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Minimal and Relaxed, At Home With Jessica Stones

Meet Jessica, a super busy wedding planner from Yorkshire. Living with her fiancé, Nathan, they are soon to be married themselves; so almost every day is filled with table plans, guest lists and important decisions!

Their home is a 2021, three-bedroom new build, which they have only lived in for less than 12 months. Moving mid-pandemic was a hectic time for them, but having a blank canvas to work with was a lot less stressful than their previous 120-year-old renovation property.

“New builds often get slated for being boring and bland (especially on Instagram), but I don’t think that’s true. We reserved the house when it was literally a concrete slab in the middle of a muddy field and we watched it grow, brick by brick. Reserving at the first stage meant we were also able to personalise a lot of the build; including wall colour, tiles, flooring, lighting etc.”

When we asked Jess about her overall interior style, she admitted finding it hard to pin point just one theme and preference. She often likes to mix trends and create spaces that are truly unique to her. As she is a tactile person, she finds that the way things feel around their home are often as important as the way they look – especially when it comes to textiles. 

“Obviously at first glance you can tell I’m a minimalist fan; not only for the style, but I also find a cluttered spaces super stressful. If I lived in a maximalist home I would never be able to relax! 


For Jess, it was our range of colours that initially drew her in; and not only for our variety of neutrals, but also for the bolder colours that don’t feel too ‘in your face’, as she describes. Having worked in marketing & social media for the majority of her career, she explained how branding is a big deal for her; and when it’s done right, she’s a sucker for it. This was another sweetener for Jess, and we’re flattered she feels that way about our little brand. 

“I remember ordering my first lot of samples and just moving them from room to room (perks of those fantastically designed peel-able swatches); I thought, they would all look amazing in every room, and it made my decision a very difficult one!”

When it came to actually using the paint, the expectations were already high. We’d managed to impress Jessica with our branding, colours, and sample patches; but the application was the real test… 

“Honestly, I couldn’t rave about it more. I love painting anyway, and find it so therapeutic, but the application, finish and colour accuracy were all spot on. We even had family visit while we were in the process of painting our bedroom, and they couldn’t believe the quality and colour after just one coat – so much so, they went and ordered the exact same for their dining space!”

As they say, the proof is in the pudding!


Let’s dive into Jess’s beautiful home in a bit more detail, shall we? 

Our first stop is their principle bedroom, which is painted in ‘Well Grounded’ and designed to feel relaxing and inviting. Although the colour is darker than Jess had originally planned, she loved it that much, that what started out to be a feature wall, quickly grew into all four walls!

“The colour is rich and dreamy, instantly giving the space such a cosy vibe.”

Jessica opted for a warm neutral using 'Well Grounded' in her bedroom to create a cosy space.

We can totally see why this is Jess’s favourite room in the house; and, how her love for the latest ‘Japandi’ design movement shines through within her in her styling and choice of colour palette.

The living room is painted in a crisp white like 'Screenshot'. 

Next up, their ultra-tranquil living room; and the hub of unwinding after a long, busy day. It also features a brand-new sofa and an array of beautiful, neutral accessories. From the natural soft furnishings, to beautiful pond-style mirror, and super trendy lighting – this room could easily be fresh out of an interiors magazine. 


There are two online brands that Jess is loving at the moment, and they are HAY Design and Linen Bundle

Feeling inspired? Grab your neutral swatches to try them out in different light. 

“We were fortunate that the work we had done to our old house meant we were able to make a bit of money from the renovation, so we decided to treat ourselves to something new – and that treat was our HAY Mags Soft Sofa. We initially spotted it in the Catalog Ltd. store when holidaying in Edinburgh, and instantly fell in love. The sofa is modular, and comes in just about any fabric you could imagine!

I think I mentioned earlier on how I’m a tactile person and I whole heartedly believe your home should be filled with textiles that you can’t wait to either wear or dive into. For that reason, I’m an absolute sucker for satin pyjamas and a good pillow spray, but I’ve recently invested in some Linen Bundle bedding for our bedroom and can honestly say I’ve never slept better. Quality bedding isn’t a luxury for us, it’s a necessity!”


As if Jessica isn’t already busy enough, there’s another project on the horizon – Nathan’s study! Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, many of us now work from home on a regular basis, requiring a quiet space to focus and log onto those Zoom calls! 

“When we first moved house, it was really important to me to create him a space that was his own. Fast forward nine months, and life has definitely got in the way; the room is furnished and styled, however, it is massively missing a colour to pull it all together. Fear not, as I have tins of ‘Duvet Day’ sat up there waiting for me to pull my finger out and get cracking!”


“Don’t always feel the pressure to paint first, then build the room round it. I find it so much easier to source furniture and accessories that I love, and get them in the space to help me find a colour that will bring it all together!”

Want to get that Japandi, minimal style, check our 'Peel & Stick' swatches to test them out for yourself. 



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