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Modern and Minimal: At Home with Hannah Muers

Can you believe it? We’ve reached the final home of our Humans at Home series; but last, certainly, does not mean least. Welcome inside the home of Fashion Buyer, Hannah, who lives with her fiancé and their little Westie, Gus. Based in the outskirts of Manchester, their three-bedroom detached new build was everything they were looking for when buying their first house. 

Hannah and her fiancé had previously rented a number of properties before finding ‘the one’, so she was eager to finally add her own style and décor, without a rule book present! Many rentals do not allow their tenants to decorate, so being able to have the creative freedom is something Hannah had dreamed of for a long time. 

“As I work in fashion, I am always on the lookout for new trends, and home décor has always been my personal passion – I could spend hours looking at people’s homes! I had a strong, mid-century, modern vibe when I first started decorating this house; but as soon as the first lockdown hit, I wanted to create a cosier, neutral home; and became obsessed with minimal designs and ‘Japandi’ styling.”

‘Japandi’ is a combination of both Japanese and Scandinavian styles; incorporating an even mixture of modern, minimal and comfortable designs. 


Hannah discovered our brand via Instagram, and says we instantly caught her eye! 

“I loved the colours COAT had selected, and for a fairly new brand, I also felt they had a strong range of neutrals! I love the minimal branding, and, of course, their sustainable ethos; which is very directional and forward-thinking for a small business. The brand is ultra-cohesive, and this shows across the beautiful imagery they create, and the influencers they work with on their partnerships.”

To start her search for the perfect neutral, Hannah decided to take a scroll through our tagged posts on Instagram. It just so happened to be around the same time that our collaboration with London-based interior designer, Justin Coakley, had launched. She instantly fell in love with his shade, ‘Duvet Day’, but to ensure she had a variety of samples to choose from, she also dove onto our website and selected a few other neutrals, including ‘Sunday Soul’, ‘Early Breakfast’ and ‘Pudding’. 

“The ‘Peel & Stick Swatches’ are amazing, and it means there’s no messy squares of paint to cover up, either. I found it so easy to move them around the room and see how the colours works in different light – but ‘Duvet Day’ remained my favourite!”

Inspired? Grab Peel & Stick Swatches to try at home 🙌🏼

Reflecting on her experience with our paint, Hannah said she was “super impressed” with the accuracy of our swatches, and she also rates highly our coverage and matt finish; describing it as “one of the best paint brands” to have used in their home, with her fiancé (and lead decorator) also in agreeance. 


We start with their living room, which is famously painted in our very own ‘Duvet Day’. Before the makeover, and Hannah’s passion for neutrals, this room contained a lot of strong, bold colours; dark woods, and rich, soft furnishings, such as velvet. 

Now sitting pretty as Hannah’s favourite room in the house, she says it’s the space in which they spend most of their time, and a place to get cosy and switch off – especially after a long day, or a busy week. 

“We love how ‘Duvet Day’ sits in here, and it looks amazing in both natural and artificial light. It’s my safe space, and I am very happy with the results. Everyone who visits always comments on how calming and chilled this space is, and it feels so rewarding to know we planned it all from start to finish!”

Next up, we take a peek inside Hannah’s dressing room – her very own space, that growing up, she always dreamed of having – especially after sharing a room with her sister for many years. Although the room is fairly small, it’s ideal for getting ready in. Before they decorated this room, it was very much a dumping ground – somewhere to hide those unwanted boxes and bags of clothes! It was also a complete white canvas, so adding this sandy-beige was the perfect way to add some charm. 

We love the way Hannah has only painted three-quarters of the way up the wall, and left a ‘brilliant white’ boarder around the top. This type of design lends an easy and straight-forward way to make a smaller room appear much bigger. 

“I have recently just updated this space, and added a huge, frameless mirror – which has made the room feel so much bigger, and perfect for seeing my outfits head to toe.”

Inspired? Grab Peel & Stick Swatches to try at home 🙌🏼

Finally, Hannah showcases her principle bedroom – which was another lockdown project for her and her fiancé. She had previously felt that the room lacked warmth, and was raring to make it feel cosy and restful – especially since they were spending so much time at home. The room was previously painted in a dark blue, teamed with pink accents; and Hannah tells us that this style was super popular with her followers at the time. 

As neutral tones are now her favourite, she found a shade that works perfectly in-sync with the raw and natural materials she likes to style with, including wood and linens. 

“My bedroom also contains my favourite pieces of furniture – the ‘West Elm’ side tables. Although they are a classic, mid-century style – they fit amazingly with all the interior trends and colours. These side tables were actually on my interior wish list for years - I love them!”


Although their kitchen and dining area was a fairly recent (and large!) project, Hannah is keen to start over again. She feels the two spaces no longer gel with one another, and that the space feels cold and uninviting. Another frustration of Hannah’s, is that they aren’t making effective use of the space – a rejig is definitely on the cards.

Hannah is currently in discussions with our paint advisors on which colours could work best. They want to warm up the space and ensure it becomes a room they love to spend time in – especially since her fiancé is a big fan of cooking!


“Make a vision board, it’s always sensible to start with a catalogue of your favourite styles and ideas – this way, you can avoid losing sight of the project in hand.  

I think it’s also important to be patient, stay in line with your budget, and always seek advice if you’re unsure. I’ve found YouTube and Instagram to be great tools when looking for DIY tips or recommendations.”

Inspired? Grab Peel & Stick Swatches to try at home 🙌🏼




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