is by adding blocks of pastel to light or white walls. This variety of colour also gives your room a pop, ensuring no one can ever call you boring. Winner.

Get your swatches and pastels now at COAT Paints, delivered the next day.  





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