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Maximalism: The Trend For Big, Bold and Beautiful Interiors

If ever there was a time for joy and optimism, 2022 is the year. Finally, life is on the up after a tricky couple of years, and what better way to celebratethan with a generous dollop of colour, pattern and velvet? 🌈

Yes, maximalism has been hailed as one of the hottest trends for 2022 and who are we to argue? Our bold colour palette is the perfect match for this gutsy aesthetic, so we reckon it's time to welcome this trend with open arms 🤗

So, what exactly is maximalism? ️Well, it's a celebration of everything big, bold and beautiful, featuring lush layers of texture, pattern and colour. Think leopard print paired with sumptuously soft velvets plus glamorous accents of brass or gold.

Take a walk in the wild side as we look at some mean and moody ways to bring maximalist drama into your home for 2022 💃

@inside.number.twelve opted for 'Ditch the Tie' to create a maximalist vibe in her living room.

So why has maximalism been tipped as a hot topic for 2022? Well, according to our Lead Colour Consultant, Aaron Markwell, we're ready for comfort and joy after a stressful period of negativity and uncertainty.

"Maximalism is all about surrounding ourselves with things that feel familiar, comforting and luxurious," says Aaron. "We have an urge for homeliness and belonging right now, so we need plush, textural pieces in our homes to bring softness and reassurance.

"Mind you, maximalism isn't just about optimism. It's not as simple as that," continues Aaron. "There's a darkness in there as well, so it's about embracing an element of pessimism at the same. When I think of maximalism, I think about trying to find optimism in the dark side of the force!"

@coloursofnumberone chose our deep blue 'Dodie' for her bedroom. 

A great way to bring maximalism into your home, according to Aaron, is to combine rich teal The Four Poster with charcoal blue Dodie – both colours from our exclusive collab with Heal's. Paint the walls in The Four Poster, then add drama with Dodie on the woodwork and ceiling. Add some richly-coloured floral velvet, such as the Ottilie sofa from Love Your Home in 'Nightshade' – a dark botanical pattern with flashes of orange – and you've got a maximalist match made in heaven 😍


"Goodbye monochromatic neutrals and minimalist design," says Roxy Owens, Founder of lifestyle brand Society Social. "Now, more than ever, we are seeing a return to cosy, warm interiors. Think beautifully-layered spaces, a mix of prints, patterns and colours, delicious wallpapers, textures, pleated and patterned lampshades as well as bespoke textiles."

Amen to that, sister! 🙏  A key element of the maximalist trend is being super brave with pattern. Candy stripes and jungle prints at the same time? Yes, it may sound crazy, but – trust us – it's go big or go home when it comes to the maximalist vibe. 

@mightyfallenoak went big and bold in her living room, we're obsessed with how she styled 'The Drink'.

A bit of black and white works wonders as a sensible foil to all those clashing colours. We like the Echo chevron rug from Rug Vista as a way to bring monochrome lines into a scheme. And why not create a moody backdrop with a combination of stately dark green Ditch The Tie with deep blue-green The Drink? Then you can layer up your look with some glamorous accessories and furniture. 

If gold accents are your thing, the opulent Linear Floor Lamp from Graham & Green is a serious statement piece. Or if you're more of a brass fan, the Ziggy sunburst cabinet from Swoon will add a beautiful blast of retro shine to your living room. Then all that's left to do is to style it out with Abigail Ahern's glossy Leopard Print Tray 🐆

Abigail Ahern's glossy Leopard Print Tray is a great statement piece to spice up your space.

When you think of maximalism, you might picture jungle prints and wild botanical patterns. And while a jungle vibe still hits the mark, florals have taken on a new, more vibrant form this time around 🌸

"The new way to do maximalism is with re-coloured versions of traditional florals," says Aaron Markwell, COAT's Lead Colour Consultant. "Maximalism is rooted in Victoriana, so the way to approach it now is to subvert expectations by using traditional colour and pattern in a contemporary way."

@missamandalamb used 'Margot' on a chest of drawers to compliment her beautiful wallpaper.

We particularly love Morris & Co's Willow Bough fabric– a vivid, teal floral created as part of a collaboration with acclaimed interior designer Ben Pentreath. The original pattern – designed by William Morris in 1887 – has had a contemporary update to create a rich, highly-saturated, maximalist print. Liberty's Modern Archive Collection is another great place to go for updated versions of heritage classics. 


While it's great that we're actually allowed to leave our homes now, old habits die hard and entertaining at home is definitely here to stay. When it comes to entertaining maximalist stylee, it's all about big, bold tablescapes celebrating opulence and excess 🥂

Go to town with your dinner table by layering bold florals with coloured glassware, gold accessories and candles galore. Hopefully your guests will be too busy swooning over your tablescape skills to notice you've overdone the chilli in your chickpea tagine! 


Country Green Glass Candle Holder from Liberty instantly add a vibrant feel to any dinner party. 

Take a look at tablescape supremo Mrs Alice for inspiration. Her blue Cabbage Plates  are simply dreamy and we can't wait to get our hands on her on-trend Bamboo Cutlery Set. Other faves when it comes to cute pieces for the table are these Fleur de Lys Tumblers from Anthropologie and the bright and beautiful Country Green Glass Candle Holder from Liberty. 


Because maximalism is all about the drama, vivid colour contrasts are a big part of bringing this trend to life. One of our newest colours, House Points, delivers a strong, punchy hit of mustard yellow 👊  Use inky black The Record Store on the walls and then add in House Points as a vibrant pop of colour on the ceiling. You can then link to the mustard tone with carefully chosen artworks and cushions. 

@no.12shakesphere creating mono magic in their master bedroom using 'The Record Store'

Karen Haller, the author of 'The Little Book of Colour', agrees that yellow is a great way to bring a blast of optimism into your home. "You can't help but smile when you see yellow," says Karen. "It's as though the sun is shining down on you, lifting your spirits and self-esteem, filling you with optimism. Yellow is the colour of happiness – because of its high energy, you might find just a splash is all you need to boost your mood."

If you're more of a pink person, why not combine dark blue 2AM with our mauve pink Festival Eve? "These two shades work really well together to create a maximalist look, because they both have purple undertones," says Aaron. "Pair them with rich, plum-coloured velvets, brasses and teak."

@thegemdrewhouse creating a blue haven using our bold blue, '2am'

Fancy taking things to the max? Have a look at our curated range of on-trend, planet-friendly paint colours 🌈



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