Making The Most Of Small Spaces

Got a small room that you're not sure how to max out? Check out these tips that could help transform the smallest or most awkward of rooms into a palace. Well, they'll help anyway.

1. Keep the room light (even if you paint dark).

Teal Wall Paint

Image from House Beautiful

White Wall Paint

Image from Pinterest

Light paint colours are usually advised for small rooms. But, this isn’t really necessary. Instead the key to prevent a room from looking cramped and claustrophobic is to make sure you have enough light coming into the room (obvs) - whether that means optimising the natural light, or adding other light sources. If you want to keep it classic and go for a light shade, Screenshot or Low Salt are great picks. If you're looking to embrace the small space and go down a darker route 2AM or Ditch The Tie are good choices. 

Mirrors are a great way of optimising natural light. If you put a mirror opposite or next to your window, it'll bounce more light around the space helping it feel lighter, bigger and more open. If you want to add more light sources, maybe avoid table lamps and go for mounted lights or lights that hang. This frees up table top space.

Mirror Wall Paint Pink

Image from Pinterest

2. Fewer, bigger pieces.

Less is more with furniture and art work, especially in a small room. An amount of empty space, in the right proportions, is the key to making the room look bigger. Opt for one big chair rather than two, and scrap the coffee table in favour of visible floor space rather than squashing it in.

As for artwork, while a gallery can looks great it can easily swamp a small room. Big statement pieces are best for creating the illusion of space.

Image from Pinterest

3. Use the ceiling.

Another way to create the illusion of space is to emphasise the vertical space that you have, and draw the eye upwards. Clever. Painting the ceiling a statement colour will do this, and it'll be a great design feature in to your room too. Try N.31 Amoureuse or Moritz.

Statement Feature Painted Ceiling

Image from Pinterest

4. Multi-function furniture.

A great way to optimise space in a room is to be sneaky with your storage. Invest in multifunctional or built-in furniture. Choose a bed with built-in storage space underneath it, a mirror that doubles as a storage cabinet, or a table that can double as a desk.


Image from, storage bed

5. Furniture with legs.

Not always possible, but choosing furniture with legs means more floor space is visible. It tricks the eye into feeling like there's more space in the room.

White Wall Paint

Image from apartment therapy

6. Bring the space to life. Literally.

In small spaces, a splash of natural green from plants can help avoid any feelings of it being cramped. You can be clever with macrame hangers, small shelves on the wall or raised planters to keep floorspace whilst still adding interest and freshness.

White Wall Paint Hanging Plants

Image from pinterest

Small rooms are nice. Plenty of people especially in Urban spaces or in houses with quirky shapes do clever things to maximise the available space in small rooms. The tips above will help you max out yours.

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